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Saif Ali Khan: I have never played a character as deranged as Udaybhan

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At a time when the Mughal era is dissected socially and politically every other day, Saif Ali Khan is playing a Rajput warrior who fought for Aurangzeb against the Marathas. The role was frightening, he says, since it was not only loud and dark, but the character himself is utterly deranged. Along the way, he explains his individual view of the Mughal era – he thinks Persianate is a more accurate description – but adds that he prefers to not enter the political conversation on it.

India seems to be enjoying war-based cinema in recent years, be it placed in current times or from the past – but is there a cultural undercurrent to it?
On one level obviously, yes and everyone eventually reacts to the fact that it’s the Muslim invader story. Whether it’s Pakistan that becomes the villain, whether it’s the ISI, or the Mughals. But on another level, those are the only kind of antagonists we seem to have had. I mean, we could come up with other stories, but on a large scale if you think about war films, these are the villains, the enemy we have fought against. That seems to be the most dramatic. You could make a movie about the Chinese but somehow I don’t think it will resonate very strongly with our audiences (laughs).

So, right or wrong, it becomes one of those things. And when you come to Tanhaji, Aurangzeb and Shivaji Maharaj had very bloody, serious encounters and that went on for quite a long time. So we look for heroes, and filmmakers look for heroes, and Tanhaji fits the bill in the perfect way, being the unsung right hand of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, fighting the autocratic, orthodox Aurangzeb. So that’s the story. Now how historically accurate it is, is another conversation. Whether people are fighting in the name of religion and independence, or whether there are more economic reasons that drive these things. History is obviously an argument that is told by the winner and the story will change depending on which point of view you take.

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Interview with Saif Ali Khan’s mum Sharmila Tagore on her 75th birthday

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The legendary actress Sharmila Tagore who turns 75 on December 8. Sharmila Tagore has had share of glory over the years as a prominent name in the Indian film industry. The veteran star has worked with some of the biggest names of Bollywood. Recently, the famed actor celebrated her75th birthday with her family. Her daughter Soha Ali Khan shared few glimpses from a small gathering. The actress spoke to Masala! about her life, husband, son Saif, grand-daughter Sara and of course superstar-grandson Taimur.

The one thing that has changed in your life is the presence of two beautiful grandchildren?

Yes, it certainly adds to my happiness, obviously. I do see them as much as I can. But not enough because we live in different cities. But I must say they re-energize me. There’s nothing like young children’s energy …They are always curious and enthusiastic about many different things. So yes, being around Taimur and Inaaya makes me really happy. Though like I said, I wish I could be with them more often.

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Nobody wears a suit better than Saif Ali Khan

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If it’s a brand ambassador for a clothing brand you’re looking for, actor Saif Ali Khan is a pretty safe bet.

The Oxford-educated Nawab knows how to wear a suit, and has, over time, become as well-known for his sartorial tastes as he is for his impeccable comic timing and his interesting choice of roles. We sat down with the Sacred Games star to pick his brains on fashion, fatherhood and his idea of true luxury.

What was the first suit you bought?

Saif Ali Khan: Probably something from Marks & Spencer. It was a black velvet three-piece number with a frilly shirt. I think I was modelled after something Mr Amitabh Bachchan would’ve worn in the 70’s. I was dressed by my mother – I looked a little bit like a pimp.

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Saif Ali Khan on Sacred Games 2: Second season is quite twisted; it’s more of a thriller now as we’re at the climax

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A large section of audience after watching Sacred Games have felt that you are an underrated actor and the web show is probably your best after action thriller Race (2008). You are also praised for pulling off a sardar, Sartaj Singh, quite convincingly. How would you react?

As far as underrated goes, I don’t know what to say except that I suppose box office plays quite a major part in that. Being a good actor is not really enough. I think you have to be part of films and projects that people want to see, and idea that resonates with them. Earlier, it was easier when producers knew exactly what they were doing and now, with so many corporates coming and with so many ideas… of course, sometimes it is easy to make the wrong kind of movie, and it is linked to all that. But I am quite happy because I’m not much into past success or failure, and I have reacted quite positively in the sense that I have tried to do the best work I can.If people are noticing that then it is great. To me, environment, and how you choose to spend your time is also very important. So the environment on the Netflix set is creative and intelligent, and you hit the right zone sometimes. Lot of that is dependent on so many different factors and it can all boil down to good luck really.

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Saif Ali Khan on Sacred Games 2

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Saif Ali Khan is set to return with the second season of Sacred Games that arrives on Netflix on August 15.

Saif Ali Khan’s tryst with web happened when the actor wasn’t doing too many Bollywood films. Glad that he took the plunge, he feels the risk only paid off and also added a “dimension” to him as an actor.

You were the first Bollywood A-lister who forayed into web. Were you confident of the medium?

If you say that I’m an actor who is willing to take chances, is platform agnostic, then yes, I agree with that. Fear is a bit of a deterrent. I’m not afraid and willing to try stuff, provided it is artistic. … the environment created on set (for Sacred Games) was a very rarefied one, with people being intelligent, artistic, and doing the best acting they possibly could, the best writing and cinematography. If that’s the case, I am willing to do almost anything. If money is good, work is good, what more do you want?

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Saif Ali Khan on son Ibrahim Ali Khan: ‘I definitely think all of my children would be interested in acting’

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He belongs to a rare breed of actors, who aren’t afraid to take risks, and want to be free from the constraints of any ‘image’. Just when you thought there was nothing more to actor Saif Ali Khan than the suave and stylish characters he played in many films in recent times, he dared to go the web way, when no other major film star was keen on it. And it won’t be wrong to say that Sacred Games in a way resurrected his career and he is all set to reprise the same magic again.

Saif, currently in London for the shoot of his next film, takes out some time for a chat with us:

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Saif Ali Khan: Behind actors’ outwardly glamorous lives, there is a long list of missed birthdays and anniversaries

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Bollywood’s chotte nawab Saif Ali Khan was in the news recently, after the pictures of him holidaying in Tuscany with wife Kareena Kapoor Khan and son Taimur, went viral. The actor, who has now made his television debut as a narrator on the show ‘Kahan Hum Kahan Tum’, tells BT that spending time with family is a luxury for actors.

He says, “When I come home after work and find Taimur sleeping, I feel bad. We shoot long hours, but if I haven’t packed up even after 8 pm, I feel uncomfortable because it means taking away time from my son. In my growing-up years, my parents taught me about the importance of respecting family space. My father (Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi) was a cricketer and mother (Sharmila Tagore) is an actress, and they both had hectic schedules. However, we learnt that it is important to talk about other things, too, at home and that’s how life becomes beautiful.”

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