7 Dialogues That Prove Saif Ali Khan’s Ishwar ‘Langda’ Tyagi From Omkara Deserves A Standalone Movie

If anyone has a doubt that Saif can play a rugged character, all they have to do is watch Vishal Bhardwaj’s Omkara, the 2006 crime-drama based on Shakespeare’s Othello. It is one film that gave Saif a different sort of recognition in the industry. For the first time ever, Saif, who has mostly played cool, contemporary romantic roles so far, played a negative role and how!

While movie involved other interesting characters too, Ishwar “Langda” Tyagi showing his rage, snarling, smouldering and turning green cast a great impact on the viewers, which they endured for a very long period.

Now the good news is that the foul-mouthed anti-hero Langda Tyagi will be once again back on the silver screen as rumours are rife that a standalone film for the character is in the works. If reports are to be believed, Saif Ali Khan has already given his nod of consent for the movie, and Abhishek Choubey and Robin Bhatt are yet again on board as script writers. The story will apparently put the spotlight on how Langda Tyagi became the way he was in the movie.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Aamir Khan was the original choice for the role?

Vishal Bhardwaj in a statement to PTI had revealed the same. “There was a film we were planning to make, but it got shelved after a year because of some differences. During that time I used to tell Aamir about this character Langda Tyagi and Othello, so he encouraged me to do something on it and said he will play that role. He told me to come to him after a year when the script is ready but this time I did not want to fall into his trap so I went to Saif,” Bhardwaj said on the sidelines of NFDC Film Bazaar.


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