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Saif Ali Khan: ‘Not as happy with response to Sacred Games season 2 as I was with season 1’

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It has been weeks since Sacred Games season 2 debuted to widely different responses. While the first season of the Netflix show was universally appreciated and has since been nominated for international Emmys, the reaction to second season was divisive.

Saif Ali Khan, who plays Sartaj Singh in the show, has now said that while he was fine with the cliffhanger ending to Sacred Games season 2, he preferred the response part 1 received. “I am not as happy as I was with response to part 1,” he said comparing the two seasons in an interview to Bollywood Hungama, “I think some people found it a little different and it was always going to be a little different. It is called Sacred Games and it is about a guru going on about things. I have a spotboy whose opinion I quite value, his name is Hira, and he said who guru ka thoda zyada ho gaya.”

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In Defence of Saif Ali Khan: Smart Choices, Great Acting Keep Him Relevant

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In an industry where you are as good as your last release, it is not surprising that obituaries are already pouring in for Saif Ali Khan’s supposed ‘sinking career’ post the box-office failure of Kaalakaandi – his eighth flop in a row. But that’s not a first for Saif.

Remember the barrage of bad films – Aashiq Awara, Imtihaan, Bambai Ka Babu, Aao Pyaar Karen – he acted in the 1990s, with critics and audiences pulling the noose on him almost unanimously?

Saif’s 25-year career has had ups and down – he has a history of being written off and bouncing back resiliently. If Main Khiladi Tu Anari salvaged him in the 90s, his boisterous energy in Dil Chahta Hai made us gush over him in the 2000s. Omkara established him as a performer par excellence, placing him in the breed of serious actors.

It is remarkable that he has managed to retain his sanity amidst a flurry of sly remarks and unsolicited advice after Kaalakaandi failed to set the box office ringing. But are we jumping the gun in drawing curtains over the Chhote Nawab’s film career? Going by his unusual cine-curve, we sure are.

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Saif Ali Khan is a changed actor

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Saif’s releases this year, both Rangoon and Chef, bombed at the box office, but that hasn’t deterred the actor.

He may not have had a great run at the box office this year, but Saif Ali Khan believes that his experiences have made him a more evolved actor. He explains that he’s moved on to the current style of filmmaking.

“It wasn’t a particularly great year professionally, but it was a very interesting experience at the same time. I think I learnt a lot about acting, and I worked with some wonderful people,” he says, pragmatically.

Prod him further on how this year has been enriching, and he says, “I think I’m a changed actor to what I was, from when I was doing Phantom, to when I started Chef. I think I managed to keep abreast and move with the current style, which is the greatest thing I could have achieved.”

Saif’s releases this year, both Rangoon and Chef, bombed at the box office, but that hasn’t deterred the actor. “I keep my head down and do my thing as much as possible. I’ve done a few movies, and am looking forward to seeing what happens. As far as I’m concerned, this has been a good year,” says Saif, who’s currently gearing up to promote Kaalakandi.

The talented Saif Ali Khan’s career is far from over

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Saif Ali Khan is undoubtedly one of the finest actors of Bollywood.

Although his popularity might not be in the same league as the other three Khans, Aamir, SRK and Salman, he is in no way a lesser actor than any of them.

In fact, if one goes by his performances over the years, he can be said to be the most versatile ‘Khan’. Be it comedy or crime dramas or romance, Saif has done it all and walked away with aplomb all the time.

But, for an actor of his calibre, the unfortunate thing is that his recent string of flops has suddenly started raising questions about his capability in pulling the audiences to the theatre, especially when the much awaited Rangoon with the extraordinarily talented filmmaker, Vishal Bharadwaj tanked at the box office.

Released on 24th February, Rangoon till now has only managed to rake in 21.47 crores, according to sources, and has rather less chances of redeeming itself in the coming days.

Saif plays the quintessential British-like Parsi character of Rusi Bilmoria in the the gorgeously shot period love story, Rangoon and easily delivers his best performance of the recent times, but even then it wasn’t enough to save the film from becoming one of the biggest flops of his career.

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Saif Ali Khan rocks in Pathani kurtas

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Men in kurtas anyway have a charm of their own.

The Nawab sure knows how to step out in style each time–be it on screen or off it. He’s been spotted wearing pathani suits several times. From Kabir Khan’s Phantom, where Saif plays an Indian soldier, to casual outings with his Begum Kareena Kapoor Khan, the Hum Tum actor has never shyed away from sporting this trend.

Unseen movie still of Saif Ali Khan for Phantom

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How Saif Ali Khan has changed since his debut movie

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Saif Ali Khan: Parampara (1993), Phantom (2015)

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