Saif Ali Khan’s grooming and skincare routine revealed!

Here’s what makes Saif Ali Khan one of the best-looking stars.

Actor Saif Ali Khan is one of the most groomed men in Bollywood, and he is very unapologetic about being metrosexual. In a couple of interviews he has confessed that he loves getting a manicure and he is quite particular about his grooming regimen. So if you have always wondered about what exactly makes Saif one of the best-looking stars, here’s what his skincare and grooming routine is all about.

Saif is someone who is not only particular about his diet and fitness, but also takes care of his skin. He checks the label of all skincare products that he uses to check if the product contains Propylene glycol or not. He prefers one without this key ingredient though it is present in many moisturizers and cleansers but it tends to irritate the skin and cause inflammation.

Saif also loves to indulge in manicures and pedicures; he likes to keep his nails clean. He does not think it is feminine to get manicures but it is more about being neat and hygienic.

Saif loves the idea of being clean and smelling good as well. He makes sure that he keeps his skin moisturized and uses handmade soaps to keep himself smelling fresh. He uses the hydrating and non-greasy moisturizer with cucumber by Sisley Paris and handmade Lush soaps.

Saif likes getting pampered so he indulges in a lot of foot massages and feels that a hot shave can be a meditative process since it makes him feel good. An old-fashioned barber’s chair hot shave involves using a hot towel on face to open up the pores and soften the whiskers. This is followed by using a cleanser on the face followed by the regular shaving routine.

Now we know why the Chote Nawaab is one of the best groomed men in Bollywood.


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