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Reinvention for Saif Ali Khan is a double- edged sword

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Saif Ali Khan is currently biding his time like a bull in a bear market. This was a given after two of his big budget films— Tigmanshu Dhulia’s action drama Bullett Raja and Sajid Khan’s slapstick comedy Humshakals—crashed at the box-office, leaving him high-and-dry as a film star in an increasingly competitive industry. However, Saif shows no hint of jittery nerves, neither is he afraid of being written off. Perhaps, this is the effect of having struggled as an actor for a long time and having been written off many times. “As long you are enjoying the kind of work you do, it is all good,” he says.

Khan is at Mehboob Studios in Bandra, a popular haunt of Bollywood actors for interviews and film promotions. He has arrived in his sleek red Audi, and the vehicle is making more heads turn than his presence is. He smiles as people gather around his car to admire it. He exchanges hellos with his erstwhile business partner Dinesh Vijan and gets into his vanity van, which is also painted a bright red hue. Red, then, seems a favourite with the Nawab of Pataudi. Or it could be wife Kareena Kapoor’s choice.

He starts rehearsing his lines for a television show as part of a promotional appearance for his just-released film Happy Ending. Unlike many actors, who don’t enjoy the film marketing drill, Saif Ali Khan is taking it in his stride. He is in an upbeat mood, making conversation with almost everyone who approaches him. After his round of official meetings, he invites me inside the van for the interview. His upbringing is immediately evident. He apologises for making me wait outside, stands up to greet me, and sits down only after I have taken my seat. He is very much the person one wishes most famous people would be: unrehearsed, and well-mannered.

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‘Barring a few, I don’t watch my own films’ : Saif Ali Khan

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Ahead of his upcoming release Happy Ending, Saif Ali Khan talks about acting in a romantic comedy for guys, the importance of a good script and how he hardly watches Hindi films.

What made you act in and produce Happy Ending?
There is something realistic about Raj-DK’s approach to making romcoms. Vulnerability is important, and it’s not always that I get that quality in my roles. If the conflict is that the guy doesn’t want to get married, how do you connect? Even my previous romcoms such as Hum Tum or Salaam Namaste were nice but they had a sort of chick-flick sensibility. Happy Ending is a romcom for guys. It’s more me.

You played a zombie-hunter in Go Goa Gone, and here your character has an alter ego. Tell us more about it.
I play a lazy bum writer living in Los Angeles. He’s run out of money and has been roped in to write a script for Govinda whom he can’t seem to click with, because they are from different planets. He has an alter ego, which was fun to play, because they seem like two people talking. This is a romcom about romcoms. He doesn’t know how to write a romcom but his life runs parallel to it. Apart from Raj-DK, you have worked with filmmakers such as Tigmanshu Dhulia and Sriram Raghavan but those films didn’t work.

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Two unseen behind the scene photos of Saif Ali Khan on the set of Bullett Raja

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Experimental lessons for Saif Ali Khan

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Saif Ali Khan has, of late, been answering questions as to what made him be part of Humshakals. The film may have raked in the moolah, but there were many who were intrigued by his choice. So was the case with his earlier film Bullet Raja. The nawab has silenced his detractors by saying that he did the films because he wanted to try different genres. He wanted to experiment irrespective if what was the outcome. And acting is all about experimenting and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Interview with Saif Ali Khan on Humshakals and working with Sajid Khan

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In the last couple of years, you’ve done Cocktail, Race 2, Bullett Raja and now Humshakals. Is it a conscious decision to switch between genres?

Absolutely! It’s not easy to experiment, but I believe that I can do more than one type of role. It took me a lot of time to understand my craft, my strengths and limitations. I feel like I can do a Bullett Raja… now if the film doesn’t work, that’s not in my hands.

You were banking very heavily on Bullett Raja. What do you think went wrong?

I don’t know! I liked myself and the film. Many people have said different things to me, including that ‘Mera time achha nahin hai! (Laughs) I think the film did okay business for a Tigmanshu Dhulia film. But I guess Tigmanshu had hoped that casting me would change the numbers.

You’ve done comedies, but Humshakals is unlike anything you have done before.

I think comedy is the toughest genre there is. And Humshakals is not a regular comedy. You need to have a certain control over your craft to be able to pull off a film like this. I don’t think an inexperienced actor could have done this. Sajid (Khan, the film’s director) would just tell me ‘Kuch kar’. That’s a difficult brief to follow (laughs). If you are limited as an actor, you can’t do a role like this. I wouldn’t have been able to do Humshakals a decade ago.

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Saif Ali Khan is keen to prove his versatility

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He might not be getting the desired results but Saif Ali Khan is keen to prove his versatility.

Cinema is a game of perception where actors spend years to build an image and then regret the shackles that come with it. Perhaps, Saif Ali Khan is going through the same phase. After playing second fiddle to Ajay Devgns and Akshay Kumars for the better part of 90s, he emerged as the symbol of urban cool with a series of romantic drama and comedy at the turn of new millennium. Suave and subtle, here again he started with multi-starrers but it was never in doubt that he would soon make this space entirely his own.

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Saif Ali Khan: “I want to work with commercial people”

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He’s worked with all the big production houses and has his own banner too. Now he’s ready to go commercial and is also looking forward to doing a serious love story. And here’s yet another reason he’s excited – in his next release, Humshakals, he’s playing a triple role for the first time.

This is the first time you’re playing a triple role, in Humshakals. What was that like?

Very tiring! In fact, it’s not really a triple role; it’s four roles. I play three male roles in the film and one female role, and the roles keep changing back and forth. Since Sajid (Khan) demands a high-energy comedy that is slapstick in nature, it is extremely tiring. I mean, you need a week to recover. But it was lots of fun.

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