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Not as finicky as a parent: Saif Ali Khan

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How do you manage to pursue other interests and do things for leisure with a packed schedule?
I love my holiday and I love doing nothing because I understand the art of living. I just did an online course on the connection between Buddhism and psychology from Princeton University. They had some lovely tutorials which were beautifully explained. I can spend time at leisure and feel enriched, but at some point, you’ve got to go to work because otherwise it’s meaningless.

With Taimur’s arrival and Kareena going back to work, how are you and Kareena juggling your time with him?
During the first schedule, she took him and I was very happy to be alone at home (laughs). I love being by myself but after a couple of days I missed having them around. But I am not very finicky as a parent. He is part of my life and this is for the long haul. I like my space and I like having around also. We are lucky we have help and we have distraction because, I do think that sometimes having a child can be overwhelming if you don’t have breathing space. Some people have a lower tolerance for claustrophobia and I am one of them. I won’t be happy if I have to be around them all the time. In the second schedule, Taimur was alone with me and he was looking a little sad. but now he is happy that Kareena is back. The house also feels balanced.

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Saif Ali Khan: I am anxious for Sara Ali Khan

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Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan’s new film CHEF, an adaptation of an American film with the same title, released on last Friday. The actor spoke about the film, his acting career and other issues during the promotional activities as TWF-IBNS correspondent tracks him.

What was the most challenging thing in this film as an actor or a person?
Honestly, there are some roles that are challenging because one has to become somebody which he is not. Likewise, the character in OMKARA was challenging for me because I couldn’t have improvised one word and had to learn a language.I do not think CHEF was challenging to me. It was challenging to be disciplined in the kitchen and learn how to chop and not cut fingers off. But the basic language that the character speaks is a very urban space that I am familiar with it so a kind of I played myself in that space so actually didn’t find it particularly much challenging, apart from the basic works of learning lines and turning up.

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Saif Ali Khan: In this digital age, relationships need open conversations

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He has a voracious appetite for movies, conversations, and food, of course. Yes, he admits that he is a ‘good proponent of the urban guy’, but the actor in him is hungry for more than just that. He admires heroic characters, but he is fascinated by the dark side. On the eve of his next release, Chef, directed by Raja Krishna Menon, Saif Ali Khan talks to us about dinner table chats with his family, his views on our modern-day society, parenting, relationships, films and fads. He serves it up in small helpings, but leaves you with enough food for thought. Chew on…

‘Chef’ talks about how ‘The family that eats together, stays together’. Do you believe in it, too? Were ‘family meals’ a big part of your growing-up days?

It’s more like the family that doesn’t eat together, doesn’t stay together. What makes ‘Chef’ special is that it deals with urban issues, like not having enough time to spend with your children, prioritising matters in your life and following your heart when it comes to your job and dreams. Then there is this unconventional relationship, which is common in India today. Couples are getting divorced, and it is getting increasingly tough to balance work and family life. It’s a story that speaks to urban India. Yes, even my mom tried it at one point, it’s a good rule. It’s good to sit at the table, turn off the television and talk. There is always a discrepancy between the ideal family lunch and the reality. And of course, if you are forced to do it, then it’s not the same. It’s like communism then…when someone tells you that you have to do this (laughs!!) I guess parents understand that if you don’t pay attention to all this, then families drift apart. In this digital age, people tend to have controlled conversations. However, I think relationships need open conversations, vigilance and constant communication. Food is the glue that can keep it all together.

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‘I want to shoot an entire film in Bandra’: Saif Ali Khan

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Actor Saif Ali Khan on learning to cook, making film choices and staying put in his favourite Mumbai suburb

There is a huge birthday bouquet — with pink and crimson balloons and roses — for Kareena Kapoor Khan, from Alia Bhatt, resting in the corner of the conference room. Another one from her “insurance advisor” sits in the other corner. White carnations and red roses are all over, outnumbering the posters of Saif Ali Khan films — Go Goa Gone, Happy Ending — on the wall and more flowers keep arriving as we wait for Khan for a post-lunch interview. There are piles of classics strewn all over, a book collection that could do any literature student proud. The study-cum-living room in which Khan eventually meets us also has shelves upon shelves of books. Relaxed, in a T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops Khan is in a party mood for his wife’s birthday later at night. “I’d rather not do any work tomorrow,” he says, when we ask him why he had planned press interviews on her birthday. We catch him in a thoughtful, chatty mood. Edited excerpts from an interview…

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“I Worry And Think About The Importance of Life Because of Taimur”: Saif Ali Khan

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Saif Ali Khan is currently in the best phase of his life or so he says. With films like Chef, Kalakaandi, Bazaar and a web series on Sacred Games in the offing, the actor is looking at a busy slate to close the year. We caught him for an interview while he was on a promotional tour for the film Chef.

Which book has had a profound effect on you?

Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead.

Is there any real life personality whom you would like to play?

I would love to do a biopic but can’t think of who. There are so many ideas but we are limited. We can’t keep doing films bashing Pakistan, it’s like America making war films against Germany. A real life character like Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar would be great. I would certainly love to play him.

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Saif Ali Khan gets candid

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The nawab of Bollywood wears the tag rather easy, as he talks about his film career, his father, managing his family, and more.

Saif Ali Khan is an anomaly. Even as his name is taken in the same breath as all the other Khans of the industry, he isn’t counted in the list of superstars, despite a decent run in showbiz. But that hasn’t deterred Saif. Currently promoting his upcoming release, Chef, the actor talks to us about his career, daughter Sara’s debut and more. Excerpts:

How do you handle the nawab tag?
I definitely had a privileged upbringing, but as far as money goes, my parents never gave me any pocket money… at least not more than the guy next door. I had a normal upbringing, and there are no nawabs; it’s a tag in movies. My father (Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi) was the last nawab. And even he didn’t think of himself as one. The image isn’t because I’m a nawab, but because I enjoy the lifestyle of a movie star. Sometimes you can’t beat your image, and it’s okay. It’s fine. If the image was true, it would be nothing to me.

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I Want To Get Into A Successful Zone Like Akshay Kumar, Says Saif Ali Khan

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Saif Ali Khan welcomed baby Taimur with wife Kareena Kapoor last year and now he is playing a father in Chef. The film, the official Hindi remake of Jon Favreau’s film of the same name, has got a lot of positive buzz. We sat down with the talented actor and Chef’s director Raja Krishna Menon for a chat. Excerpts:

How does one go about convincing Saif Ali Khan?
Saif: I think you say, ‘It’s up to you, but this is what we think you should do, but if you don’t want to do it, it’s fine.’ And then I will do it. But if you say, ‘You have to do it’, I get stressed. If you give me the space I will do whatever you want.

So, did Saif trouble you while shooting?

Menon: I troubled him far more than he troubled me.
Saif: When you are shooting, time is money and light is king.

Do you think the concept of food trucks will ever catch up in India?

Raja: It will be huge. The problem right now is licensing etc. It will definitely pick up.

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