Bollywood’s transitioning love stories – Saif Ali Khan’s Love Aaj Kal and Hum Tum

Karan & Rhea in ‘Hum Tum’ (2004)

Saif Ali Khan plays the role of Karan a cartoonist by profession and a Romeo by heart. He has a laid back sort of attitude and believes that girls are like buses because if one goes there is no need to worry as another one will come. He first catches a glimpse of Rhea (Rani Mukerji) at an airport and then starts to befriend her on the flight. However things end on a sour note when he kisses her and she retaliates by slapping him. They meet some months later in New York then a few years later at Rhea’s wedding. Now another few years have passed and Karan is in Paris looking for a story for his comic and by chance he meets Rhea on the train.

With time they become the best of friends and Rhea realises that perhaps their relationship is more than friendship. Unfortunately Karan isn’t aware that he is in love until Rhea walks out of his life. After searching for Rhea around the world he loses hope and decides to write a book using his cartoon characters Hum and Tum which does extremely well. As Karan is leaving a press conference he meets Rhea who has read his book. They both express their love for one another and the end of the film they are seen at the hospital happily watching their new born child.

Veer Singh & Harleen Kaur in ‘Love Aaj Kal’ (2009)

Saif Ali Khan was seen doing a double role in this film. Jai (Khan) is young and has a very modern approach, he likes to have fun but has very serious goals. His dream is to go to San Francisco and work at the Golden Gate. He also has a girlfriend named Meera (Deepika Padukone) by his side who is very understanding. When she has to leave for India for her career and he for San Francisco they decide it is better to break up as a long distance relationship wouldn’t work. By co incidence he meets Veer Singh (Rishi Kapoor) who tells Jai that he was exactly like him when he was younger. He constantly tries to tell him not to let Meera go but Jai being Jai thinks it is for the best. Veer decides to tell Jai about his own past.

When Veer has a flashback a young Veer can be seen who has fallen for a college girl named Harleen (Giselli Monteiro). The girl is conscious at first and tells Veer (Khan) that if her family finds out that a guy is following her around she would be humiliated. Gradually Harleen also falls in love with Veer but when her family finds out they are very against their relationship and beat Veer when he says he wants to marry her. Harleen’s marriage has been arranged and on the day of her wedding Veer manages to sneak into their house. There he speaks to her mother and says that she will only be happy with him. Hearing this she lets Veer take Harleen and they get married.

Veer comes back to the present where he can be seen with his wife Harleen (later played by Neetu Singh) where they are living happily together.

Also after some time Jai realises that he is in love with Meera and decides to leave his job and goes to India to be with his love.


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