Saif Ali Khan shoots for ‘Chef’ in Purani Dilli

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Saif Ali Khan has been leading a slightly peripatetic existence shooting for the film ‘Chef’, and after Kerala and Amritsar, he was recently seen shooting in Chandni Chowk in Delhi. The multiple locations are no surprise, given that the film is an adaptation of Jon Favreau’s popular Hollywood film, which features a road trip. The Delhi shoot schedule was a two-day one – some scenes were shot inside Mahavir Bhawan near Jama Masjid police station on the first day, and on the second day, Saif shot in the narrow galis near Kinari Bazaar.

On the first day, not many knew that the shooting of the movie was taking place at Mahavir Bhawan. The film’s crew had also deployed enough security staff and bouncers to ensure that fans of the actor do not gather around the area. A source close to the team told us, “Saif reached the shoot at 11 am on the first day and the shoot was wrapped up by 8 pm. We did not want people to know about the shoot, so we shot some scenes indoors.” The source added, “The film’s director wanted to show the area of purani Dilli, that is why this location had been chosen. Since we wanted to avoid any ruckus on the sets, we chose the interiors of Chandni Chowk for the second day as well, so that people don’t get to know about it.”

On the second day, Sunday, the road around the shooting location was blocked, but residents of that area had gathered to get a glimpse of the actor nevertheless. The scene was shot near Ramlal Chole Bhature Walah in Gali Pahad Wali, where Saif brings his on-screen son to meet one of his acquaintances. Many onlookers tried to click pictures of the actor, but the bouncers kept an eye on them and asked them to delete pictures and not to take any videos either. Shooting on the last day was wrapped up around 5 pm. The team now heads to Mumbai to shoot the remaining scenes. This adaptation of Chef is being directed by Raja Krishna Menon, who had earlier directed ‘Airlift’, and releases next year.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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