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Saif Ali Khan is happy about the future of Indian cinema

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Saif Ali Khan, who is basking in the success of his latest release, ‘Baazaar’, feels that good times are in for Indian cinema, especially Bollywood. Talking to a daily, the actor said that very soon, the Indian film market would grow by thousands of crores.

Saif noted that countries like China, Iran and Morocco were finding takers for Indian films. He said that no matter what the language is, good cinema will always find takers across the world. Though the people in various countries have different cultures, they might be able to connect with realistic films, he shared.

The actor, who is known for speaking his mind, also expressed reservations about artistes promoting their own films. He said that he didn’t quite agree with actors going on different platforms and telling people that their films are good. At the end of the day, he wondered, why would the audience trust the actors?

Recently, in an interview, Saif had said that though he gets disappointed when his films don’t work at the box office, he’d rather take up quality roles than concentrate on making money. He said, “Naturally, you are disappointed when these films don’t work out and you wonder if you are doing something wrong. You question many things like yourself and whether you are doing the wrong kind of movies. I don’t want to take the pressure though (smiles). I leave it to the producers. If he feels that he should make a film in a certain way, he should. ‘Baazaar’ is more commercial, ’ Chef’ could have been more commercial, but the director gave it a European approach, which I was okay with at the time. It’s a risky area. Vikram Malhotra (producer), Raja Menon (director, ‘Chef’)… these guys have made 100 crore films before. I think it’s a phase. You get certain things right, certain things wrong, but you’ve got to just keep working. Eventually, if you know what you are doing and if you are a good actor, hopefully something turns out that makes sense. I am spending my time trying to become a better actor, learning more about my craft. I am lucky that I am being offered interesting opportunities. More than making money I am interested in quality roles.”


Unseen photo of Saif Ali Khan from the set of Chef

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Saif Ali Khan on his recent films failing at box office: It’s not that big a tragedy yet

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Saif Ali Khan holds forth on his unconventional film choices and how daughter Sara Ali Khan’s career is shaping up

After a spate of films that didn’t manage to strike a chord at the box office, Saif Ali Khan has been in an introspective mood. But having said that, the actor takes responsibility for the films’ failures and looks at the bright side of his choices.

While admitting that his films not working is a matter of concern, he is still happy with the kind of movies he has done. “It’s worrisome because these were the films that I had thought I had done really well in. There is always a fear and I sometimes feel nobody wants to see my films anymore,” says a very candid Saif. “But I don’t know if it’s true and I don’t think that it’s just me that people don’t want to see. It’s dangerous to be egoistic, even if you’re victimising yourself,” adds the Chef (2017) actor.

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Unseen photos of Saif Ali Khan promoting Chef

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Saif Ali Khan’s Chef World Television Premiere on Sony Max on 16th Feb

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Sony Max to premiere Saif Ali Khan’s ‘Chef’ on 16 Feb

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Sony Max is all set to telecast Saif Ali Khan-starrer comedy-drama ‘Chef’ on 16 February at 8 pm.

Directed by Raja Krishna Menon, this is an official remake of the Hollywood film, Chef where Saif Ali Khan plays top chef Roshan Kalra who loses his job at a plush restaurant in New York.

Forced to take a break, he flies to Kochi to spend time with his son, Armaan, played by Svar Kamble and his estranged wife Radha Menon played by, Padmapriya. It surprisingly turns out to be a fruitful trip because he manages to mend broken family ties and begin afresh.

In Defence of Saif Ali Khan: Smart Choices, Great Acting Keep Him Relevant

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In an industry where you are as good as your last release, it is not surprising that obituaries are already pouring in for Saif Ali Khan’s supposed ‘sinking career’ post the box-office failure of Kaalakaandi – his eighth flop in a row. But that’s not a first for Saif.

Remember the barrage of bad films – Aashiq Awara, Imtihaan, Bambai Ka Babu, Aao Pyaar Karen – he acted in the 1990s, with critics and audiences pulling the noose on him almost unanimously?

Saif’s 25-year career has had ups and down – he has a history of being written off and bouncing back resiliently. If Main Khiladi Tu Anari salvaged him in the 90s, his boisterous energy in Dil Chahta Hai made us gush over him in the 2000s. Omkara established him as a performer par excellence, placing him in the breed of serious actors.

It is remarkable that he has managed to retain his sanity amidst a flurry of sly remarks and unsolicited advice after Kaalakaandi failed to set the box office ringing. But are we jumping the gun in drawing curtains over the Chhote Nawab’s film career? Going by his unusual cine-curve, we sure are.

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