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Kunal Kemmu on his special bond with Saif Ali Khan’s son – Ibrahim

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Kunal Kemmu and Soha Ali Khan have been married for a few years now and the couple also welcomed their first baby — daughter Inaaya Naumi last month.

But Kunal says he’s fond of kids. “I believe, I have a special bond with kids. I’m extremely close to Saif Ali Khan’s kids Sara and Ibrahim as well.” We have seen him and Ibrahim bond at several family dos. People who have seen them together say they are more like friends. Kunal smiles, “Ibrahim is an extremely fun guy. We just went diving together. He loves sports and we connect a lot on that. When you treat them as equals and not kids, then it makes all the difference. I don’t know if I do it willingly but I want to know what they are doing — what’s happening in their life now. It’s more fun to listen to somebody than just talk.”


Not as finicky as a parent: Saif Ali Khan

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How do you manage to pursue other interests and do things for leisure with a packed schedule?
I love my holiday and I love doing nothing because I understand the art of living. I just did an online course on the connection between Buddhism and psychology from Princeton University. They had some lovely tutorials which were beautifully explained. I can spend time at leisure and feel enriched, but at some point, you’ve got to go to work because otherwise it’s meaningless.

With Taimur’s arrival and Kareena going back to work, how are you and Kareena juggling your time with him?
During the first schedule, she took him and I was very happy to be alone at home (laughs). I love being by myself but after a couple of days I missed having them around. But I am not very finicky as a parent. He is part of my life and this is for the long haul. I like my space and I like having around also. We are lucky we have help and we have distraction because, I do think that sometimes having a child can be overwhelming if you don’t have breathing space. Some people have a lower tolerance for claustrophobia and I am one of them. I won’t be happy if I have to be around them all the time. In the second schedule, Taimur was alone with me and he was looking a little sad. but now he is happy that Kareena is back. The house also feels balanced.

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Saif Ali Khan gets candid

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The nawab of Bollywood wears the tag rather easy, as he talks about his film career, his father, managing his family, and more.

Saif Ali Khan is an anomaly. Even as his name is taken in the same breath as all the other Khans of the industry, he isn’t counted in the list of superstars, despite a decent run in showbiz. But that hasn’t deterred Saif. Currently promoting his upcoming release, Chef, the actor talks to us about his career, daughter Sara’s debut and more. Excerpts:

How do you handle the nawab tag?
I definitely had a privileged upbringing, but as far as money goes, my parents never gave me any pocket money… at least not more than the guy next door. I had a normal upbringing, and there are no nawabs; it’s a tag in movies. My father (Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi) was the last nawab. And even he didn’t think of himself as one. The image isn’t because I’m a nawab, but because I enjoy the lifestyle of a movie star. Sometimes you can’t beat your image, and it’s okay. It’s fine. If the image was true, it would be nothing to me.

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Saif Ali Khan’s bond with his children helped him prepare for ‘Chef’

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Saif Ali Khan desperately needs a hit. And going by the look of his upcoming film, Chef, an adaptation of Jon Favreau’s film of the same name, is likely to do the trick.

The trailer for the film makes no effort to hide the fact that it is a father-son reunion drama recounted against a culinary background, and set mostly in the lush green landscape of Kerala. Director Raja Krishna Menon, whose last film Airlift, told a real-life humane story set in violence-torn Kuwait in 1990, reveals how Saif dug into his own psyche as a father to play one in Chef. “We had lengthy conversations on how Saif became a father at a very young age. He was too young to understand, appreciate or enjoy fatherhood with Sara and Ibrahim. But with the birth of Taimur, Saif got another chance to understand fatherhood.”

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A photo of Saif Ali Khan’s birthday cake

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Ibrahim Ali Khan is daddy Saif Ali Khan’s doppelganger

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While the world is swooning over Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s son Taimur Ali Khan, another Pataudi family kid is creating ripples in B’Town. We are talking about Saif Ali Khan’s son Ibrahim Ali Khan, his son from ex-wife Amrita Singh. Ibrahim, has grown into a fine lad and is extremely good-looking. He has a lean body and those wicked, yet innocent eyes just like daddy Saif Ali Khan. He has posted a picture of himself lazying on the bed and soaking in the early morning sun. This reminded us of a young Saif, who had newly been launched in Bollywood films. This pic has gone viral and everyone is drooling over it.

Ibrahim and his sister Sara Ali Khan travelled with father Saif Ali Khan to New York for an awards show.

Ibrahim, is also on his way of becoming an Instagram sensation.

While Sara Ali Khan, is gearing up for her Bollywood debut ‘Kedarnath’, next in line will be Saif’s son Ibrahim Ali Khan.

Saif Ali Khan: “Don’t Call me a Nawab, I Would Rather be Known By My Name”

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You know him as an actor, a husband and a father. But what was his own relationship with his great dad Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi? Saif Ali Khan reveals some intimate details

Saif Ali Khan is at an interesting crossroad in his life. As an actor, he is going from strength to strength, bringing variety and versatility to his repertoire. Forget the box office performance of Rangoon, it can’t be denied that the Vishal Bhardwaj film saw him at his complex best on screen. At the same time, he is balancing serious with the light and frothy fare like the forthcoming Race 3 and Chef. On the personal side, it’s his children who are in the limelight now – be it baby Taimur whose every move is documented or his daughter Sara Ali Khan who will be making her Bollywood debut soon and is already a social media sensation. His relationship with his children is somehow influenced by another big bond in his life – the one that he shared with his late dad Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. While the media is still obsessed with his marriage to Kareena Kapoor and his new fatherhood status, we get the Nawab to talk about his own father and how he was impacted by him. And by the way, Saif doesn’t like to be called Nawab – find out why.

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