Saif Ali Khan to share a steamy lip-lock with Kangana Ranaut in Rangoon

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Buzz is the Omkara performer will share an intimate moment together with the Queen performer inside their forthcoming movie…

It is not initially that Saif Ali Khan or Kangana Ranaut have kissed on-screen. Rumours indicate that Saif and Kangana in Rangoon will kiss.

Together with Shahid Kapoor on screen, Kangana is coming apart from Saif. The truth is, all three performers have different appearances in the picture.

Pics of Shahid with a lot of facial hair and wearing soldier’s dress were leaked lately in the sets while the story and characters are kept under wraps. The other performers along with Kangana were shooting in Arunachal Pradesh as well as the performer had just lately come post her contentious legal war with ex-husband Hrithik Roshan.

We are confident Saif got a go ahead from wifey Kareena Kapoor before dumping his -kiss clause. Considering that Bebo had after her wedding disclosed that familiarity is a rigorous no. Yet, in a recent interview Kareena disclosed that she and Saif had a conversation and believed they had grow up as a couple and did not need their characters to endure coz of such limitations.

That occurs, I believe, with most recently wedded couple.” It is old fashioned na, these days, to say I will not do that or will do that. So Saif and I determined that we should do things that the character demands. We’re performers and we must go together with the stream of the script. Obviously, unnecessarily, arbitrary kissing that’s not necessary, we will not do.”

Since Rangoon is a love story, clearly the script as well as love story will need to have demanded the performers leave inhibitions behind and bring alive their story. Well Vishal must be a a man that is relieved that his performers are giving life. Let us wait and see for the launch on the September 30 of the movie to find out whose chemistry with Kangana was not worse – Saif or Shahid?


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