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Rangoon director Vishal Bhardwaj gets the best out of Saif Ali Khan, again!

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Saif Ali Khan plays a wealthy Parsi filmmaker in Vishal Vishal Bhardwaj’s Rangoon, which also stars Shahid and Kangana and released in theatres on Friday, February 24.

Vishal Bhardwaj’s Rangoon, starring Shahid Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan, released on Friday, February 24, and has received a mixed response from the audience. People are lauding the fine performances by the cast.

Saif has delivered a stupendous performance as Rusi Billimoria – a wealthy Parsi filmmaker – who leads a royal lifestyle and believes that British rule is the best for India’s growth. Although he is suave and romantic, his actions are also rough and violent.

This is Saif’s second outing with Bhardwaj, with whom he earlier worked in Omkara, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello. If you have watched Omkara – the brilliant masterpiece – you will surely agree that Saif had delivered his best performance in his then career span of 13 years. Although the actor didn’t play the lead character, he had a prominent role and broke the impression of being an average actor. In Rangoon too, the charming Nawab of Pataudi leaves everyone in awe with his remarkable and hard-hitting acting chops.

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Mutual admiration club – Saif Ali Khan and Vishal Bharadwaj

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Not many might know that during the shoot of Omkara (2114), director Vishal Bhardwaj had discussed Rangoon with Langda Tyagi played by Saif Ali Khan. At that time, he was clear about casting Saif in the film.

On his part, Saif took great effort to prep for his role as a ’31s movie producer, Rusi Billimoria. When the film went on floors, the duo had a jolly time shooting. Vishal and Saif bond over their common love for movies and literature. When Vishal was recently asked about working with Saif for the second time, he said, “Saif was the best experience in Rangoon.”

Getting Reel with Saif Ali Khan – he talks about his movies

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RANGOON (2017)

Vishal Bhardwaj has the talent to create a world of his own, give his characters fascinating quirks and draw you out as a performer. His upcoming film, Rangoon, took me to the jungles of Arunachal Pradesh, into huts where you lived out of a sleeping bag. It gave me a chance to wear the stiff-as-cardboard shirts from my Winchester college days in England and the Trilby hats I usually get to dust out only when Kareena and I are at Gstaad during New Year’s. It also gave me a chance to research cufflinks and ties, inhabit the world of Hollywood’s ’40s heroes like Fred Astaire, Douglas Fairbanks and Errol Flynn, and my grandfather Iftikhar Ali Khan

I loved this journey into the past and my only regret is that I forgot the white gloves lying in my wardrobe which would have looked so good with the black dinner jackets. Rustom Billimoria is an action hero-turned-studio boss. The physicality of the role was a challenge because Rusi’s lost his right hand while doing a stunt and this meant I had to do everything left handed, even a sword fight. That wasn’t too difficult actually since I’ve had some practise playing cricket left-handed.

A couple of days into the first schedule, Vishal who’d asked me to bulk up for the role given the guy’s action background, felt I should cut down a bit. I told him it was too late, besides I’ve seen guys in the gym working out with one hand so it was okay. During our earlier film, Omkara, Vishal was less busy. This time, he had his hands full and I had to prep up more though he still contributed to my performance. And the artistic integrity I found on the sets of Omkara I discovered again only in Rangoon. That, I’d say, is the magic of Vishal Bhardwaj!

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Saif Ali Khan opens up on the world of Rangoon and more

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It was way back in August 2015 when Saif Ali Khan was last seen at the big screen. The film was Phantom and post that, Saif took a conscious call to take a halt and pick up diverse genres. One such film was Rangoon. Even though he was well aware of the fact that given its production which has an epic feel to it, it would be a while before the film hits the screen, he was game for it all. Deciding to give his all for the period drama set in World War II, Saif put great conviction into the film which brought him back with his Phantom producer Sajid Nadiadwala. Now is the time for him to gear up for the film’s release.

Rangoon appears to be an entertainer with a solid class appeal to it. Is that correct?
India being a diverse country, you have to make something special where a film looks classy, connects with the masses and also carries a message. I can think of a couple of such films in the recent past that managed that. They were Ram Leela and Bajirao Mastani. These were classy looking films that succeeded big time. In fact a lot of people in India elected to choose Bajirao Mastani over rather massy Dilwale. This is also the first time in Bollywood when you, Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut are coming together.

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Saif Ali Khan: My father was stylish, but my granddad was impeccably dressed

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Saif Ali Khan has been catching up with his grandfather this last one year. And that’s odd because he has never met him. Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi died in 1952 while playing a game of polo when Saif’s father Mansur Ali Khan (Tiger) Pataudi was just 11.

Flipping through an album of old but well preserved photographs from the 1940s, he tells us that the decade is a favourite with him for its fashion. “I am quite conversant in men’s fashion right from the Roman times. But the ’40s happen to be my absolute favourite. It was a truly elegant time,” says the actor, apologising for not being able to allow us to take the album out of the vanity van parked at Rajkamal Studio where he is shooting 9-to-9 for Chef. “Amma would kill me,” he says, imagining actress-mother Sharmila Tagore’s wrath.

The album holds memories of the 8th Nawab of Pataudi, the only Test cricketer to have played for both India and England. Saif calls him a “classic gentleman cricketer”. “He wore a suit with a cravat even as the opposition captain tossed the coin in a cable knit cricket jumper. My father was stylish, but my grandfather was always impeccably dressed, whether on the cricket field or on a polo ground.”

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RANKED: 5 Best Performances Of Saif Ali Khan

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Even the biggest Saif Ali Khan fan will have to admit that the actor’s career is in a downward spiral at the moment. The talented actor, who has given some stellar performances in films has been struggling in the past few years. And it’s not just that the actor isn’t doing good movies, his average/bad movies are also not doing well commercially. And this for an actor, no matter how much experience he/she has, can be a scary proposition.

So, while we wait and see how his upcoming movies pan out, let’s take this moment to recall the aforementioned stellar performances of his career:

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Saif Ali Khan: ‘Maybe I should totally expose myself so that people get to know the real me’

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There are many shades to Saif Ali Khan. His uber sexy screen persona that he revels in is just one of them.With little effort, he transforms into characters that are raw, rustic and totally `desified’. In reality, Saif is a shade of royal `blue’, the blueblooded nawab that he is. No wonder that long ago, he almost felt like a misfit in the filmland and confesses that he didn’t “think like a hero or an actor“. He’s a man with strong opinions and is unreservedly articulate about it. So what if he’s not perched on social media walls, shouting out loud. He unwinds and converses on a variety of subjects, and of course, movies, too. He shares his excitement about his role in the upcoming Rangoon, directed by Vishal Bhardwaj and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, and also tells us how he needed a wake-up call in life. And no, it’s not the kind that his little bundle of joy , Taimur is giving him right now. Read on…

You always seem comfortable in new-age romance films and urban characters. But don’t roles like the ones you have played in Omkara and Rangoon push your limits more as an actor?
If you are talking about which part is easier, I have to say there is no such thing as easy anymore. Yes, urban characters require less prep work because when you are playing versions of yourself, the process is easier. You don’t need a backstory and you don’t need to be too different. The romcoms have a similar rhythm where one film is written much like the other, which of course, is dangerous. Once in a while, I get to play characters in a film like Omkara, or Rangoon where the process is more complex, where I need to work on detailed nuances.Vishal also thinks like an actor, so he gives us interesting ways to do scenes and creates a dramatic atmosphere and design. If an American director were to ask me to show him my best work, my first two choices would be Omkara and Rangoon. The kind of films that Vishal makes was viewed in the past as slightly niche, but not anymore. Today , people want that cinematic experience, which engages more than one of their senses.

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