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Saif Ali Khan charms Dubai with Chef talk

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The red carpets were duly rolled out, the chandeliers polished and everyone had on their Sunday best, it could only mean one thing: a Bollywood movie star visit was about to take place at The Oberoi, Dubai. This time, however, the silver service was somewhat justified given it was the turn of regal actor and actual royal Saif Ali Khan to make his way to the UAE to promote his latest movie, Chef.

An adaptation of the 2014 US indie hit starring Jon Favreau, Sofia Vergara and Scarlett Johansson, Bollywood’s Chef will follow a similar, though not identical, course seeing Saif take over a food truck, or bus in this case, and drive it through India in an attempt to reconnect with his culture and son whom he had previously left to grow up with his mother in Kerala while Saif furthered his cooking career in America.

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Saif Ali Khan – Older and Wiser

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Saif Ali Khan has matured during his 25-year long career and the effects can be seen in his reel and real life, says Saimi Sattar

Actor Saif Ali Khan wears his lineage lightly. He acknowledges it, as one of the things that are omnipresent in life, like breathing, but doesn’t let it weigh too heavily on him. At the Imperial Hotel, which insiders say is his favourite hangout in Delhi, the scion of Pataudi is busy promoting his movie, Chef, which is slated for release next week. The movie is a remake of a 2014 American comedy-drama, written, produced and directed by Jon Favreau.

Rather than handing out stock answers, Khan mulls over each question, chooses the most appropriate word to convey his feelings and refuses to be hurried by his PR team. He is quick to point out that this change has come with age. “I’ve become more patient and that works with directors now. I was quite jumpy earlier and it suited the roles I did,” he says. But the wisdom took its own time seeping in, he admits. “People told me that I shouldn’t try to do much. But you understand it when you are ready to accept things. Even the secret of Islam was revealed to the Prophet after his 40th birthday. Not when he was 25,” says the 47-year-old actor.

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I Want To Get Into A Successful Zone Like Akshay Kumar, Says Saif Ali Khan

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Saif Ali Khan welcomed baby Taimur with wife Kareena Kapoor last year and now he is playing a father in Chef. The film, the official Hindi remake of Jon Favreau’s film of the same name, has got a lot of positive buzz. We sat down with the talented actor and Chef’s director Raja Krishna Menon for a chat. Excerpts:

How does one go about convincing Saif Ali Khan?
Saif: I think you say, ‘It’s up to you, but this is what we think you should do, but if you don’t want to do it, it’s fine.’ And then I will do it. But if you say, ‘You have to do it’, I get stressed. If you give me the space I will do whatever you want.

So, did Saif trouble you while shooting?

Menon: I troubled him far more than he troubled me.
Saif: When you are shooting, time is money and light is king.

Do you think the concept of food trucks will ever catch up in India?

Raja: It will be huge. The problem right now is licensing etc. It will definitely pick up.

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Saif Ali Khan On The Toughest Part Of Working In Chef

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Saif Ali Khan kickstarted the promotions of his October 6 release Chef today in Delhi. The actor was his candid best while interacting with the media. To a question about what was the most challenging part about the film, Saif revealed that the toughest part was to work with the kid Svar Kamble who plays his onscreen son in Chef.

Get ready to get shocked because the reason why Saif had a tough time is nothing less than scandalous. Saif said, “I find it difficult to connect with or like other’s kids. I only like mine (laughs). Therefore, to play a father to another kid and be convincing while doing that was my biggest concern.” Most parents, including me, would relate to this feeling.

But there was something about the boy that made Saif’s job easier. “Svar is so natural that it became extremely easy to like him, connect with him. We had a great time on the sets. It was great working together and we also learnt a few lessons in being so natural from him,” shared Saif, adding that director Raja Menon auditioned 150 kids to play Ari and Svar finally made the cut.

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Jon Favreau keen on watching the Indian adaptation of Chef starring Saif Ali Khan

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Jon Favreau, who acted in and directed the hit 2014 Hollywood film, Chef, is now looking forward to watching the official Indian adaptation of the film. The Indian adaptation is directed by Raja Krishna Menon who helmed the 2016 blockbuster, Airlift and stars Saif Ali Khan in the title role. Saif will be seen essaying Jon’s character in the film.

Favreau has been ecstatic ever since the launch of the trailer. He has been in constant touch with the makers of the Indian adaptation and is looking forward to watching it. The actor-director was even keen to come to India to watch the film with the team here. However, since he is currently busy with his next film in L.A., the makers are planning to keep a screening for him in the States.

The official spokesperson of the film confirms the news and adds, “Jon Favreau has been in touch with the makers and is very keen to see the film. Since he is prepping for his next live action-adventure film, The Lion King, he won’t be able to visit India. The makers are now planning a screening for him in L.A.”

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Saif Ali Khan’s Chef Promises To Be A Delectable Experience

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Saif Ali Khan’s film Chef is all set to release on October 6. The film, where he plays a character who struggles to strike a balance between being a professional chef and an ‘ideal’ father, traces his journey as a culinary genius and an emotional family man.

An official remake of Hollywood’s Chef (2014) starring Jon Favreau, Chef’s trailer and songs promise to tug at our heartstrings with the beautiful bonding between father and son, played by Saif and Svar Kamble. We are also promised a fun and exciting ride around India, tasting the varied detectable flavours of different cultures and cuisines. And in all this, lies the very heart of the film. Saif feels, at this very fact makes Chef a film for all!

Saif, who has kickstarted the film’s promotions in Delhi today, revealed why Chef’s story is something everyone can relate to. Talking at the press conference, Saif said, “Chef is just a profession that the protagonist belongs to. But the story is about his life, emotions and relationships which are the same all across. So you don’t have to be a chef or be interested in cooking or even be a foodie for that matter to be able to relate to Chef. It will strike a chord with its story.”

This is not the first time that the actor is playing the character. He played a cook in Salam Namaste as well, however, for this particular chef, he had to train in professional kitchen, learn how to chop veggies in a certain style, multi task et al to do justice to his character. A foodie himself, who is extremely fond of South Indian food and pasta, also ended up learning a few tricks which he has been waiting to try during his own cooking experiments in the kitchen.

Saif Ali Khan had to learn the basics of professional cooking for Menon’s Chef.

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Back in 2014, when Jon Favreau’s Chef released, filmmaker Raja Krishna Menon went to watch it one evening with two of his friends. Coming back home, they wanted to do all that the chef did in the movie, buy a food truck and everything. Listening to them talk, Raja’s son came and said, “You guys are talking like little kids who watched a superhero movie.” So three years later, when producer Vikram Malhotra asked if Raja would be interested to direct the Hindi adaptation of the film, he said yes and put Saif Ali Khan as his chef. After that he was not sure how he could adapt it. He had only worked on original screenplays before. And this was an official remake, the producers had got the rights. But then Raja sat with his writer mates Suresh Nair and Ritesh Shah and together found a way out.

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