Saif Ali Khan’s legal woes continue?

Four years after Saif Ali Khan was slapped with a case for thrashing an NRI at a posh Mumbai hotel, the actor may get another case added to that booze brawl. Saif has been facing trial in the Taj brawl case where he and his two other friends, Bilal Amrohi and Shakil Ladak, are accused of beating up non-resident Indian Iqbal Sharma. Now the prosecution wants to add another case to that. That of beating Sharma’s relative Ramanbhai Patel.

The incident dates back to February 22, 2012 when Iqbal and Tareena were celebrating their wedding anniversary at the Wasabi restaurant in the Taj Hotel, Mumbai, with their family members. Seated on a table near them was Saif Ali Khan with Kareena and Karisma Kapoor and a few more of their friends.

According to the complainant, there was a lot of noise emanating from the table where Khan and Kapoor were sitting, which disturbed the complainant’s family. Iqbal objected to it, which irked Saif so much that a scuffle ensued, and according to the complainant, Saif smashed his nose.

Iqbal registered a case. In 2014, charges were framed against Saif and his two friends. The court gave both the parties an opportunity to go for a mediation and settle it. Iqbal wanted none of it and told the court that he would travel from South Africa, where he resides, whenever required, but he wanted justice.

Iqbal’s wife, Tareena, a TV actor, said Saif and Shakil had assaulted Patel too that night, and that that charge should also be taken into account.

Saif’s lawyers have opposed this move saying, “There are inherent contradictions in all the statements of witnesses and the same cannot be basis for framing any additional charge on the accused.”

In their reply, Saif Ali Khan’s counsels said that, “The court should see that the only reason for making the said application is because the original complainant is finding it inconvenient to come to India for the trial, and hence he wants to substitute his father-in-law Ramanbhai Patel (who lives in Mumbai) as the complainant… therefore such a backdoor method should not be permitted by the court.”

Now the Magistrate’s Court will decide after hearing arguments from both sides, if charges against Saif can be enhanced or not.


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