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Versatile Saif Ali Khan in different roles

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Saif Ali Khan has done so many chocolate boy roles that we’ve lost count of it. Though watching him fall for Rani Mukherji’s pranks in Hum Tum and as a playboy in Cocktail excited us, it is the other roles that got our attention.

Such as these, to name a few:

Ishwar “Langda” Tyagi in Omkara

This film was actually a page turner in Saif’s career. With intense eyes, stained teeth and buzz haircut, Saif looked just like the natives of the area depicted in the movie. With his brilliant performance, he bagged the Filmfare’s Best Villain Award for this film.

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Saif Ali KHan to throw a get-together dinner bash for Soha and Saba

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On occasion of Raksha Bandhan, Saif Ali Khan speaks about how they have been celebrating this special day and what new the actor has planned for his lovely sisters today

Raksha Bandhan is an occasion to celebrate special bond between brothers and sisters. And just like our Bollywood films, our B-Town actors and actresses leave no stone unturned to make this occasion a special one, just like us.

Given their busy schedule, though our Bollywood celebrities hardly get time to spend with their loved ones, they still love them. They pull each other’s leg, fight tirelessly, argue unendingly and love unconditionally. And having grown up together, they have been a part of each other highs and lows. One such brother-sister jodi in Bollywood hails from a Nawabi Khaandaan and they are none other than Saif Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan.

Being part of such a known family, one would think that the Nawabi siblings might be celebrating the festival in a grand manner. However, Saif says that they are so busy in their respective lives that they don’t usually get time to meet at such occasions. “Usually my sisters send me rakhis by post and I send them some money. We usually don’t have any kind of function where we get together,” Saif said.

The actor however, also states that he has always loved to celebrate these functions more and that too in a traditional manner. And this time, he says he will make sure he invites both his sisters, Soha and Saba at his place and they have a get-together dinner together. “I have two sisters, so I will probably welcome them home for dinner and give them some nice presents this time,” Saif added.

Well, we really hope that it happens and we get to see the Nawabi siblings together celebrating this special occasion and making their bond even stronger!

Soha and Saif Ali Khan talk about the bond they share

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Their schedule may not allow them to meet often, but actor Saif Ali Khan and his sister, actor Soha Ali Khan, ensure that they get together for Rakhi every year. This year too, they will be in Mumbai, celebrating the festival. “We have never been the ones to have a huge celebration. It has always been about tying a rakhi to bhai and getting something in return, apart from just a vow of protection,” say Soha, and goes on to share some of the gifts she’s got on the occasion. “It (the gift) has ranged from just 10 rupees to something very expensive. It all depends on his mood. This year, his film has released just before rakhi. so may be if it does well, he will be generous,” says Soha.

Talking about the bond that the two share, Soha says, “He is both protective and generous. It’s the right kind of protection. It’s not preachy or intrusive. It’s valuable to have a male perspective, especially wne you are in a relationship with a man.”

Talking about their bond, Saif says, “Soha is the nicest and kindest girl in the world. She is down-to-earth and has the sense of balance of our father. she plays the mediator in the family and is fun to be with. She is my little sister and I love her hugely.”

Saif Ali Khan: From spicy daal baati to heritage havelis, I love everything about Rajasthan

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For Saif Ali Khan, Rajasthan holds a special place in his heart. It is in this state that the actor had shot extensively for a lot of films over the years. The actor, who was in Jaipur on Wednesday, along with Kabir Khan, director of Phantom, said, “Rajasthan is extremely special for me. From spicy daal baati to Jaipuri razai to heritage havelis, I love everything about the royal state. I have shot for more than 8 films here. Jaipur is one of Kareena’s favourite cities too.”

Saif, who will again be seen playing a secret agent in the film, will flaunt a glamorous look. “I am not playing a regular Army official. My role is that of an ex-officer who is working on a secret mission. He is terminated from service, but later works on a very sensitive and secret mission, hiding his identity.” Talking about his experience of shooting in war-torn Syria and Lebanon, the actor said, “This was completely Kabir’s idea – to shoot in Beirut – and he ensured that it looks real and authentic. Otherwise who goes to places like war-torn Lebanon? But I must admit that it was thrilling to shoot at such places. And we could feel the tension in the air, both in Kashmir as well as in Beirut.”
Talking about the banning of the movie in Pakistan following a petition filed by JuD chief Hafiz Saeed, director Kabir Khan says, “The film is not against any country, but against terrorism. We are not trying to show the image of any particular country in a bad light, but only highlighting terrorism through a political thriller.”

Saif Ali Khan reveals that it’s only the audience’s feedback that matters to him

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After Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Kabir Khan is all set to woo the audience with his latest thriller Phantom which hits the screens today. The film, which stars, Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif in the lead, has already been in the buzz even before it released.

Recently, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Ranbir Kapoor watched the film in what was a special screening of the film. Ask him about it and he says, “I didn’t have a special screening for Kareena and Ranbir. We saw it with the other cast and crew of the film. I never have special screenings of my films. Actually, I hate the idea of special screening because then people have to tell you what they think about the film and I don’t want to hear it. I have never done it.”

Did Kareena and Ranbir like the film? “Kareena said she loved the film. I don’t know how seriously to take her because she is my wife. So, she is just being very nice, maybe. But she kept saying she liked it, which is very nice. Ranbir also said he liked the film. But I don’t know how seriously to take him either. I don’t take anybody seriously except for my audience. If somebody said they didn’t like it, I don’t want to hear that also,” Saif adds.

Phantom is inspired from Hussain Zaidi’s book, Mumbai Avengers which is based on 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Even after seven years of the fateful incident, it still lingers in the minds of every Indian. Speaking on the same, Saif says, “The idea of the film is that even if you can’t relate to the movie, you can watch it as a thriller also. But hopefully people will relate.”

Actors have got to perform for their investors: Saif Ali Khan

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Saif Ali Khan, who has spent over two decades in Bollywood, has had a successful career so far. However, the actor says that even though he is content with his professional life, he still “wants to prove” himself. Now, with a vast variety of films in his kitty, he feels that the opportunity to do so is closer than ever before.

A few months ago, reports revealed that Saif and Kangana Ranaut were set to star in director Reema Kagti’s next film. But due to some reason, things didn’t work out as planned, and both the stars opted out of the project. Now, interestingly, Saif and Kangana will be seen together, along with Shahid Kapoor, in Vishal Bhardwaj’s upcoming movie. Ask him if it was almost destined for him to work with Kangana, and he says, “I guess so. These things happen.”

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Saif Ali Khan talks about his equation with all the Khans

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He might not be included in the Khans list but with the kind of work he’s done in his career, he surely deserves to be in it. We’re talking about none other than Saif Ali Khan, whose gearing up for his upcoming release, PHANTOM.

Saif Ali Khan spoke about his relationship with the Khans. He said, “I’ve worked with all of them and they all are amazing. Salman and I had lots of fun when we shot. I now think of him as a brother. But we don’t see each other so often now. We’re not that friendly anymore. Aamir is someone I’ve always gotten along well with. And he’s very nice. SRK and I have done some great work together and I find him phenomenal – his energy and his commitment…he’s just got a different mind than anyone else. He’s also brilliant. So all three of them are incredibly unique.”

Ask the actor if he’s willing to work them in the future and “Some of my best films have been with each of them in the past. So I’d love to work with them in the future as well.”

A good film with Saif and any/all of the Khans would indeed be great. Filmmakers, are you listening?


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