RANKED: 5 Best Performances Of Saif Ali Khan

Even the biggest Saif Ali Khan fan will have to admit that the actor’s career is in a downward spiral at the moment. The talented actor, who has given some stellar performances in films has been struggling in the past few years. And it’s not just that the actor isn’t doing good movies, his average/bad movies are also not doing well commercially. And this for an actor, no matter how much experience he/she has, can be a scary proposition.

So, while we wait and see how his upcoming movies pan out, let’s take this moment to recall the aforementioned stellar performances of his career:

#5 Being Cyrus
RANKED: 5 Best Performances Of Saif Ali Khan

This Homi Adjania film is quiet possibly the most complex roles of the actor’s career. The actor, playing the role of an outsider who unexpectedly shows up on the doorstep of one of the main characters, gave a measured performance that he can be a proud of.

#4 Kal Ho Naa Ho
RANKED: 5 Best Performances Of Saif Ali Khan

The moment when the actor became a bona fide commercial star, Kal Ho Naa Ho had the actor playing the role of a lovable Gujarati boy. And he gave one of his funniest performances till date.

#3 Dil Chahta Hai
RANKED: 5 Best Performances Of Saif Ali Khan

Like Kal Ho Naa Ho, Saif Ali Khan was the funniest character in an ensemble piece. But, in this Farhan Akhtar film, his role had more depth–and which he took full advantage of.

#2 Hum Tum
RANKED: 5 Best Performances Of Saif Ali Khan

Though he didn’t deserve to win the National Award for this role, it is hard to question his acting chops in this Kunal Kohli film. His seemingly simple and ostentatious role had several layers and the actor did a fine job in showcasing each one of them.

#1 Omkara
RANKED: 5 Best Performances Of Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan’s best work by a long distance, this role had the actor showing a side of him that blew away almost everyone. Perhaps the biggest testament to his performance is the fact that the actor outshone a whole ensemble of incredible actors, and in doing so, his character Langda Tyagi has become one of iconic characters of Hindi cinema.


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