Here’s why Saif Ali Khan’s father changed his name post 1971

Saif Ali Khan recently revealed an interesting fact about his father, Mansoor Ali Khan, who was the Nawab of Pataudi. The latter was popularly also known as Tiger Pataudi. However, few know that Saif’s father changed his name in 1971. On a chat show, the actor spoke about why this happened. Saif said that the change happened when princely titles were abolished in India, in 1971. His dad, who used to lead the Indian cricket team, lost his captaincy around the same time. When the government outlawed princely titles, Saif’s father changed his name to Mansoor Ali Khan. Not just that, he even changed his signature to match his name. Saif also remembered that he had once asked his father about his two names. The latter said that though he was born with the name, things changed after 1971. He also told Saif that Khan would be his name, too. Saif further added that though he is very proud of Pataudi, he has sees himself as an actor and has never been interested in being a Nawab. Saif’s dad, who is a legendary figure in Indian cricket, died on September 22, 2011, of respiratory failure.


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