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Saif Ali Khan’s Chef highlights how parents substitutes presence with gifts

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Film traces reality of urban father-kid equations

In Raja Krishna Menon’s upcoming film, Chef, featuring Saif Ali Khan, the makers have picked some immensely relatable aspects of the relationship between urban Indian parents and their children. The film traces a beautiful food journey woven around Roshan Kalra (Saif) with his son Armaan (Svar Kamble).

Roshan, like most fathers these days, is so busy pursuing his career and trying to provide for his wife and son that he forgets the value of actually spending time with them. This ultimately creates an almost insurmoutable distance between them. This aspect of Saif’s life with his wife and son is very similar to the lives of working parents who, in real life, are so busy making their livelihood that they forget to actually pay their children any personal attention. Their kids do not lack material comforts but they long for their parents love. Roshan is even counseled in the film by his friends that just providing for his son’s education and a lifestyle does not make for a good dad!

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Saif Ali Khan looked every inch the role in the movie: Raja Krishna Menon

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Director Raja Krishna Menon is set to serve a blend of food, emotions and travel in Chef

“All we did was eat and in between, we shot a film,” laughs Raja Krishna Menon, over the telephone. The director who is still soaring high with the success of the Akshay Kumar starrer Airlift, is all set to serve up Chef, a movie that has Saif Ali Khan in the lead. A remake of Jon Favereu’s Hollywood film by the same name, Raja says his Bollywood version isn’t a remake of the Favereu movie. Instead, he has adapted the film by adding masala, a blend of food, emotions and travel, to suit the local palate.

Food, says Raja, is the glue that binds people together. “Food, to me, is also not just about flavours and aromas; it’s about memories and emotions,” he adds. And food is explored at its best in the film, be it appam and meen curry from a toddy shop in Kochi or the aloo tikkis from the streets of Chandni Chowk.

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Love the simplicity of Saif Ali Khan’s look in ‘Chef’: Director Raja Krishna Menon

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Director Raja Krishna Menon said he wanted a very casual yet creative look for actor Saif Ali Khan in the forthcoming film ‘Chef’. He said he loves the simplicity of the look that was finalised for Saif’s character. Saif will be seen playing a chef in the film.

“While styling Roshan Kalra (Saif), I wanted a very casual creative every day look so naturally, we veered towards shorts with T-shirts or shirts, jeans – clothes that you would see a young father wear nowadays… It’s simple but that’s what I love about it,” Menon said in a statement.
The film promises to take the audience on a journey of a successful chef and his son, who stays with his mother and craves for his father’s attention and time. It is based on Jon Favreau’s Hollywood movie ‘Chef’.
‘Chef” also stars Svar Kamble, Padmapriya and Chandan Roy Sanyal. It is slated to release on October 6.