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Saif Ali Khan explains why he is pinning his hopes on phantom

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Saif Ali Khan hasn’t had a good run at the box office with Bullett Raja, Humshakals and Happy Ending crashing. Now, all eye are on Phantom, a thriller helmed by Kabir Bajrangi Bhaijaan Khan. The film, which also stars Katrina Kaif, is a fictional plot to bring the mastermind of the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai to justice. Saif plays Daniyal Khan, a discredited army officer on a suicide mission.

On a long phone call, the 45-year-old chatted about working with Kabir, why he is not in a hurry to sign films and son Ibrahim’s recent media moment.

Belated happy birthday (August 16)! The celebrations were fairly low-key this year…

(Laughs) Yes. Thank you. I am 45… and I feel so good. I’ve said this to you before… 45 is a great age. Everything seems to be just right.

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Saif Ali Khan in a candid chat about his career and his children

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It’s an important film for Saif Ali Khan’s career, which of late has been bogged down by flops. Filmmaker Kabir Khan’s Phantom, co-starring Katrina Kaif, who is considered a kind of guarantee for success, is a crucial film for the current Nawab of Pataudi, who completes 22 years in his career as an actor.

In a gung-ho mood (you’ve got to hand it to the guy — he thinks 22 years younger too!), Saif gets in candid mode, even about dissecting his chequered career and the recent spate of flops.

We meet a day after a press conference in which Saif had openly expressed his views on Pakistan’s objections to the release of Phantom, saying, “I am happy to be a part of this patriotic film made by Indian Muslims — producer Sajid Nadiadwala, director Kabir Khan, Katrina Kaif and me, besides writer Hussain Zaidi, on whose book it is based. This story is realistic and such films, which are fiction based on fact, must be made. Why should we be expected to focus only on foreign subjects or fictitious action subjects? We all know the reality that there are many enemies of the Indian state in Pakistan, even as we continue to share interests in sports and cultural events, right? Or, am I the only person who knows that?”

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Video: Saif Ali Khan on his son being active on the social media

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Photos of Saif Ali Khan at the screening of Phantom

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Ibrahim is the ladies man at papa Saif Ali Khan’s birthday bash

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To bring in his birthday, the nawab usually takes off to London with his begum. But this year, it was a working birthday, since Saif Ali Khan has been busy promoting Phantom with Katrina Kaif. He raised a toast to his 45th year, with a quiet celebration at his Bandra home.

Dressed in jeans and a tee, he was his usual courteous self escorting guests from the parking lot. Arbaaz Khan and wife Malaika were the first to arrive, with Amrita Arora and Babita Kapoor following. Sister Soha came with husband Kunal Kemmu and nephew Ibrahim, who is a splitting image of his dad. The 15-yearold charmer is known for the party selfies he posts.

“Ibrahim was the life of the party. He wowed guests with the one-liners he pulled out of his sleeve. He got ribbed for being a ‘ladies man’, with pointed references to his post where he is sandwiched between Anurag Kashyap’s daughter Aaliya and Sridevi’s daughter, Khushi,” laughed a guest from the party.

There was no music and dancing since Kareena Kapoor has been unwell all week. She asked her director, R Balki, for a two-day break from the shoot of Ki and Ka. Reel life husband, Arjun Kapoor, was left holding court, while Bebo kept her better half company. She plans to extend her break and will only return to the sets on Monday.

Sister Karisma, who returned on Saturday from a week-long holiday in Dubai, and besties, Amrita and Malaika, took Bebo out to brunch at their favourite cafe in Pali Hill. “She’s been shooting for the last three weeks and this was her first break. She has not been feeling too well and planned a gluten-free dinner with the girls,” said the source.

Later, the girls were back for Saif’s birthday which ended in the wee hours with the birthday boy stumming his guitar and the ladies crooning. “It was a perfect evening,” smiles the guest.

Photos of Saif Ali Khan from the birthday celebration

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Saif Ali Khan : “Education is Priority”

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Saif Ali Khan became a father at a relatively young age, while he was still in his 20s. Though his children Sara and Ibrahim now stay with his ex-wife Amrita Singh, Saif is pretty involved in their lives and thinks education should be priority right now.

Recently, photographs of his teenage son Ibrahim with Sridevi’s and Anurag Kashyap’s daughters were splashed all over and the concerned father was not pleased. “I had dinner with Ibrahim and spoke to him. He told me that others posted his picture online. But he understands, I hope, that social media is a double-edged sword. People are interested in him today also because of his family and who his parents are. It’s something he should be careful about. He now understands that he needs to be a bit reserved and be seen less – unless he has something particular to say,” said the actor.

Saif however has no problems with his son choosing a career in Bollywood eventually but he is too young right now. “Even if he is interested in movies, he should do it start working on it at the right time,” said Saif firmly.

On the other hand, the star has accepted that his daughter Sara, now a young lady, will make her way into films soon. Saif said, “It was her birthday two days ago and she is older. That’s why she is more mature. She has always been wise beyond her years. She is interested in acting and I think most children growing up in our world are. My sister, Soha is highly qualified but she’d rather act than work in a bank.” But as a father who knows the industry inside out Saif said, “It’s a great job, it’s a great world, everything I have earned is from films. I have seen the world and stayed at amazing hotels all because of movies. But sometimes, I think it would have nice to have a stable job with normal timings. But then you can’t have everything. I wish a little more security for Sara. It’s frightening for me to think of age being a limiting factor sometimes.”

Despite these concerns, Saif will be a supportive father. “What you do with your life is up to you. I think education is very important because thereafter you can do anything in the world. Sara will have a great university degree by next year. After that, I will support her if she wants to be an actress,” he signed off.


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