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Why Saif Ali Khan doesn’t want to offend director Sajid Khan

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Circa 2014, Sajid Khan directed a comedy of errors, titled ˜Humshakals” with Riteish Deshmukh, Saif Ali Khan and Ram Kapoor in multiple roles. The film, although considered a box office failure, created headlines, thanks to Saif and his comment which came weeks after the film. In an interview, he termed it a mistake, which naturally offended the film’s director. Four years have passed by since then, but the ghosts of that statement continue to hound Saif even today.

Bring it up with him and he says, “Yes, I had said that ˜Humshakals” was a mistake and I think I offended Sajid Khan a lot. I really want to stop saying that now. I think even “Agent Vinod” was a mistake. I have apologised for saying what I said. Humshakals was not exactly a flop; it made some money, too. These are films that people watched even if they went wrong and weren’t reviewed well. Sajid and I could have made a funnier movie together but today, I don’t want to blame anyone for what happened to the movie. Even today, I don’t think the idea of the film was wrong. It’s a shame that so many of us together couldn’t make something funnier or something very special, and that is something we will have to live with.”

I hope Sajid is not upset that I keep saying I really like him: Saif Ali Khan

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Chef may not have performed at par with Saif Ali Khan’s expectations, but he’s not slowing down. The actor, who has a variety of roles on his plate now, will be seen in a whole different avatar in his next, Baazaar. He is acting in the role of a Gujarati businessman in the movie.

Directed by Gauravv K. Chawla, Baazaar revolves around the Indian stock market. Reportedly, it’s also inspired by the 2013 Hollywood hit The Wolf of Wall Street and will see the late Vinod Mehra’s son, Rohan Mehra, make his debut.

“It’s a bit early to talk about Baazaar, but I have to say it was very nice getting into that space,” Saif says. “My character is that of a Gujarati businessman. So, again, it’s a different look that I have. I will also have a little white in the hair!” He adds, “There were many lines to learn. I have to go through a lot of pages of dialogues and it’s very interesting and challenging. I thoroughly enjoyed it. ”

Saif’s known to be on good terms with most people in the industry, but unfortunately he ended up having a showdown with Sajid Khan after Humshakals. He even went on record to say that the movie was a mistake. Now, however, he says that he really likes Sajid.

“I really like him, and I hope he’s not upset that I keep saying that I really like him!” smiles Saif. “I would like to say that Humshakals is just another film that didn’t do well, but still made Rs 60 crore.

Has Saif Ali Khan opted out of Sajid Khan’s film?

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Saif apparently doesn’t wish to be part of Sajid’s film

Saif Ali Khan and Sajid Khan worked together in Humshakals three years ago. The film did not do well and Saif had expressed his displeasure over it by calling it a mistake. He also went on to say that there was no script as such and he did whatever Sajid asked him to do. Later however, the actor chose to bury the hatchet and apologised for his comments. Now according to latest buzz Sajid has again offered a film to Saif. A source says, “Sajid has been working on a script for quite some time now. He has finished writing it and narrated it to Saif. But Saif was apparently not keen to be part of the project and has turned it down.”

It is said that Sajid is making an action film and Saif is said to have refused it without even suggesting changes or further discussion.

Saif has just finished working on his film Chef, and has started shooting for Baazaar with Nikhil Advani.

Saif Ali Khan confesses that Humshakals is a big mistake, says it to anyone who would listen!

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Saif Ali Khan, may not envy his contemporaries excelling in their respective careers but that does not stop him from rueing a disaster of a film, called ‘Humshakals’, he was part of.

Yes, the otherwise controversy-free Prince of Bollywood has become extremely vocal about how he loathes that film and considers it his biggest mistake.

It so happened that the actor was recently asked at an awards show about his film choices and his worst choice ever, to which Saif replied, without an iota of doubt, that ‘Humshakals’ had been a mistake.

A source, who was present at the function, told us, “He was quick to call ‘Humshakals’ his biggest mistake. He was not tad bit apprehensive about saying it in front of an audience that is mostly form the Bollywood industry.”

That’s a daring act, must say! Hope Director Sajid Khan is not listening to this or is he?

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