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Photos of Saif Ali Khan from Pataudi

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Saif Ali Khan upsets with paparazzi

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Unlike many star parents, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor have never tried to keep their son Taimur hidden away from the cameras. They embraced the fact that there is immense curiosity around their child, and usually oblige the paparazzi’s request for photos of the kid.

Taimur is all of two, but has become the most photographed star kid already. And the curiosity around him refuses to die down. He is clicked each time he steps out of the house.

Father Saif, who has always been patient with the hordes of paps surrounding his kid, lost his cool recently at the Mumbai airport. He warned the photogs off, saying, “Bas karo yaar, bachcha andha ho jaayega (Stop it, the child will go blind).”

Taimur nonchalantly sat atop his father’s shoulders, wearing a blue shirt, shorts and a red cap adding contrast to his look. He waved at the shutterbugs like he usually does when he gets all their attention.

When the paparazzi urged the couple to pose, Saif promptly said, “Aap ko lena hai toh lo, ye pose karna thoda ajeeb hai (You want to take photos, you take them, it’s weird to pose).”

They were all heading to Pataudi, Saif’s ancestral home.

‘I love high production value historicals’ : Saif Ali Khan

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After wrapping up the shoot for the second season of Sacred Games, his web series that went on to make an international impact, Saif Ali Khan took off for a small break to Pataudi, Haryana with wife, Kareena Kapoor Khan and son, Taimur. And now, that he is back, the actor is looking forward to completing his work on Taanaji: The Unsung Warrior, which is based on the life of the 17th-century Maharashtrian Maratha military leader. Saif plays Udaybhan Rathod, a Rajput military officer serving in the Aurangzeb army and the antagonist in the film.

A source close to the actor reveals, “It’s been a choc-obloc year for the actor, who has already started filming his next historical. The film is currently being shot at Filmistan Studios in Mumbai and the makers are going all out to ensure that the production value is on par international standards yet true to the era. The costumes are by designer Nachiket Barve and cinematography by Keiko Nakahara. Saif, who has a keen interest in history, knew this role would be taxing. So, he wanted to take a break before he started working on the film. He is glad he got to spend some quality time in Pataudi before heading back to the city to begin work on the film.”

Talking about being part of the historical drama, Saif says, “The whole world that has been created here (the sets) is exciting to step into. Everything from the costumes, to the art and the sets, are next level. I love every bit of this high production value historical.”

Video of Saif Ali Khan and Taimur spotted in Pataudi

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I drove a second-hand Ambassador car, says Saif Ali Khan

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In conversation with actor Saif Ali Khan about his upbringing, his goals, his fabulous wife and his incredibly bright daughter.

You come from a royal background, so money must never have been a driving force for you.
Money is a driving force. I don’t want to say this because I know it sounds wrong, but even though I come from a privileged family, we didn’t have as much money as people think we did. There was a lot of property, and it was definitely a privileged life, but it wasn’t like we didn’t have to worry about money. My father was very careful with money, he didn’t give me much pocket money. It’s not like we were handed the family fortune. In fact, I drove a second-hand Ambassador car when I was a teenager. Everyone has these fixed ideas, and I don’t want to argue about it because it sounds stupid. But take it from me, we were brought up to be financially careful. And whatever I have today, I have earned myself, and I am proud of that.

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Video: Saif Ali Khan and Taimur returning from Pataudi

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Photos of Saif Ali Khan with Taimur returning from Pataudi

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