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Photos of Saif Ali Khan during the shooting of Chef

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Full videos of songs from Saif Ali Khan’s Chef

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Video: Saif Ali Khan and Raja Krishna Menon talk about Chef

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Behind the scene photos of Saif Ali Khan training to be Chef

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Check Out the Girl Power Behind Saif Ali Khan’s ‘Chef’

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It’s not unusual for a Bollywood set to be overpopulated by men. From directors to cinematographers to producers and art directors – most film crews have men heading individual teams. Which is why it was a little out of the ordinary for actor Padmapriya to step on to the set of Raja Krishna Menon’s Chef in which she stars opposite Saif Ali Khan.

“It was a revealing experience for me personally. Across the 45-odd films I’ve done across five regional film industries, you’d usually see 2-3 women at any given point of time amongst a set of 100 people, who are men. What made Chef a really different and unique experience was seeing so many women around, and in different hierarchies, not just as ADs,” says Padmapriya.

Across the world and especially at films festivals like TIFF and Busan – cinema led by women is getting special focus and encouragement. In this regard, Chef with a crew of around 20 women in important roles across departments, holds a special place.

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Saif Ali Khan: I am anxious for Sara Ali Khan

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Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan’s new film CHEF, an adaptation of an American film with the same title, released on last Friday. The actor spoke about the film, his acting career and other issues during the promotional activities as TWF-IBNS correspondent tracks him.

What was the most challenging thing in this film as an actor or a person?
Honestly, there are some roles that are challenging because one has to become somebody which he is not. Likewise, the character in OMKARA was challenging for me because I couldn’t have improvised one word and had to learn a language.I do not think CHEF was challenging to me. It was challenging to be disciplined in the kitchen and learn how to chop and not cut fingers off. But the basic language that the character speaks is a very urban space that I am familiar with it so a kind of I played myself in that space so actually didn’t find it particularly much challenging, apart from the basic works of learning lines and turning up.

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Video: Interview with Saif Ali Khan and Raja Krishna Menon

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