Saif Ali Khan’s ‘Dadcore’ Look

The term ‘Daddy’ means…umm…pocket money. Daddy also means life. Daddies wear formal shoes with jeans—because the conventional rules of fashion and style do not apply to them. Now, that doesn’t sound quite right. But if you are a Father Figure, you can do whatever the hell you want! The ‘whatever the hell you want to wear’ also has a name and is a big trending topic in fashion, all thanks to brands like Vetements and Balenciaga. ‘Dadcore’ or Dad style + normcore is the latest trend to hit the Indian sartorial bandwagon. And airport trotter, Saif Ali Khan is already here for it. Cause TBH, there’s no way he possibly could have stepped out like this…

Dadcore’s baseline is simple—wear what you want, but don’t forget the norms. It’s more about function and comfort. It’s a style that stands for baby-duty first and everything else later. But most importantly, it’s a trend that has a royal fan, Saif Ali Khan. Wearing a contrast-pocket T-shirt (assumingly, stolen from his son Ibrahim…in our heads obviously), wide-legged A&F sweats that have to be his own, square-toed formal shoes representing his terrible choice in footwear and a pair of celeb-favourite tinted sunnies. Talk about a look! But if we had our will, we’d make a few changes to Mr. Khan’s oh-so-daddy outfit. We’d take away a few things and give him a cool makeover he so desperately needs. Let’s discuss…

1) First off, Saif’s blue-tinted sunnies are screaming ‘too young’. Ranveer Singh, Karan Wahi to even Rajkumar Rao—there’s not a league of actors not sporting the pair. For starters, we’d replace the sunnies with metal-framed glasses. The ones you wore at school and could categorise as a regret. Or the ones daddies adored, before Ray Bans became pop culture.

2) And that T-shirt…its completely out-of-place, dude. Just too hip to be dadcore. We’d rather have a light-hued shirt doing it for him. Let’s pick a blue, to keep things versatile and primarily, to respect the palette of the T-shirt he’s wearing. Let’s not f*ck with a Nawab too much.

3) And now for the bottom. TBH, those A&F sweats are reminding me of the land of Donald Trump. Anything American is bothersome, so I’d do this quick. I’m throwing in a pair of brown baggy pleated trousers—that are comfortable, functional yet so dad-like and normal. A total win-win for dadcore!

4) Time for the topic of horrific footwear that is Saif Ali Khan’s staple square-toed formal shoe. They’re already quite nasty, but dirty white sneakers would look better. Instead of cleaning his shoes, he rather invest time in making another beautiful baby like Taimur.

5) Lastly, time for two big changes that’ll make the cut for him—the cap and a belt. The cap is very baseball. Sure. But the colour’s too 20-yrs and the contrasting colours are too rad. He rather take it off, wear a suede baseball cap and keep things matured for a dope 40-something dad. And now for the belt…which needs to get broader fo’sure. Skinnies ain’t for daddies. Plus, broader belts are so much more normcore. For perspective, Normcore’s all about blending in, rather than standing out.

This sartorial transformation that truly represents a Nawab, husband to Bebo and all in all, a man exploding a few too many ovaries—has definitely got us shooketh!


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