Parineeti Chopra is a die-hard fan of Saif Ali Khan!

The actress, a die-hard Saif Ali Khan fan, met her own die-hard admirer

After the grand premiere episode (last Saturday) featuring the original Dostana icons Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha, tomorrow, at 8 pm, the hosts of Yaaron Ki Baraat Sajid Khan and Riteish Deshmukh will be seen engaging in a light-hearted chat with Sania Mirza and Parineeti Chopra. On the show, the guests reveal how both met and became friends.

There was a surprise for Pari on the show because hosts Sajid and Riteish invited her younger brother Sehej, who revealed her secret — that she is a die-hard fan of Saif Ali Khan from her school years in Ambala.

Says a source, “Sahej revealed that Pari had collected over 1,500 empty packets of chips with Saif’s face on it.” He also added, “She would eat at least three packets of chips (endorsed by Saif) every day and all the cousins were also instructed to eat only that label of chips and then hand over the empty packs to Pari.

Later, on the show, Parineeti was introduced to her fans. And much to their delight, the actress who has around millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram instantaneously recognised one amongst them.

When the fans were invited onstage, and one of them introduced himself as Limesh, Pari asked him, asked “Are you Limesh Mahajan from Twitter? OMG! “ She told the hosts, “He writes to me 50 times a day and has been following me for five years now!” In one of her interviews, Pari said that love, faith and hope are the three most important virtues for her. Limesh had these three words inked on his arms. Moved by his love for her, post-shoot and ordered pizza for him and his friends.


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