Flashback: 13 years of Saif Ali Khan’s Hum Tum

Hum Tum has clocked 13 years today. The much loved rom-com had brought in a refreshing take on love, marriages and relationship, albeit in a very amusing and mature fashion. Kunal Kohli’s film had won many laurels.

Saif Ali Khan had also won the National Award for this film. His performance as the goofy Karan Kapoor got the audiences cheering for him. But it was Rani Mukerji’s Rhea which drove home all the glory. But do you know that Saif wasn’t actually the first choice for the film?

In a recent interview, Kunal Kohli, the director revealed, “I always wanted to work with Rani [Mukerji] and we shared a great equation but it’s a little funny how Saif was finalised for the film. Saif wasn’t the first choice and we went to a lot of actors but no one was interested in taking up the character. In fact, we had gone to Hrithik (Roshan) with it and he said no because he was a little uncomfortable doing it. Couple of his films had not worked during that time and he was not sure if he wanted to do a comedy genre. However, when Hrithik came for the screening of the film before its release, he told me that it’s a sure shot hit film. He said that he couldn’t t have done what Saif had done in the film.”

Kunal, Rani and Hrithik had previously worked in Mujhse Dosti Karoge which released two years before Hum Tum. He also added that Aditya Chopra and Yash Chopra had different viewpoints on the film. “Yashji was not very sure about the film but Aditya [Chopra] was very confident. It became a bit awkward that Yashji did not even want to make the film but Adi was keen. So, it was kind of a father-son issue. Adi said that he really believed in the film, and it put more pressure on me because there was a son going against his father’s wish, just for my script,” Kohli said.


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