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Saif Ali Khan: “Don’t Call me a Nawab, I Would Rather be Known By My Name”

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You know him as an actor, a husband and a father. But what was his own relationship with his great dad Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi? Saif Ali Khan reveals some intimate details

Saif Ali Khan is at an interesting crossroad in his life. As an actor, he is going from strength to strength, bringing variety and versatility to his repertoire. Forget the box office performance of Rangoon, it can’t be denied that the Vishal Bhardwaj film saw him at his complex best on screen. At the same time, he is balancing serious with the light and frothy fare like the forthcoming Race 3 and Chef. On the personal side, it’s his children who are in the limelight now – be it baby Taimur whose every move is documented or his daughter Sara Ali Khan who will be making her Bollywood debut soon and is already a social media sensation. His relationship with his children is somehow influenced by another big bond in his life – the one that he shared with his late dad Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. While the media is still obsessed with his marriage to Kareena Kapoor and his new fatherhood status, we get the Nawab to talk about his own father and how he was impacted by him. And by the way, Saif doesn’t like to be called Nawab – find out why.

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Video of Saif Ali Khan, Sara and Ibrahim leaving for IIFA awards

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Photos of Saif Ali Khan leaving for IIFA Awards with Sara And Ibrahim

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Is Saif Ali Khan house-hunting?

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Just a year ago, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan had moved into their dream house, which had rooms for the entire family, including Saif’s children Ebrahim and Sara from his first marriage.

Little did they know that they would soon need more room, as their new bundle of joy Taimur is now claiming space of his own in the Kareena-Saif accommodation.

Says a close friend of the much-loved couple, “It’s a real pity that Kareena and Saif have to move so soon after they settled into their dream house. The home they built took four years to complete. Kareena and Saif personally supervised every brick in the residence. They supervised, built and constructed the whole custom-made residence. It had individual rooms for everyone, including Ebrahim and Sara whenever they wanted to spend time with their dad, and for Saif’s mom Sharmila whenever she visited them from Delhi. (Kareena’s mom Babita lives a stone’s throw away from Saif and Kareena). But now, with Taimur’s arrival, they need a bigger place. Not just a room for himself to toddle around in a few months.”

Apparently Saif and Kareena have already zeroed in on a few potential properties and will purchase a new home shortly.

Saif Ali Khan’s Kids Change Taimur’s diapers

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With daughter Sara Ali Khan ready for Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan talks about son Ibrahim Ali Khan now!

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Saif Ali Khan must be a proud father. While he’s still busy finishing a few projects in hand, daughter Sara Ali Khan is all set to take her first step in Bollywood.

Sara’s debuting with Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions and contrary to reports, Saif is super kicked about the development. He told Spotboye,” I read a lot of rubbish in the past few days. I have myself spoken with Karan and I am happy that she is debuting in his film. He is brilliant with newcomers and I like him. He will groom her. He will give her the right clothes, the right look and the right role. So why wouldn’t I be happy?”

But when Sara is soon going to become a Bollywood heroine, son Ibrahim Ali Khan is finishing his studies. Will he be an actor too? Saif answered, “I don’t know. He could be a cricketer or a player in any sport. Everyone seeing the film industry wants to become an actor. It’s the allure. But you need to be lucky and gifted. It’s early days yet, let him complete his school and college first… then we shall see.”

Education Is A Good Back-Up For Actors: Saif Ali Khan

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Saif Ali Khan who has come out in support of his kids who want to join the entertainment industry provided they are educated too. Seems like, the future of the B-Town is in the hands of both talented and well-read actors.

In an interview, Saif opened up about her daughter’s debut in Bollywood as there are reports everywhere that the star kid might be paired opposite Hrithik Roshan for Dharma Productions untitled next. He said, “Who’s to blame, it’s in her genes. Cinema has changed since and she’s also realised there’s a lot of angst in the profession, especially if you have not quite arrived yet. I worry about that, but what can I do? If she discusses her profession with me, she will get an opinion, but the decision is hers to make. Karan is good with newcomers and according to me, he is the perfect person for her”.

He also said that his elder son, Ibrahim, also wants to become an actor. He added, “Yes, both my kids want to work in films, it’s one of the best jobs in India. I just don’t want them to be disappointed which is why education is a good back-up”.

Saif Ali Khan recently became a father of a son, Taimur Ali Khan, with second wife Kareena Kapoor Khan.