Saif Ali Khan and the snowstorm in the Big Apple

Saif Ali Khan wrapped up the final schedule of Raja Krishna Menon’s gastronomical comedy, Chef, last week in New York before leaving for London for a vacation with actress-wife Kareena Kapoor. A source associated with the film, which is produced by Vikram Malhotra and Bhushan Kumar, reveals that the team shot the film’s opening scenes, which showcase his character’s life as a professional chef, in the week-long New York schedule.

Saif’s chef later leaves his life in the Big Apple behind to start a food truck in India. We shot in a restaurant, a diner, a bar and on the streets of Manhattan in sub-zero temperatures. Though it was miserably cold, the weather worked in the film’s favour as the script demanded snowfall. In the original Hollywood film, Chef Carl Casper (played by filmmaker-actor Jon Favreau), starts a food truck after losing his restaurant job following a showdown with a formidable food critic and a disagreement with the restaurant’s owner. Raja told Mirror, “We have portrayed a unique side of New York, shot in places where our films rarely go to.

We were hit by a snowstorm and the temperature dipped to below zero. It was really sporting of Saif and my crew to shoot in such extreme conditions so that we could use it to our advantage and create the exact mood I had envisaged for this section of the film.”


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