Chandan Roy Sanyal playing the role of sous chef to Saif Ali Khan in Chef

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Chandan Roy Sanyal on playing a self-appointed disciple to the chef in Raja Krishna Menon’s upcoming dramedy

Chandan Roy Sanyal who is playing an illegal Bangladeshi immigrant in Imtiaz Ali’s Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma-starrer, plays a sous chef to Saif Ali Khan’s titular character in Raja Krishna Menon’s comedy-drama, Chef. His character, Nazrul, fondly refers to Saif as “Guru” in the film.

“My character works with Saif in a New York restaurant and is a self-appointed disciple,” informs the 36-year-old actor who has already shot for 70 percent of the film and will resume for the remaining portions in January. “We are currently on a Christmas break,” he says.

Chef, an adaptation of the Jon Favreaustarrer 2014 Hollywood film by the same name, has Chandan in the role of the character originally played by filmmaker- comedian- actor, John Leguizamo. “Raja has adapted the film beautifully by adding Indian flavours and food to it. It’s set in Kerela, Goa, Amritsar and Delhi,” the actor adds. Chandan admits that he is a pretty good cook and enjoys cooking Indian and Bengali cuisine. Mutton curry and poshto dal bhat are his favourites, he says.

Ask him about his off-screen equation with Saif and Chandan says, “We got along well because we have similar taste in cinema and literature. Saif is great fun to work with. We did a few workshops together to learn how to cut vegetables, toss a pan, among other things, like professional chefs. He keeps telling me that he will invite me to his place. Maybe it will happen soon.”

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