Raja Krishna Menon talks about Chef – Saif Ali Khan starrer

Raja Krishna Menon on his gastronomical comedy that also has his leading man Saif Ali Khan and his screen son’s bond at its core.

Raja Krishna Menon’s upcoming gastronomical comedy, Chef, may have food at its centre, but he insists that there’s a crucial question that his protagonist, chef and reformed absentee father Roshan Kalra (played by Saif Ali Khan), keeps asking himself through the film as he gets to know his son better: What really is the role of a parent?

Speaking from Goa, Raja explains, “Roshan believes that he’s a decent father but soon realises that he hasn’t really been a parent at all. Through his relationship with his son, he questions whether his role is to be a friend, a mentor or a disciplinarian.” Mumbai-based Svar Kamble was selected from over 100 kids to play Saif’s son. As prep, Raja would let the onscreen father-son duo hang out together for a couple of hours before kicking off work. “Saif is an extremely well-read, knowledgeable person and Svar is a brilliantly-raised, well-mannered boy, who is inquisitive about a lot of things. So Saif and Svar would talk a lot and their equation subsequently reflected in the film. Thanks to the initial workshops, Svar didn’t feel like there was a star in the room,” Raja recounts.

The first image of Saif and Svar from the film, which was shared on social media on Tuesday, is from a sequence shot at a market in Kochi earlier this year. Set to release on October 6, the film also features South actress Padmapriya and is produced by Bhushan Kumar and Vikram Malhotra. It was also filmed in Delhi and Mumbai.

Chef is a remake of the 2014 Hollywood film of the same name which was written, produced and directed by Jon Favreau, who also played the protagonist. It followed Carl, who quits his job at a popular Los Angeles restaurant over differences with its controlling owner and finds himself in his hometown, Miami, where he traces his roots, teaming up with his ex-wife and son, to launch a food truck.


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