World Environment Day – when Saif Ali Khan and Soha planted mango and jamun trees

On the occasion of World Environment Day, June 5, we spoke with Soha Ali Khan as she shared interesting memories behind the love for greens and her family. The actress and author says that when she was young, she and brother Saif Ali Khan would do plantations. “As kids we had planted mango and jamun saplings at our home in Delhi,” says Soha as she arrived to plant a sapling in Mumbai on the occasion, in the name of her daughter Inaya.

Interestingly, just like the brother-sister duo, their mother, former actress Sharmila Tagore too is fond of tress. Talking about her habits, Soha says, “My mom enjoys gardening. At our home in Delhi, we have a garden in the front and even in the back. There is also a patch where she plants and grows vegetables. It is quite cool to have fresh veggies plucked straight from the plants, tossed in a wok and served on a plate.” On this note, Soha also remembered how her daughter Inaya nurtured a tomato plant. “Well at her school there was a project where the kids were asked to plant the seeds and grow tomato saplings. Inaya had sowed the seeds in a small pot and she is happy seeing the plant grow,” shared Soha.

The actress is very much thankful to Dia Mirza, who is too is vocal about saving the environment. She said that Dia gifted a book to Inaya which she reads out to her every time her baby girl is having her lunch. She says, “The book is about appreciating nature. It has parts which say if you like a flower, just appreciate its beauty and not pluck it away. Inaya is learning a lot from the book.”

Apart from planting and saving more and more greens, Soha also believes in conserving water. She said, “Every time I shampoo and condition my hair, it takes time and during the course, I see to it that I turn off the running water.”

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