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Saif Ali Khan and sports

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Saif Ali Khan

Like Deepika, Saif’s father, the late Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, had dreamed that his son would become a cricketer like him. At one point, Saif had nearly made up his mind to take up cricket. In later years, the actor would fondly talk about how he grew up with cricket around him, and that every time he would break the windowpanes of Pataudi palace, his grandmother would spare him if it was a good shot.

Saif Ali Khan fit for Hollywood

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Saif Ali Khan: The chote Nawab of Pataudi has the legacy, class and charm to make it big in Hollywood. Saif has slowly and steadily climbed the up the career charts and is now equated with the other Khans in terms of his acting abilities and looks. A producer himself, Saif’s liking for slick films like Agent Vinod and Go Goa Gone will make him a perfect fit in Hollywood. Why, we even see him replacing Daniel Craig to become the next suave Bond.

Happy days ahead for Saif Ali Khan

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While the star might not have many hits in the near future, his career won’t be too badly affected

Saif Ali Khan has seen better days in Bollywood. Quite a few of his recent films have flopped and he is desperately looking for success in Kabir Khan’s Phantom, which he is currently filming with Katrina Kaif. The film is slated to be released in the last week of August.

We take a look at what’s in store for Saif in the future, both on the professional and personal fronts.

Married life…

Venus is the prime significator of both love and marriage, and the Zodiac sign Libra indicates marriage and related matters.

Despite challenges, Saif and Kareena will manage to strike a fine balance on the conjugal front. The two will manage to sail through difficult times, if any, in their married life. Saif will handle issues with maturity and Kareena will do so with love and respect.

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Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara Khan to enter Bollywood ?

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The trend of introducing the children of famous stars in filming or television industry is not new in Bollywood especially. Mahesh Bhatt, Tanuja Mukherjee, Rakesh Roshan and Prithviraj Kapoor are only few names who acted as a staircase for their families to make their entry easy in the Bollywood cinema. The Kapoor family is the oldest and the major contributors in the Bollywood industry, thus showing the trend in celebrities to introduce their family members to Bollywood. Same like this the ‘Nawab khan’ of Bollywood or we can say the current husband of ‘Fashion Diva’, Karina Kapoor, is also acting as a staircase for his daughter Sara Ali khan in order to let her enter Bollywood

Sara Ali khan is currently studying at Columbia University in States but as she is heading towards the final days of graduation, she is also planning to return to India after this and appear in her Debut film of Bollywood. Saif Ali Khan showed support to her in this decision but only demands her full attention to studies until unless she is graduated.

It seems like Sara Ali khan, the only daughter of Saif Ali Khan from his previous wife, Amrita Singh, will be the next ‘Miss Khan’ or the ‘Daughter of Nawab Khan’ of Bollywood, considering the immense fan following of her father Saif Ali Khan. Her entry could be ravishing because of the image of his father but the fact that will she be able to maintain the trend and image of her father in the acting industry will be checked as soon as she will give her debut in Bollywood.

Saif Ali Khan and Team Kolkata launch the Sansui Curve 4K TV

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Sansui, one of the leading Japanese consumer electronics brands in India, launched four new series of televisions during a glitzy event recently.

The new series, which includes the models — Sansui Curve 4K Ultra HD, Sansui 4K Ultra HD TV, Sansui Smart TV and Sansui Connect TV — is a part of the brand’s robust plans of expanding its premium TV product portfolio. The televisions were unveiled by brand ambassador Saif Ali Khan and cricketers from the brand’s partners and defending IPL champions, Kolkata Knight Riders.

Talking about the new offerings on the occasion, Amitabh Tiwari (COO, Sansui) said, “The brand is unleashing a new era of TV viewing by providing the ultimate immersive experience. We understand the pulse of the Indian customers and the new series is dedicated to their specific requirements that we aim to fulfill.”

He further added, “From a fully loaded Curve TV to a futuristic 4K and Smart TV, the new series has something for everyone. With these new product offerings, we aim to double our market share this year.”

Saif Ali Khan is PCB chairman’s nephew

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Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Shahryar Khan is uncle of Bollywood super star actor Saif Ali Khan.

Shahryar Khan was born on March 29 1934 in Qasr-e-Sultani, the city in State of Bhopal and is the only son and male heir of both Nawab Muhammad Sarwar Ali Khan, the ruler of former princely state of Kurwai and princess Abida Sultan.

Abida Sultan was the elder daughter of Nawab of Bopal. Due to this relation father of Saif Ali Khan, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi is the first cosine of PCB chairman.

So he is the uncle of Bollywood super star.

New interview with Saif Ali Khan

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You have a number of films in the pipeline, like the soon-to-be-released political thriller Phantom, directed by Kabir Khan. What can you tell us about your character Daniyal? Was it a challenge to play the role and what was it like to work with Katrina Kaif again?

Daniyal is the protagonist of the movie so his path is a difficult one. His quest for justice takes him across different continents but as you will see in the movie, there is a price attached to it – a very personal one in Daniyal’s case. Playing a character like that is always a challenge because you have to depict personality quirks without taking away from the story.

The challenge for me was to be true to Daniyal’s quest and what that meant for him as a person. I’ve learnt a bit of Kurdish for this movie so yes, it’s been a difficult albeit exciting role to play. It’s always fun working with Katrina because she is easy-going and committed to her work.Along with this, I also have movies with Sujoy Ghosh, Vikram Aditya Motwane and Vishal Bharadwaj in the pipeline.

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