“I saw the change in Saif Ali Khan when he became a father” : Sharmila Tagore

Amar Prem actress Sharmila Tagore has described the qualities that make a “real man” according to her. The veteran actress shared, “To be a real man, I think you have to be supportive of each other and to be a real woman you have to be supportive of your man, and the man has to do the same thing, only then he would be a real man”. She believes that sharing the household work load promotes happiness and peace at home.

“It’s in everybody’s mind that this load sharing and these household chores need to be shared, do the laundry at home and help in household chores. Now we are all working women. Things are now changing and now we are ready and we want men to come forward and share the load. It’s not going to make you less of a man. I have seen Saif (Ali Khan, her son)…when he became father (how he shared the load)”, Sharmila said at a promotional event.

Her daughter, Soha Ali Khan, also gave her two cents on what the qualities of a real man should be. “If I can do it, men can certainly do it. It’s interesting now to talk about equality in the home and involving men in household chores such that women don’t have to over extend themselves doing both her job and coming home and doing all the household chores”, said Soha. The Rang De Basanti actress added that she has seen this load sharing in her family.


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