Saif Ali Khan Is Charming and Shahid Kapoor Is Suspicious: Kangana Ranaut

Kangana talks about her upcoming film, Rangoon, candidly in an interview. She goes on to talk about the setting of the film, the intricate plot and the emergence of a niche audience that appreciates good cinema.

t took Vishal sir so many years to green light this project. The film talks about World War II, there has not been a single film been made on the subject. We don’t care about it, I guess. We’d rather see a goon flirting with a girl than talk about World War II. We’d rather see those typical Bollywood masala films, than talk about India’s involvement with World War II. It took the director a lot of time to make this film. It took me a decade to come to a point where I am worthy of roles (like this). One has to earn scripts like these. You can be the biggest star and yet such scripts may not come your way. For me it was definitely a do-or-die situation.

Vishal sir’s women have always had that erotic undertone to their demeanour and that is the case with Julia as well. In fact, the context in which the hunter/whip is used it is not that we are showing her in an action avatar. I feel her hunter and mask are somehow symbolic of her dark relationship with Saif because he has given her that image, he has given her that persona and there is a very important scene in the film — whenever she is in pain, she whips herself. It has that undercurrent and she is in love with two men. One is a very dark romance and the other one is more Sufi, more setting-herself-free. She has to choose one. It is a beautiful thought and it is a beautiful backdrop to have, and to top it all, this is happening during World War II.

Saif is a lot more charming and that goes for the entire industry. He is the most charming man in the industry. He can charm you within five minutes. The way he speaks, there is something very pleasant and endearing about him. We don’t have anything in common, we come from different backgrounds and upbringings — but you don’t feel that way. He has a sense of humour about everything, which is very likeable.

Shahid, on the other hand, is more introverted. He is very suspicious of people (laughs uproariously)! There are days he is amazing, he would joke around and then there are days he would be in a different zone, very suspicious, watching your every move as if you were hiding a gun, or you were a suicide bomber just about to press a button and blow up everyone! But overall, working with him was good. I realised that it (the changes in his mood) has nothing to do with you, because the very next day he got me breakfast, and again the next day, he had changed. He definitely has these different moods.


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