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Photos of Saif Ali Khan and family at the screening of Happy Ending

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Saif Ali Khan talks about his daughter’s decision to get into films and why he won’t allow it for now…

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Every few months, there is news that Sara, Saif Ali Khan’s daughter with ex-wife Amrita Singh, is getting ready to make her Bollywood debut. It’s natural for her to want to be an actress, or at least have an interest in the field, given that both her parents are actors, so is her grandmom Sharmila Tagore Pataudi and her aunt Soha Ali Khan. And if that wasn’t enough, then coming in close contact with the diva Kareena Kapoor would have definitely aroused the dormant acting genes in her.

Amrita has denied that her daughter is gearing up for acting debut. Not that either she or Saif are the kind of parents to have a problem with Sara getting into films.

Says Saif, “Of course, I won’t have any problem. It is a wonderful profession. But I would have a problem with her leaving the college and getting into movies. She is currently studying in her second year at Columbia University. One day, she messaged me saying she wants to join movies. It was a slightly strangely-worded message but I replied, ‘Yes, but after college.’ Then there was some silence. Obviously, she doesn’t know what she is saying. Some days, she wants to be a lawyer, someday a doctor, then one day she told me she wants to work at the White House… Nobody leaves Columbia University! Anyone in the world would give their left arm to go to an Ivy League university. I wish someone would have told her that I would have her shot if she even thinks about leaving college. This degree is your only passport — from the husband that beats you to a country that collapses economically, you can survive everything. She can get a job anywhere in the world. It would be foolish of her to leave that to act. She can do that after she completes her education. She can’t throw this to be stuck working in one profession. That is limiting yourself.”

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Photos of Ibrahim (Saif Ali Khan’s son) at Diwali party

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Latest Magazine Scans : Interview with Saif Ali Khan in Filmfare Magazine

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‘Dad’s life would make an interesting film’ : Saif Ali Khan

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Saif Ali Khan, who thinks he is too old to play the young Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. The actor also thanks his mother Sharmila Tagore for pushing him to marry Kareena Kapoor and talks about how Sajid Khan’s film can change his career

Buzz is, you’re planning a film on your father, the late Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi?

Not right away, but maybe some day. It’ll be an English film. Not Hollywood, but filmed as much in England as in India and set in the’60s when my father was is his 20s. It is a story of a Prince who loses his father on his 11th birthday, loses his title in 1971, loses an eye just when his cricketing career is blossoming in England, yet goes on to become the youngest Indian Test captain and marries a Bollywood heartthrob. Given the drama and history, the journey from back-andwhite to colour, it can be a film like Chariots of Fire. Earlier, we had tried the documentary format but it is not easy to encapsulate your feelings for someone everyone looks up to, into two hours.

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Photos of Saif Ali Khan and Ibrahim at the screening of Humshakals

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“It’s good to be a solidly saleable actor” : Saif Ali Khan

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His last release Bullet Raja may have not performed brilliantly at the box office but there is no denying that Saif Ali Khan aspires that his films do a business of Rs.100 crore and more. As Saif Ali Khan says, “It’s good to be a solidly saleable actor”. He is more settled in his married life now than he was the first time, and even jokes, “Hopefully, I am less of a nightmare.” As a doting dad he is concerned about son Ibrahim bunking school often, and as a husband complains that “Kareena is making me work more”. Excerpts from a hearty chat with the Nawab of Pataudi, and the actor who is getting better at his job.

Earlier you used to do one film at a time, now you’ve changed that strategy.

(Laughs) Slightly. No, it’s three films a year. One should work, one should be more prolific. And I’m excited to do that. I feel happy and settled in my life and I’m ready to focus on doing more things.

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