Saif Ali Khan – Chote Satan?

When Barack Obama was President, the White House got a call saying ‘The Prez was a shape-shifting alien, hellbent on destroying the earth.’ There are enough people who believe this theory. I spent an entertaining evening with a fruitarian, who between bites of musk melon, informed me that Saif Ali Khan has sold his soul to the devil. While I spat out my dinner, he showed me a video of Saif online. The caption read: “Saif Ali Khan’s performance at the Apsara Awards 2010 are (sic) an indication that he has sold his soul to the devil.” The video starts off with Saif unwrapping himself on top of a 13-step masonic red pyramid. This symbolises that Saif is unveiling himself to the world that he is a mason. There also appears to be some sort of ‘gate’ or ‘stargate’ behind him. The song playing in the background is Qurban Hua, which mean sacrificed.” The adage — seeing is believing — was formed before YouTube. It needs to be retired. You can’t believe everything you see. I tried telling Mr Fruit Cake that I have known the actor for two decades and can vouch that he is a good fella, but this guy, who has never been in the same zip code as the Chote Nawab believes he is in fact, Chota Satan.

Life goes on… Sooner than later, Kumble will return to cricket in some form, Sonu might embrace another social media platform, DDL could be lured back with a great role, Saif shall buy his soul back from the devil and the fruitarian may succumb to temptation of some farsan. I live in hope.


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