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This is a website/forum dedicated to Saif Ali Khan and it is a place for all the TRUE Saif fans to gather and discuss about him. This is not an official site for Saif Ali Khan.  We respect Saif Ali Khan’s privacy and we do not wish to discuss gossip and/or his personal life.  There are plenty of trashy sites you can join instead.  Thanks again for joining us !

Agent V.

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26 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Hey,

    Great Job on this site. How do you manage to run this blog as i can see there is no advertisement on this site?

    I have a plan for you, if you are interested.

    Raju 🙂


  2. el houssayni mohammed Says:

    umid hain ke saif aur karina morocco mein acha waqt guzare aur vo jan gaye
    ke hum log hindi cinema kitna pyaar karte hain
    yahan log hindi gane ga nash sakte hai hindi bhasha bhi bol sakte hain blke hindi filmein tak anvad krte hain
    aap ko marhaba marhaba swagatam khosh aamdid

  3. pleas saif take a photo pleas
    i love you
    dont four geet
    good bye

  4. I like the fact that a new post is put up almost everyday. I often think of this blog as a news website, where one has to visit everyday and find some interesting and new material. Love the pictures of Saif on this blog -they are so cool!

  5. i love saif :*

  6. Abhinav A Ashish Says:

    Sir ,
    Good morning I m Abhinav Kumar Ashish currentaly doing bba from Lovely professional University Punjab Basically i m belongs to Bihar Sir i have some story and i want to share with bollywood but i didnt contact any one , and after searching on net i found ur mail id so please if possible contact me i have some good story and i belive that i ll not disappointed you

  7. Hello Saif-ji and Dinesh-ji,
    If anyone or both of you are interested in producing a World Movie genre
    (a fine blend of art-house and mainstream Indian story that follows Western read pure cinema grammer) movie, please get in touch with me. This love-thriller has psychotic background. A Marathi movie will cost 1.5 cr, a Hindi with Sharman will cost 7 cr and with Saif and Kareena will cost 30 cr(lower fees for out of this world roles). I also have a unique 3/4 stage revenue : fees for creator model. Call or SMS me on 9892893697.
    Bhooshan (a no. 7 person)

  8. can i hav ibrahim ali khan’s DOB

  9. Abeel Sweet Says:

    i wont email address saif ali khan?

  10. Elkam muh'd Says:

    Salam mr Saif. I hope am not late 2 share my condolence with u, rgardin d death of daddy mansoor pataudi. Peace for him.

  11. nice blog about him…its really something dedicated to him.

  12. Zainul Haque Says:

    Can we chat by Internet.

  13. Zainul Haque Says:

    Zainul Haque Here Can we Discuss some Issue,s which Related your Field of Film Industries.

  14. i love sif ali

  15. salaam saif bhante , how r u take care . live long life , be down to earth love u

  16. hi saif.. im really love your acting.. you so cute.. but i want to know one thing.. are you a freemason?? are you murtad already? please reply..

  17. BollyLocations Says:

    Check out http://bollylocations.com/AtoE/C142012.php to know the locations where Cocktail was filmed…

  18. kiran baliga Says:

    i really get all the information about saif .thanks to this blog.great…….

  19. Dear Admin,

    I am a huge saif fan. I really adore his dressing sense. I want to know who designed his white sherwani for his rasam pagri / and padmashree awards? Can you please tell me. Appreciate your response.
    Long live saif!

  20. Saif's biggest fan Says:

    I luv saif. He is my only love and will always be. I hope to meet him soon. Thanks to whoever made this website!!!

    • Saif's biggest fan Says:

      I luv saif. He is my only love and will always be. I hope to meet him soon. Thanks to whoever made this website!!! I have pictures all over my room of his. I made a special poem just for him. My friends know how crazy I am for him. I know I am very far away from u but know I will meet u!!

  21. Uzair Saadi Says:

    can we get personal Email ID of Saif ali khan coz we are great fan of him…………………..

  22. kinnari raval Says:

    Can i get job to here ?

  23. sonda khan Says:

    hi saif a want to thank you because im here because of you i will soon became tv presenter and i will thank you about this

  24. Pranaam shetty Says:

    Sir, When you and dinesh vijan will produce the movie together in your next producing. Please do a movie with dinesh vijan sir.

  25. megha moohie tyagi Says:

    hello saif sir,, i hope u doing well n ur family is also gud.. frst of all i hate u.. coz i always want u to marry.. bt unfortunately u married again.. and i m late.. anways.. jus saw a race 2 in tv again ryt now.. i think.. race 3 is still pending.. so i hope i love u to get a chance a work with u atlest.. opppss.. sry i forget to introduce myself.. well i m megha moohie tyagi.. born frm delh bought up in mumbai. well i m student of mass com, i do writing for short films and beside i work as model n actor.. i hope i will get a reply.. deeply waiting.. god bless u sweetheart.. have a lovely life.. tk cr.

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