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“It’s good to be a solidly saleable actor” : Saif Ali Khan

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His last release Bullet Raja may have not performed brilliantly at the box office but there is no denying that Saif Ali Khan aspires that his films do a business of Rs.100 crore and more. As Saif Ali Khan says, “It’s good to be a solidly saleable actor”. He is more settled in his married life now than he was the first time, and even jokes, “Hopefully, I am less of a nightmare.” As a doting dad he is concerned about son Ibrahim bunking school often, and as a husband complains that “Kareena is making me work more”. Excerpts from a hearty chat with the Nawab of Pataudi, and the actor who is getting better at his job.

Earlier you used to do one film at a time, now you’ve changed that strategy.

(Laughs) Slightly. No, it’s three films a year. One should work, one should be more prolific. And I’m excited to do that. I feel happy and settled in my life and I’m ready to focus on doing more things.

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`I want to try new things’ : Saif Ali Khan

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Having spent two decades in the industry, there is only one thing Saif Ali Khan rues -the fact that he hasn’t been able to spend enough time with his children Ibrahim and Sara. He confesses that now that Sara is growing up, he’s also turning into a protective father. Saif says, “I recently met one of Sara’s boyfriends and that’s when I felt strangely protective but not overtly so. Having be en in a boarding school you realise that everyone has their own life and you learn to let go. The kids shouldn’t feel burdened; if you respect each other’s space then the relationship is enjoy able. But I haven’t been spending enough time with Ibrahim and I feel bad about that.“

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Don’t get enough time with my kids, says Saif Ali Khan

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Actor Saif Ali Khan, who played a fun-loving and friendly dad to his on-screen children in “Ta Ra Rum Pum”, says in real life he does not get enough time to spend with his children.

The 43-year-old has daughter Sara and son Ibrahim from his ex-wife and actress Amitra Singh. The two got divorced in 2004, after 13 years of marriage.

“Sara and I are like good friends. Ibrahim loves to play cricket. Both of us play sports together. But I don’t get much time to spend with him, but I would like to,” said Saif, who is now married to actress Kareena Kapoor.

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Saif Ali Khan: I don’t think I am a superstar – interview with Saif Ali Khan

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Long waits and short interviews — often with rehearsed-sounding answers and interrupted by public relations executives — are the norm when interviewing a big Bollywood hero who is promoting his film. Which is why I was surprised when I entered to interview Saif Ali Khan after a four-hour wait.

Wearing a grey kurta over a white pair of trousers and Armani sunglasses and biting into a cheese bagel, the actor was stretched out on a couch in true Nawaab style. He seemed tired but a broad smile indicated he was ready for another round of questions.

Five minutes into the interview, it was evident that this would be different.

Saif, who once famously said he preferred not to be easily accessible (more on that later), was ready to share.

Sometimes sitting up, sometimes relaxing on the couch, he spoke without mincing words or diplomatic evasions. He even stopped the PR executive from interrupting the conversation, which is a rarity for stars.

What began as a brief chat about Bullett Raja, which releases November 29, freewheeled into a long conversation about the dilemmas of being an actor and a star, why he doesn’t take the title of Nawaab too seriously, how things have changed after marrying Kareena, and even his retirement plans.

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“Don’t compare my son with my dad” : Saif Ali Khan

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He is the grandson of one of India’s greatest captains ever, late Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, and the great grandson of the legendary Iftikhar Ali Khan. So it hardly comes as a surprise that Saif Ali Khan’s son, Ibrahim, is showing interest in cricket. The 12-year-old, who studies at Dhirubhai Ambani International School (BKC) in Mumbai, is playing for the Giles Shield interschool cricket tournament.

And his father is clearly elated. “I am really happy that Ibrahim is taking interest in cricket. Right now, he is just having fun and enjoying the sport. So there shouldn’t be any kind of pressure on him. At this point, no one should even think of comparing him with his great grandfather (he played cricket for England and post-1947 for India as the captain) or grandfather. It would be really unfair on him,” says the actor.
Although Saif himself didn’t take up cricket, he has no regrets about it. “But if Ibrahim is interested in the sport, I would support him in whatever way I can,” says the actor. “But that (becoming a cricketer) will depend on him. Ibrahim can become whatever he wants. My parents never pressurised me to do anything. So there’s no question of me doing anything like that,” he adds.

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`We need to be Ravans’ : Saif Ali Khan

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Saif Ali Khan talks about Bullet Raja, the requirements to be a director’s actor and on leaving a legacy as “I .

Saif Ali Khan’s career has been yo-yoing recently with hits and misses. While Cocktail had the cash registers ringing, Agent Vinod and Go Goa Gone were disappointing.

The star is now looking forward to Bullet Raja with Sonakshi Sinha and hopes that the movie will work out in his favour.

“Bullet Raja shows a bakwas kind of system where the police and the mafia are involved. UP politics has been shown in a very interesting manner and one will definitely ask, `Wow, so much of corruption?’ The film showcases how while sitting in jail everything is handled through mobile phones,“ adds the actor.

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“Sara is doing the greatest thing right now” : Saif Ali Khan

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While there were reports around that Saif Ali Khan’s darling daughter Sara Ali Khan is all set to make her Bollywood debut soon, father Saif cleared the speculations by saying that his daughter is not entering the films, at least for now. Saif wants his daughter to concentrate on studies and earn her degree first.

”Sara is in an American university for next four years and not coming in the films…,” Saif made it clear and added, ”She is doing the greatest thing right now. I am so happy for her. Her life is about to set now, as she is getting a degree. She can do whatever she wants, live wherever she wants to. Post this she’ll be totally independent.”

But when asked if he will support Sara’s decision if she ever plans to join films and the actor producer dad said, ”Yes of course, I will support whatever she wants to do, but first she has to get her degree after that anything else that she wants to do.”

However, interestingly, where other fathers wouldn’t mind the weight of their kids, Saif, who has been in the industry for around two decades and knows the in & out of it, wants his daughter to shed some weight if she considers entering into the films, as it is a requisite in the industry. ”Even if she plans to come in films she has to lose weight…Her weight is mashallah! She is so fond of pizzas that she can’t leave it,” said the doting father.

But when we probed to Saif, if Sara’s new mother Kareena Kapoor Khan, who herself is known for her size zero and weight loss mania, can help her out and provide some tips, he unequivocally said, ”I think nobody can help Sara except herself.”

Having the backing of papa like Saif, we are sure Sara can be a great actress of the future, if she steps in the filmdom!


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