Saif Ali Khan opens up about nepotism, freedom of speech and his journey in the film industry

Saif Ali Khan has been quite in the news lately since he received a lot of backlash for mocking Kangna Ranaut and her nepotism remarks at the 18th edition of IIFA. Since then, the actor has gone on record stating he has personally apologized to Kangna Ranaut. Saif Ali Khan even blasted everyone in an open letter where he explained nepotism, paparazzi following celeb kids and more.

Now, in a recent interview called Adda Express, Saif Ali Khan did talk about how anyone can come in the industry and become a star. Speaking about the industry and how it can’t be controlled, Saif Ali Khan said, “The greatest thing about this industry is that it’s so democratic. You can’t control it. The only thing that works is the things that the people like. It’s not actually like nepotism or anything like that can control it or you could be anybody’s son and it doesn’t matter. You could walk off the street and could become a king in this profession. That’s the most beautiful thing about this industry that it can’t be controlled beyond a point. And it brings everybody together.”

Speaking of censorship and freedom of expression, Saif Ali Khan further added, “We do live in times where celebrities are very cautious about what they say. People, in general, are very cautious about what they say because things get blown out of proportion. I don’t think that’s ok. I think we live in so much fear. Whether that fear is founded or unfounded, whether it’s just social media or just nameless faces, I am not sure but it makes me uncomfortable to not share my thoughts.”

Saif Ali Khan further talked about how he had finally decided to dive in the acting field even when he had good academic background and options to work abroad. Saif said, “My father told me when I was very young that I could forget about any kind of inheritance from him and he doesn’t have the kind of money I am imagining. Growing up in Delhi, there were many wealthy people. He said you are not like that. He said what ‘I will do is send you to a good school and university and I think that’s the greatest gift I could give you but the rest is up to you.’ I managed to get into a well-known academic institution. Sadly, after a while, I lost complete interest in academics and pursuing anything that would lead me to a 9 to 5 job. I found that frightening. I knew, at a very young age, that’s not what I wanted.”

Saif Ali Khan further added, “I found it frightening and I knew that wasn’t what I wanted. It made my parents worried. Then BR Chopra came to Delhi, offered me an ad, something to do in films. For the first time, I felt a sense of direction. I was fortunate that I came into films when the audience was quite forgiving, media was kind. I was straight out of England and I used to speak Hindi with a bit of an accent. People were kind and the press was kind and I think I got a little better. I have been in love with the profession since then.”

On the work front, Saif Ali Khan will be seen in Akshat Verma’s Kalakandi. The film is slated to release on September 8, 2017. The actor is also working on Hindi remake of Hollywood film, Chef.


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