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Saif Ali Khan’s performance in Omkara – Shakespearwalla Vishal Bharadwaj

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The whole world loves William Shakespeare, but I think Vishal Bharadwaj loves him a lot more. The Indian director has adapted three of the Bard of Avon’s tragedies — Macbeth, Othello and Hamlet, and is now all set to get cracking with his comedies. He plans a trilogy of these, much like his earlier threesome of tragedies.

He said in a recent interview: ‘I have had a lot of people come up to me and ask me when am I going to adapt a Shakespearean comedy for the big screen. My first work in the trilogy will be based on Twelfth Night. It will be called Chaudhvin Ki Raat. This particular play had two titles. One was Twelfth Night and the other was What You Will. The play was called Twelfth Night because it was first performed 12 days after Christmas. The title also refers to the night before Epiphany, the day when the wise men visited infant Jesus. When I wanted adapt it to a more contemporary and Indian setting, I decided to call it Chaudhvin Ki Raat because this night has a huge significance in the Indian context, as the moon is at its most beautiful. Chaudhvin Ki Raat will be set in contemporary India like all my other Shakespeare adaptations, because I want to tell the stories of my country. I want to throw light on the politics, culture and music of contemporary India.

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Saif Ali Khan’s Kaalakaandi might help establish he has the skills

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Saif Ali Khan has always tried to experiment with his roles in the past, but will his upcoming film Kaalakaandi finally help establish that his entire career has not been a fluke?

Saif Ali Khan has had an interesting career graph. From doing typical 1990s dramas to playing the man that has commitment issues, Khan has tried to adjust with changing times. In fact, this is even more reflective in the period he began taking risks in terms of the roles he chose to portray on screen. Kya Kehna, Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega, Dil Chahta Hai, Darna Mana Hai, Ek Hasina Thi, Parineeta, Salaam Namaste, Being Cyrus, Omkara, Eklavya: The Royal Guard and Aarakshan: the evolution of Saif the actor is there for all to see.

The actor’s last release, Chef, was an Indian remake of the American movie of the same name. Chef was a slice-of-life film directed by Raja Krishna Menon about a failing chef and father trying to get his life in order, professionally as well as personally. Granted, it was not as good as the original, but was definitely worth a watch.

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Saif Ali Khan: We’re a schizophrenic nation, civilised on one level and medieval on another

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Not that old at 47, Saif Ali Khan – these days occasionally better known as Taimur’s dad – is still game to experiment and to learn from 25-year-old co-actors. Rigidity ages you, not years, he explains as he speaks on ageing, censorship, and how it’s difficult to frame rules for a society that is civilised and medieval at the same time.

Among other things, ‘ Kaalakaandi’ has also been talked about for, what, 73 cuts?

That’s what you started with, okay! So, 73 cuts. And then it went to the FCAT, and came out with one cut. One cut! It got a U/A rating. It got U/A on the trailer. It is some bad s*** in there.

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Vishal Bhardwaj on casting Saif Ali Khan as Langda Tyagi in Omkara

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Speaking about Saif’s casting as Langda Tyagi, Bhardwaj spoke about a movie that he was making with Aamir Khan that got shelved. “Actually, I’ve shelved more movies than I’ve made,” he joked. The character of Langda Tyagi was born during a brainstorming session between the filmmaker and Aamir ‘Perfectionist’ Khan.

fter the film got shelved, Aamir said why don’t you make Othello and I will play Langda Tyagi. I didn’t think at that time that a star would be interested in playing the role and that prompted me to think of casting a star. I liked Saif in Dil Chahta Hai and Ek Hasina Thi. I met him and I got the confidence from him that he’ll be able to pull it off.

The director also spoke about the fine balance between artistic movies and commercial success.

If we talk about ‘Beedi Jalaile’, I’ll be very honest with you and say that we wanted it to be the biggest item number of the year. But integrating the item song into the movie and making it realistic was important. Finally, if any one would have gone out for a smoke break or to take a phone call during the song, then they would have missed an essential part of the screenplay. And that’s an art.

The day urban-cool Saif was reintroduced as sly Langda Tyagi, and we were stumped

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There was a time when having a villain was as essential to the plot as the hero and heroine. Times changed, and so did the characters and stories. In fact, if we look at the past two decades of Bollywood, we would not find menacing villains, the likes of Gabbar Singh and Mogambo, which were immortalised by actors like Amjad Khan and Amrish Puri. But, in the year 2006, something changed on this front. Vishal Bhardwaj’s ambitious take on Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’, named ‘Omkara’, was just about to introduce one of the most vicious negative characters on screen. And guess what, it was to be played by the chocolate boy of Bollywood, the nawab, Saif Ali Khan. The character was that of Langda Tyagi, inspired from Iago from ‘Othello’, and it instantly transformed Saif Ali Khan for us.

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11 years of Omkara (starring Saif Ali Khan)

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“We made Saif Ali Khan run topless” Vivek Oberoi on Omkara

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Vishal Bharadwaj’s gritty crime drama Omkara, adapted from William Shakespeare’s play Othello, is still etched in people’s minds. The film starred Ajay Devgn Saif AliKhan, Vivek Oberoi, (left) and Kareena Kapoor Khan. The story revolved around how a politically-minded enforcer’s trust in his lieutenant led him to suspect his wife of infidelity. As the film celebrates its 11th anniversary today, we talk to Vivek about his experience of working in the film.

How did you prepare for the role of Kesu Firangi?
I didn’t do much for the role. My character had gone to college, and could speak English, so I got away by not learning the typical dialect that Ajay and Saif had to speak in.

How was your character (Kesu) different from Cassio’s character in the original Shakespeare play?
The play doesn’t explain the nature of relationship between Othello and Cassio. In the film, the relationship between Kesu and Omkara or Omi Bhaiya, as he calls him, is shown beautifully.

This was your fifth film with Ajay Devgn after you debuted with him in Company. Was it different shooting with him in Omkara?
By the time we shot for Omkara, Ajay had become like an elder brother to me. For Omkara, I was like his assistant when it came to playing pranks. We played one on Saif.

What did you guys do?
We were shooting for a scene in the Prayag temple, and we had heard that a few real ‘bahubalis’ [UP gangsters] wanted to “kidnap us”. So luckily, me and Ajay were done, and we were ready to leave on the chopper. Saif was yet to shoot his scenes, and we teased him saying things like “We are going yaar, our shoot is over.” We had just sat in the chopper, when we saw Saif bolting towards us, running topless in a dhoti! It was hilarious.