Padmapriya talks about her role in Saif Ali Khan’s Chef

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Actress-dancer Padmapriya has debuted in style in Bollywood, through the Saif Ali Khan-starrer Chef. The artiste, who plays the female lead, the protagonist’s ex-wife in the film, says her look in the movie is one of the most contemporary ones she has ever had in her career. The movie, directed by Airlift fame Raja Krishna Menon, is currently being shot in various parts of the country.

“My look in the film is quite different from those I have done so far. Radha is a modern personality, but not like a ‘short skirts – crop tops’ type either. At the same time, she has one of the most modern looks I have ever played,” says the actress, whose character is also a dancer in the film.

Radha is a straightforward person, who married a man who is much older to her, Padmapriya reveals. “She marries him as he is this really cool celebrity. However, they drift apart over time, but remain supportive of each other. Meanwhile, dance is a very important part of her identity. I would say it is what keeps her alive,” she says.

So, will she be performing a dance number in the movie? Without divulging much, the actress says, “The focus of the movie is on relationships. However, various aspects of the characters are shown in the film. It isn’t a film where the dancing skills of the character becomes relevant only for a song-and-dance sequence.”

The film belongs to the genre of drama and has only about six characters, in total. “It has been quite a refreshing experience to work with such a small, intimate crew,” says the actress, who has also just finished her Malayalam film Tiyaan.

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