Arjun Kapoor reacts on his alleged rift with Saif Ali Khan

Recently B-town was abuzz with rumours about Saif Ali Khan’s annoyance towards his wife Kareena Kapoor’s co-star Arjun Kapoor. It was rumoured that Saif Ali Khan gave Arjun Kapoor an earful for constantly making late night calls to Kareena.

Reportedly, one fine night, Saif saw Arjun calling Kareena yet again. This time, the doting husband decided to give his wife’s co-star a piece of his mind. Saif called up Arjun and asked him to not bother a married woman late at night with his calls and even if it is work related, it could wait until morning. Reports further revealed that Saif told Arjun to respect Kareena as she is senior to him.

While media and B-town was bombarded with such rumours, Kareena and Arjun so far kept mum and paid no heed to such speculations. However, last night at the special screening of ‘Ki & Ka’, Arjun Kapoor finally decided to set the records straight about his alleged rife with Saif Ali Khan.

When asked if the reports were true, Arjun, who was then accompanied by Ranveer Singh, scanned for Saif Ali Khan’s text in his phone, then the actor read Saif’s text message to him out loud.

“I know what I am about to do is extreme but this is necessary. It’s about time people understood that actors don’t fight with each other,” Arjun said before reading out Saif’s message.

Arjun read Saif’s text, “I just saw your promo, bro. You killed it. Well done! It’s so relaxing, fun, modern and different. I think you have a great hit on your hands. Celebrate soon.”

To which Arjun replied, “Thank you. Finger cross. Let’s hope the audience reacts the same.”


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