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Saif Ali Khan – the bollywood rockstar

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Apart from being one of the great actors and producer Saif Ali Khan is also famous for his love for playing guitar. We all have seen his Nawab avatar but very few know that he is crazy for music and guitars. We have been lucky enough to see him perform in some reality shows.

Is Saif Ali Khan’s son Ibrahim shortlisted for Student Of The Year sequel?

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Karan Johar is returning with a sequel to Student Of The Year and the names tossing around include Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan, Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara, son Ibrahim, Shahid’s brother Ishaan among others….

For long now there have been speculations surrounding the cast of the Student Of The Year sequel. While Karan Johar confirmed that he’ll be announcing it in the month of May. Word is that the director-producer is not aiming at bring back Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan or Sidharth Malhotra but is rather keen on launching star kids under this glamourous franchise. Speaking of which, all our eyes have either been on Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan, Shahid Kapoor’s brother Ishaan or Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara ever since. But wait until you check out this latest development.

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Bearded look is sexy – Saif Ali Khan

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It might make them look older but we girls aren’t complaining. The Bollywood boys have said NO! to the razor and started a trend.

Saif Ali Khan – Saif is one guy who can really pull off a beard and it surely adds to his nawabi look.

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Saif Ali Khan injured from filming action sequences in Rangoon

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The actor who had been shooting action sequences for Vishal Bhardwaj’s next, says injuries come with the territory.

Saif Ali Khan, who has been busy shooting for Rangoon, Vishal Bhardwaj’s Casablanca-like love story set against the Second World War, in Arunachal Pradesh, has injured himself while filming the movie’s climax. He was spotted limping around with a crepe bandage wrapped around his left foot and bruises on his arms at mother-in-law Babita’s birthday party, on Tuesday.

The actor said, “There were a lot of action sequences on a bridge in the climax. I hurt my ankle, got a few cuts and bruises, such injuries are normal. The action sequences in our films are always strenuous but in this case it was a bit more, but that’s made it fun.”

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Saif Ali Khan injured on the set of Rangoon

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Saif Ali Khan was seen sporting a crepe bandage on his left foot at the birthday bash of his mother in law Babita Kapoor. The Nawab’s fans were shocked to see him in this condition. He also had innumerable injury marks on his forearm, knuckles and wrist. The reason for the actor’s bruises was his upcoming film ‘Rangoon’.

Vishal Bhardwaj’s film Rangoon stars Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut in pivotal roles. The movie that is a love story is set during the Second World War. Due to it being a war movie there are many action scenes too in it. The makers have even created Indo-Burma border in Arunachal Pradesh to shoot the war scenes. It was tough for the makers to shoot in the NE state as all international tourists are required to have a Protection Area Permit to enter Arunachal Pradesh, and all domestic tourists need to obtain an Inner Line Permit. Though getting the permissions was difficult, Vishal and Sajid were keen to shoot in Arunachal, as the place offered the “perfect landscape” for the film.

Bad is better for Saif Ali Khan – playing a negative role in a movie

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An actor who who experimented with his image was Saif Ali Khan. Although his portrayal of a fun-loving Sameer in Farhan Akhtar’s DIL CHAHTA HAI gave Saif’s sinking career new life, it was Vishal Bhardwaj’s OMKARA that established his acting chops. His role of Ishwar Tyagi or LangdaTyagi, a shrewd calculative man who ruthlessly manipulates his gang leader, Omkara (Ajay Devgn)… His impression of the UP accent… Even those stained yellow teeth… It was Saif as we had never seen him before, taking the part to dangerous new heights.

Saif Ali Khan explained why he turned down a role in Kapoor & Sons

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A day after it was revealed that some of Bollywood’s biggest male stars refused Fawad Khan’s role in Kapoor and Sons, apparently because it was of a homosexual character, Saif Ali Khan has reached out with his reasons for declining the part.

In a phone conversation, the actor said, “I did not say no to the role because it was a homosexual character. I genuinely wasn’t too impressed with the script and felt a mainstream Hindi film hero playing gay in a mainstream Bollywood film deserved a better representation. I felt the character wasn’t set in the right context.”

The Omkara actor also said that it would be very ‘silly’ of any actor to refuse a part owing to a character’s sexuality.

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