“Don’t compare me with Saif Ali Khan and Sharmila Tagore” : Soha Ali Khan

Actor Soha Ali Khan feels she can never come out of her family’s shadow. Despite films such as Rang De Basanti (2006), Khoya Khoya Chand (2007), Tum Mile (2009), she’s compared to her mother, yesteryear actor Sharmila Tagore and brother actor Saif Ali Khan

“This has been my whole life for years now. This is my identity. I do get lot of advantages from being in the family and I tend to look at it as a strength. There’s a lot of protection, respect, love and of course comparisons,” says Soha.

The 38 years old knows she can’t fight comparisons, but says, “People should understand we’re all very independent. As a family, we are involved emotionally but don’t interfere with each other’s professional choices.”

Unlike other stars, Soha no longer worries about whether she’s got her due in the industry or not. “I’ve stopped thinking about making a mark or whether this will be my moment. For me, a film is not just about that,” she says, adding, “I enjoy acting and the process of being in a film. Once the film is released, audience’s reaction is something that happens but hopefully by that time you’re doing something else (better) in your life and should not affect you much.”

Starting that she looks for good script, Soha says, “I’m content as a person and enjoy putting up a healthy work life balance. If I am not working, there’s a lot I enjoy doing.”


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