How baby Saif Ali Khan saved mom Sharmila Tagore from being mobbed

Sharmila Tagore narrated an incident about Saif Ali Khan when he was just three month old and it will make you think.

Sharmila Tagore is not just one of the most revered actress of Bollywood but also a lady who speaks her mind unabashedly. Her films are still watched and not just for her unique dialogue delivery but also coz the lady was truly one of the boldest actress’ of her times. She presently maintains a low profile now, happy talking about her family only. But recently she wrote an open letter for Hindustan Times in which she mentions how changing the mindset is a way to make women feel safe. While narrating what she strongly feels about the condition in today’s times about women, she reminisced about a time in the past when baby Saif helped her avoid getting mobbed badly.

Talking about the incident, Tagore said, “I remember the day when I arrived at the station in Hyderabad and my car hadn’t reached. Within minutes I was surrounded by a mob, but because I had three-month-old Saif with me I was treated with deference.” She also mentioned, “Only a few months ago, another mob’s reaction had been entirely different.” She could immediately see the difference having a kid with her made. On that note, she further asserted how respect is very important for women. “The feeling of empowerment for young women, I think, comes from being treated with respect and from a sense of security in a public space, both sadly lacking in our public and sometimes even in our private spaces. We can claim these spaces only when the world around us changed its mindset.”

We couldn’t agree more. Women need respect first and foremost and gender equality is not a jargon but a real need of the hour. She also spoke about how they discuss the way rape victims are treated in our country. She wrote, “My family, Saif, Saba, Soha, Kareena, Kunal, had incessant discussions on the role of the police and the law, on what rape victims have to endure at police stations and in the courts etc. But we need to go beyond that. Beyond the candle-light vigils and protests, to quality education, sensitising people and more timely and stringent enforcement of the law. The conviction rate for rapes remains critically low at 25% or so.”


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