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Saif Ali Khan opens up about nepotism, freedom of speech and his journey in the film industry

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Saif Ali Khan has been quite in the news lately since he received a lot of backlash for mocking Kangna Ranaut and her nepotism remarks at the 18th edition of IIFA. Since then, the actor has gone on record stating he has personally apologized to Kangna Ranaut. Saif Ali Khan even blasted everyone in an open letter where he explained nepotism, paparazzi following celeb kids and more.

Now, in a recent interview called Adda Express, Saif Ali Khan did talk about how anyone can come in the industry and become a star. Speaking about the industry and how it can’t be controlled, Saif Ali Khan said, “The greatest thing about this industry is that it’s so democratic. You can’t control it. The only thing that works is the things that the people like. It’s not actually like nepotism or anything like that can control it or you could be anybody’s son and it doesn’t matter. You could walk off the street and could become a king in this profession. That’s the most beautiful thing about this industry that it can’t be controlled beyond a point. And it brings everybody together.”

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Saif Ali Khan won’t dress for the paps, here’s why

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While most actors have stylists who pick out clothes for them to wear every time they step out of their homes, the Nawab finds that silly

Self-appointed fashion police have been targeting Saif Ali Khan for his gym looks and airport looks. While most actors have stylists who pick out clothes for them to wear every time they step out of their homes, the Nawab finds that silly. He refuses to jump onto the bandwagon. He doesn’t mind repeating the same outfit. The actor says, “I don’t like dressing for the gym in a gym look, or catch flights in an airport look. I want to be normal and not a fashion victim. I do also have the best suits and clothes in the world in my wardrobe and can be well-dressed, but I will not always be so. I do not want to be pressured or slotted as some kind of chap that I am not and I will not ever dress for the paparazzi.” We applaud that.

Saif Ali Khan off on vacation with baby Taimur

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Early on Tuesday, Saif Ali Khan who’s been in the eye of a storm since his return from New York, flew off to Switzerland with wife Kareena Kapoor. The couple were accompanied by their son, Taimur. It’s his first trip abroad and since the baby is only seven months old, the nawab and the begum have opted not to stay in a chalet this time in Gstaad, but have booked a suite in the Royal Gstaad Palace for their two-week stay.

A year before they tied the knot on October 16, 2012, Kareena and Saif had taken their first international holiday in the Swiss Alps and mesmerised by the beauty and tranquillity of the snowcapped town, as also its people and local cuisine, the actress had made her beau promise that he would bring her back there every year, for the rest of their lives. It’s a promise Saif has been keeping since the last five years.

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“It’s not something that I wrote or something I believe in” Saif Ali Khan

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To whomsoever it may concern,

Over the last few days, a lot has been said and written about the skit on the IIFA stage by Karan Johar, Varun Dhawan and yours truly. Let’s first see what happened here. “Nepotism Rocks” was a joke on stage. It’s not something that I wrote or something I believe in. It was a joke on ourselves, between Varun (Dhawan), Karan (Johar) and me. It was not supposed to be a big deal, but I realised at some point, that it might have offended Kangana (Ranaut). I called her and apologised personally. That should be the end of it. Everybody needs to take a chill pill and back off.

However, in today’s world, apologies are made through Twitter or though some other social media platform. That, is basically apologising to your fans and the world in general, instead of apologising to the person concerned, because you don’t want to lose support. These are the times we live in. We wish each other happy birthday or offer condolences on social media. This is another reason I don’t want to be on any social media platform — it feels fake. As far as the issue of saying something stupid on stage goes, I’m sure it’s not the first or the last time I’m going to say something stupid in an attempt to be funny. And I apologised to Kangana, so I don’t owe anybody else an explanation. The issue is over.

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Saif Ali Khan says Kaalakaandi beautifully shows the soul of Mumbai

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Saif Ali Khan is having the best phase of his life with great films and now a web series, Sacred Games, in his kitty as well as enjoying his time off with his son Taimur Ali Khan. Saif is also gearing up for his upcoming film Kaalakaandi directed by Akshat Verma.

The actor has a lot of films that he’s working on including, Chef, Bazaar and Kaalakaandi. Saif spoke on working on these projects saying, “Kaalakaandi and some of the other stuff I’ve done like Chef and Baazaar, probably ignited in me this desire to hone my craft better and work at it harder. Working with a fantastic breed of actors and actresses who are so free, unfazed and natural only inspires you to do better.”

Saif even spilled some interesting details about Kaalakaandi. He shared, “I was thinking about how to approach this role in Kaalakaandi, make it believable and not fall into the trap of playing to the gallery. So, I bought a lot of books to read on acting and techniques etc. A lot of it is academic and homework, but that’s what preparation is all about.”

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Saif Ali Khan’s ‘Dadcore’ Look

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The term ‘Daddy’ means…umm…pocket money. Daddy also means life. Daddies wear formal shoes with jeans—because the conventional rules of fashion and style do not apply to them. Now, that doesn’t sound quite right. But if you are a Father Figure, you can do whatever the hell you want! The ‘whatever the hell you want to wear’ also has a name and is a big trending topic in fashion, all thanks to brands like Vetements and Balenciaga. ‘Dadcore’ or Dad style + normcore is the latest trend to hit the Indian sartorial bandwagon. And airport trotter, Saif Ali Khan is already here for it. Cause TBH, there’s no way he possibly could have stepped out like this…

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Saif Ali Khan talks about enjoying parenting Taimur

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Kedarnath, the film will have Saif Ali Khan’s daughter, Sara Ali Khan making her Bollywood debut opposite Sushant Singh Rajut. And daddy Saif is a bag of mixed emotions right now. He is excited as well as nervous for Sara who will begin her journey in the film world soon. He shared with a leading news portal that he completely understands why Sara wants to take up this journey. It’s a fascinating job but he’s concerned because it’s fraught with insecurity.

Saif who’s also a father to the little Taimur, shared how he’s much calmer and experienced as a father although still full of wonder. He expressed that during Sara and Ibrahim’s time, he himself was young, juggling is own ambitions and career. He feels he’s the same person now except that his life has gotten simpler. He intends to do less work so that he can maximize this phase in his life. And being around Taimur, he feels grounded and most at ease. He’s looking forward to this opportunity of reliving his childhood again through Taimur’s toys and books. He also intends to relearn things fearing getting insular with time. He shared he’s looking forward to his family vacation in Gstaad in Switzerland. He was delighted he got to spend some quality time with Sara and Ibrahim when he was in New York for work. Sweet!