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Get the look: Saif Ali Khan

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This Saif Ali Khan ensemble scored 7,000 likes in 24 hours on our Facebook page. Here’s how you can get it too

We all knew Saif Ali Khan was a sharp dresser. Here’s how you can steal his style:

Saif Ali Khan set the internet on fire with this look from Lakme Fashion Week. Here’s how you can steal a few style cues from the nawab.

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Saif Ali Khan caught in legal battle over Bhopal property dispute?

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Saif Ali Khan is supposedly trying to save disputed ancestral property in Bhopal from being taken over by the government

Saif Ali Khan is apparently in the midst of a legal battle to save his ancestral properties in Bhopal from being confiscated by the government. For, the Union home ministry has initiated a process to vest control of properties of the former princely state under the Enemy Property Act, 1968.

Saif’s grandmother Sajida Sultan had inherited the properties of Bhopal’s last ruler, Nawab Hamidullah Khan in 1961 as her elder sister and heir apparent had migrated to Pakistan in 1950, a year after Bhopal State was merged with India.

“As Sajida was married to Iftikhar Ali Khan, the eighth Nawab of Pataudi, the properties came into the Pataudis’ possession. The royal assets include palaces, cottages and farms spread across Bhopal, as well as Raisen and Sehore in Madhya Pradesh,” says a source.

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First witness in assault case against Saif Ali Khan to depose next month

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The first witness—the complainant in the case of assault against Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan related to fracas at a five-star hotel here in 2012 will depose next month before the local magistrate’s court.

“Iqbal Sharma, the complainant, will depose next month,” said Public Prosecutor Wajid Sheikh.

The court today allowed the exemption application filed by the actor but said he must be present at the next date.

“Court allowed the application for exemption from appearance saying that it was the last time. The lawyer was directed to keep Khan present next time,” Sheikh said.

Khan and his two friends—Bilal Amrohi and Shakkel Ladak—were arrested following a complaint filed by the businessman Iqbal Mir Sharma after an alleged fight at Wasabi restaurant at Taj Hotel on February 22, 2012. They were later released on bail.

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Tussle over property of Bhopal’s last Nawab far from over (Saif Ali Khan)

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A move by the Custodian of Enemy Property for India (CEP) to assume control of all properties of the last Nawab of Bhopal, Hamidullah Khan, may not stand legal scrutiny because of an erroneous interpretation of events.

The CEP’s action is based on the view that Abida Sultan, the nawab’s eldest daughter, was his successor and her father’s estate became “enemy property” because she migrated to Pakistan.

The CEP is empowered by the Enemy Property Act of 1968 to appropriate property in India owned by Pakistani nationals.

However, legal experts pointed out that the CEP’s move is on a weak wicket as it overlooked a basic fact — the Union home ministry and the Bhopal district court, through a ruling in 2000, recognized Begum Sajida Sultan, the nawab’s second daughter, and not Abida Sultan as the successor to her father.

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Saif Ali Khan and the watch that he wears

Posted in Saif Ali Khan with tags , , on March 19, 2015 by saifalikhanonline

The Jaeger- LeCoultre Reverso Grande Taille is a fitting timepiece for the son of a nawab.The already impressive watch is an ode to his lineage with the Pataudi family crest engraved on the reverse side of the watch case.

Saif Ali Khan recreates Barack Obama’s office

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For one of his upcoming ad films, the actor suggested recreating the US President’s iconic Oval Office

Saif Ali Khan has an eye for detail. The actor, for an upcoming ad film, has worked on the detailing of the sets that will be made to resemble the Oval Office, the US President’s office in the White House complex.

Since Saif has always been fascinated by the Oval Office, he instantly agreed to be part of the ad that will portray him in the iconic structure’s replica. We hear that he was the one who pitched the idea to the brand company.

“Saif is an actor with a vision. Fortunately most of the filmmakers he has worked with respect and incorporate the insights that he has to offer. Besides, there is so much fascination and curiosity about the White House. It was Saif’s idea to recreate one of the most high profile offices in the world for an ad film,” says a source close to the actor.

Saif apparently worked on the detailing of the set with the art directors and their team for 10 days.

Imran Khan finds Saif Ali Khan the most stylish

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Imran Khan, who was recently seen at Glamour and Style awards event, feels Saif Ali Khan is the most stylish actor in Bollywood. And why not? Saif has this inherent charm and effortless elegance about him and the man knows how to wear attitude on his stylish sleeve with ease.

Saif says, “I like bright colours. I like a handkerchief or a bandana around my wrist, or like to wear it on my wrist or on my head. And being a Bollywood guy I like to wear sunglasses and watches.”

In one of the exclusive shoots, Saif chose bright colours – from blood red to royal blue to lemon yellow, the actor slipped into really interesting outfits and looked his dapper best.

Imran feels, “Saif looks excellent both in Western as well as Indian outfits. In bandhgala he looks like royalty which he is, and he is the only guy in the industry, who really knows how to wear a suit,” says Imran, who feels Sonam and Kangana qualify to be true fashionistas. “They can pull off most of the attires which other girls cannot,” he says.


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