Saif Ali Khan reminisces daughter Sara Ali Khan’s graduation day

My father never pressured me to play cricket: Saif Ali Khan on his father

In his 25-year career, post debuting with Parampara, Saif Ali Khan has a different take on competition. He recently told a tabloid, “More than being competitors, others should remind you to work harder as they could be looking better or acting better than you, so it should push you (to do even better).” Apart from talent, he feels an actor is made by the “choices he makes, the cinema he is promoting and all that he stands for.”

As his daughter Sara Ali Khan readies for her Bollywood debut, Saif reminisces, “I remember when I went for Sara’s graduation at Columbia University in New York, USA. There were so many parents who were proud, and you could see that they wanted this. They were like, ‘My daughter or son should do this and that.’ Parents can be pushy, and they can want to live their dreams — after their own failures — through their children. That’s dangerous; I don’t like it. My father never pressured me to play cricket,” he told the tabloid.

Saif said he felt the same was true for his son, Ibrahim. “As long as he is happy, he can do whatever he wants. It’s good to have a job and have something to talk about in your life. You can become a teacher also.”

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