Getting play-ful with Saif Ali Khan

The shoot of the Raja Menon-directed gastronomical comedy-drama, Chef, just wrapped up after a schedule in New York and Chandan Roy Sanyal who plays a Sous chef in it asserts that Saif Ali Khan is the best star he has worked with. “He’s an intelligent, suave, cultured, wellread humorist with a passion for life… A child at heart,” the actor, who grew up watching his films like Main Khiladi Tu Anari, says. He recalls, when Saif invited him home, Chandan gifted him two books, both Hindi translations of Badal Sircar and Jean-Paul Sartre’s plays.

Saif was intrigued when he found that the books were not in English, a language he’s more familiar with, till Chandan pointed out that Saif had books in English on every topic in his personal library. “I told him a book on Hindi plays would be an embellishment and Saif promised to read them, slowly but surely,” says Chandan, who will be seen as a sex-starved virginal buffoon in the upcoming Mirza Juliet.


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