Yes, this is Taimur: Saif Ali Khan confirms speculations surrounding viral baby picture!

When Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan were blessed with a baby boy in December, they didn’t take the usual Bollywood route and put out pictures of the baby on the very second day. They didn’t hide his face from the shutterbugs and instead, flaunted it.

Ever since, we haven’t seen pictures of Taimur anymore, although he has already become a hot topic of discussion on the social media. First, the entire Taimur row was blown out of proportion and now, another picture of the baby went viral on the Internet.

On Sunday, Saif had put up Taimur’s picture as his display picture, not realising that it would get picked up instantly. But the actor immediately changed the picture but it was too late by then. Many media houses took the picture and what followed was a series of speculations discussing if it’s actually Taimur.

Saif has now put an end to all such grapevine talk and confirmed that this is indeed Taimur’s picture. So there you go! Taimur who is almost two months old now is an extremely adorable baby with sharp facial features. We love his brown hair and the expression with which he’s posing for the click. Already a star, we say!


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