Is it Saif Ali Khan or Sanjay Dutt in Nikhil Advani ‘s next?

Nikhil Advani is a man on a mission. His Hero and Katti Batti released back-to-back last year and he was already in talks with Hrithik Roshan for his next, Bazaar. Hrithik opted out soon after and as we told you, the script landed in Akshay Kumar’s hands, albeit after several alterations.

Lead badal gaya
Now, a source tells us, “Akshay liked the script, but there were money issues. So he decided not to do the film. Also, now he has a full platter of films to attend to. However, Nikhil is now planning to approach Saif Ali Khan or Sanjay Dutt for the role.”

Yeh bhi, woh bhi
The filmmaker feels both of them will suit the role. “Nikhil has worked with Saif in the past and they share a good equation. He wanted to make Katti Batti with him, but things didn’t materialise. Bazaar revolves around the unpredictability of the share market and how it affects the lives of everyone involved. Now, Saif has asked Nikhil to give him a narration first and then he will decide,” the source tells us.

Value addition
What about Sanjay? The source added, “Sanjay is out of jail now and has a lot of directors queuing up for him. Nikhil wants him to do this film because he feels Sanjay’s presence will add to the film.” This is indeed Nikhil’s next directorial venture. The other thriller he was planning with Kangana Ranaut based on serial killers is on the back-burner now. So who will it be? Saif or Sanjay?


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