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Enemy Property Bill: Saif Ali Khan set to lose Bhopal ancestral properties?

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The enemy property law was brought in India in 1968 had vested interests of the British.

Lok Sabha has passed a long-pending Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Bill, 2016, which amends the Enemy Property Act (it prevents the successors of those who migrated to Pakistan and China during Partition from claiming properties left behind in India) and this has likely ensured the end of Saif Ali Khan (son of the famous cricketer Nawab of Pataudi Mansur Ali Khan) and the rest of his family’s claim over the ancestral property of Nawab Hamidullah Khan.

What is this bill about?

Hamidullah Khan was the last Nawab of Bhopal. He had two daughters – Abida Sultan and Sajida Sultan. According to the law that was followed by the Nawabs, the eldest child was the right heir of the property and so Abida Sultan became the rightful owner of the entire property of Hamidullah Khan. But, Abida Khan went to Pakistan in 1950 and setteled there. However, Nawab and the rest of his family remained in India. After Nawab’s death, since Abida had gone to Pakistan and Sajida was still in India, she became the owner of Nawab’s property, according to a report in naidunia.jagran

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Photo of Saif Ali Khan’s grandmother Nawab Begum Sajida Sultan of Bhopal, also Begum of Pataudi.

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Pataudi Family’s Petition: HC Notice to Bhopal Officials

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Madhya Pradesh High Court has issued notices to the concerned authorities on a petition by actress Sharmila Tagore and her family members demanding access to their 96-acre land in Bhopal after the construction of a footpath with railings which is blocking the route.

The notices were issued by the division bench of Chief Justice S A Bobade and Justice Rajendra Menon yesterday to Bhopal Collector, Lake Conservation Authority and Housing and Environment Department on a petition filed by Sharmila Tagore, her son Saif Ali Khan and daughter Soha Ali Khan.

The petitioners alleged that following the construction of a VIP road and the footpath with railings by the concerned authorities, access to their ancestral land situated alongside the road and facing Bhopal’s picturesque Upper Lake was blocked.

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Saif Ali Khan recalls his childhood in Bhopal

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Saif Ali Khan recalls his childhood days in Bhopal, says he was a ‘nawab’ only for a year.

The Aarakshan shoot in Bhopal took Amitabh Bchchan back to his ‘sasural’ (inlaws place) and Saif Ali Khan to his childhood days. “I grew up in the city… The old house is still standing…There are so many happy memories,” Saif smiles.’

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Saif: Gimme a farmer’s lunch

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While in Bhopal, Saif Ali Khan craves the simple meals he once tasted as a child

Saif Ali Khan, known for his naawabiness, is today eager to share a farmer’s meal in Bhopal, like he used to in his school days.

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