One lesson that Sara Ali Khan has learnt from dad Saif Ali Khan

Saif wants her to be like Aamir Khan, and Sara seems to have taken his advice quite seriously

Sara Ali Khan seems to have taken dad Saif’s life gyaan to heart. He asked her to push for creativity and not get caught up in the film industry race. This may be the reason Sara refused to be a part of Karan Johar’s Student of the Year 2. Word has it that the Khan girl did not want to be a part of a two-heroine project even though KJo is known to be the father of young debuts.

In an interview to Indian Express, Saif said, “I told her once, try to concentrate on the art. Look at people like Aamir Khan, you can make your own rules. Don’t get caught up with what it seems to be about. You can take a script and check into a Venice hotel by the canal, read your script, think. Be creative, see the world. Don’t get caught up in the tiny politics. Push for creativity.”

It’s known that daddy Saif doesn’t believe in the conventional norms of parenting. He belongs to the Kahlil Gibran school of thought. “I am from the Khalil Gibran school of parenting like my father, am there if they want to talk to me but won’t tell them what they should do.”

Gushing about Sara, Saif adds in the interview, “I know Sara is so bright, and having conversations with her on art and history when she was at Columbia University was so rich. I’d like her to be enriching. But this is what she always wanted to do. But so much of it is fear and insecurity. But as a parent, I know you don’t own them.”

Sara is listening to all of this. And like dad says, she’s already making her own rules.


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