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Saif Ali Khan had to learn the basics of professional cooking for Menon’s Chef.

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Back in 2014, when Jon Favreau’s Chef released, filmmaker Raja Krishna Menon went to watch it one evening with two of his friends. Coming back home, they wanted to do all that the chef did in the movie, buy a food truck and everything. Listening to them talk, Raja’s son came and said, “You guys are talking like little kids who watched a superhero movie.” So three years later, when producer Vikram Malhotra asked if Raja would be interested to direct the Hindi adaptation of the film, he said yes and put Saif Ali Khan as his chef. After that he was not sure how he could adapt it. He had only worked on original screenplays before. And this was an official remake, the producers had got the rights. But then Raja sat with his writer mates Suresh Nair and Ritesh Shah and together found a way out.

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Chef Saif Ali Khan strikes the right balance

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Saif feels that even with his own kids, it’s been a matter of balancing his personal and professional life.

Saif Ali Khan is a true gentleman, and knows how to make way for other stars, without making it too awkward. Having starred in Race and Race 2, Saif is now making way for Salman Khan in Race 3, and has no issues with it.

At the launch of his next movie, Chef, Saif was asked about it and he said, “Rameshji (Taurani) told me about making Race 3 last year with a new cast. We spoke about it and I love Rameshji. And who better than Salman Khan to be cast by him? I wish them both all the best, but I’ve not been approached.”

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Raja Krishna Menon talks about Chef – Saif Ali Khan starrer

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Raja Krishna Menon on his gastronomical comedy that also has his leading man Saif Ali Khan and his screen son’s bond at its core.

Raja Krishna Menon’s upcoming gastronomical comedy, Chef, may have food at its centre, but he insists that there’s a crucial question that his protagonist, chef and reformed absentee father Roshan Kalra (played by Saif Ali Khan), keeps asking himself through the film as he gets to know his son better: What really is the role of a parent?

Speaking from Goa, Raja explains, “Roshan believes that he’s a decent father but soon realises that he hasn’t really been a parent at all. Through his relationship with his son, he questions whether his role is to be a friend, a mentor or a disciplinarian.” Mumbai-based Svar Kamble was selected from over 100 kids to play Saif’s son. As prep, Raja would let the onscreen father-son duo hang out together for a couple of hours before kicking off work. “Saif is an extremely well-read, knowledgeable person and Svar is a brilliantly-raised, well-mannered boy, who is inquisitive about a lot of things. So Saif and Svar would talk a lot and their equation subsequently reflected in the film. Thanks to the initial workshops, Svar didn’t feel like there was a star in the room,” Raja recounts.

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Saif Ali Khan’s Chef wrapped in India, still some filming in New York

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Saif Ali Khan’s gastronomical comedy-drama Chef wrapped up with a party on Sunday at a suburban restaurant minus its chef who was busy promoting his upcoming period romance, Rangoon, with Kangana Ranaut in the Capital. However, his leading lady, Padmapriya, flew into the city especially for the brunch.

“Technically it’s not a wrap yet as we still have a final schedule in New York left, but some of the technicians, including the lightmen and the spotboys, who are as important to me as the HoDs, won’t be coming with us to the Big Apple. So we decided to party with them now since 95 per cent of the film is complete. It’s been a crazy ride — we’ve travelled all over the country, cooked and eaten all kinds of food, and brought out the best in each other,” director Raja Krishna Menon informed.

Vikram Malhotra, who has produced the film with Bhushan Kumar, pointed out that usually wrap parties are hosted at night but this one was a brunch with the menu drawn from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtrian’s cuisine. “And Jon Favreau who produced and acted in the original film, shared a picture of the party on Twitter,” he exulted.

Saif Ali Khan talks about Chef

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Saif Ali Khan, who is all set to be seen in the “remake” of John Favreau starrer Chef (2014), refuses to call the film a remake. The actor says that it’s alright to not have “great original ideas (for scripts) all the time”. He adds, “America also does it (remake and adaptation). Everybody gets rights and get ideas but it needs to be adapted properly, so Chef is not a remake. Those days have gone and Raja Menon (director) is a smart and an intelligent person. He is not going to simply remake a film.”

Ask Saif if, like the original film, the Hindi version will also have starry guest appearances and he says, “We had a lot of people asking us to rope in somebody hot for the wife, like Sofia Vergara (smiles). I was even told, “you have worked with Akshay Kumar; let’s take him for that. Ask him if he will do a guest appearance, for Robert Downey Jr’s role (from the original). But a lot of Chef’s cast members are friends of the director; because while he was making Iron Man (2006) with them (the actors), he must have said, “yeh bhi kar lo (do this movie as well).”

Calling it an “Indian story” about a father and son, Saif says the movie is “different”. “Raja has taken it, but he told me, ‘I will make it my way, so we have to wait and watch. It’s not just a rehash of a Hollywood film. It’s totally different, but thematically it’s the same – a father-son story. Father losing passion for cooking, who gets it back but it’s all in the Indian setting.” say Saif. Admitting that it’s “hard to not compare”, the actor adds “the American way of talking is very different and he (Raja) has done a really fine job of adapting (the original).

Saif Ali Khan plays a character called Roshan in Chef adaptation

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After ‘Airlift’, filmmaker Raja Krishna Menon is making ‘Chef’, a road movie that explores Indian food

Making a remake of a hit film is always a challenge. More so if the movie is set in a different milieu. Expectations will mount and comparisons are bound to arise. Raja Krishna Menon is, however, all gung-ho. The director, who is on cloud nine with the success of the Akshay Kumar starrer Airlift, is adapting Jon Favreau’s Hollywood film, Chef into a Bollywood movie.

“Chef left me awed. The script was amazing. I never imagined myself adapting it into a Bollywood movie, as till now, my films, be it Barah Aana or Airlift, were based on my own scripts,” says Raja, in an interview over the phone.

Chef was a story Raja could relate to as he is a foodie, travel enthusiast and parent. However, his version will be a whole different take on the Favreau film; it will be done keeping the Indian palette in mind.

In the movie, says Raja, relationships will be treated from an Indian perspective. “As I have a 17-year-old son, the relationship between a father and son will be explored in earnest.”

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Saif Ali Khan’s adaptation of Chef to start rolling in Kochi next month

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After the success of Airlift, Raja Krishna Menon took his own sweet time to prep for his next film, Chef. We hear that the film starts rolling next month in Kochi, with Saif Ali Khan as the hero. The film is a remake of Jon Favreau’s Chef but it seems the plot has been changed substantially to cater to Indian audiences. Why, there is no food critic (central to the plot of the Hollywood flick) in the desi version!

A source close to the film reveals, “Indians love food, so a film on a chef can have many stories in India. The director and his writers have given the script a totally new twist. One might expect the chef to be a Punjabi cook but that’s not the plot. The film starts in Kochi and travels all over India.”

Although there is no leading lady starring opposite Khan, the director has signed Padmapriya, who will play a pivotal role in the film.