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New photos of Saif Ali Khan in London

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A new photo of Saif Ali Khan and Sara and Ibrahim in London

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A photo of Saif Ali Khan and his family in London

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A photo of Saif Ali Khan with Ibrahim and Sara

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Video: Saif Ali Khan’s daughter wants to join Bollywood film industry

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Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara Khan to enter Bollywood ?

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The trend of introducing the children of famous stars in filming or television industry is not new in Bollywood especially. Mahesh Bhatt, Tanuja Mukherjee, Rakesh Roshan and Prithviraj Kapoor are only few names who acted as a staircase for their families to make their entry easy in the Bollywood cinema. The Kapoor family is the oldest and the major contributors in the Bollywood industry, thus showing the trend in celebrities to introduce their family members to Bollywood. Same like this the ‘Nawab khan’ of Bollywood or we can say the current husband of ‘Fashion Diva’, Karina Kapoor, is also acting as a staircase for his daughter Sara Ali khan in order to let her enter Bollywood

Sara Ali khan is currently studying at Columbia University in States but as she is heading towards the final days of graduation, she is also planning to return to India after this and appear in her Debut film of Bollywood. Saif Ali Khan showed support to her in this decision but only demands her full attention to studies until unless she is graduated.

It seems like Sara Ali khan, the only daughter of Saif Ali Khan from his previous wife, Amrita Singh, will be the next ‘Miss Khan’ or the ‘Daughter of Nawab Khan’ of Bollywood, considering the immense fan following of her father Saif Ali Khan. Her entry could be ravishing because of the image of his father but the fact that will she be able to maintain the trend and image of her father in the acting industry will be checked as soon as she will give her debut in Bollywood.

Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara wants to join films

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With royal looks and an enviable pedigree, Saif and Amrita’s beautiful young daughter has always been under the Bollywood radar.

It seems like another Khan is waiting to make a Bollywood debut soon. At a launch event in Delhi, when the Nawab – Saif Ali Khan – was asked about his daughter, from marriage to actress Amrita Singh, Sara’s Bollywood plans, Saif affirmed that she wants to work in movies, but studies are a priority for her at the moment.

Saif was quoted as saying, “Yes, she wants to join films, but currently she is at Columbia and doing very well and I want her to focus on her studies. Look at Soha. She has a degree from London School of Economics and she is now into movies. I think the girls in my family think this (Bollywood) is far more fun. Yes, perhaps it is.”

However, at that time, Sara was still too young and not considering movies as a career option. Saif was once even quoted saying that he would shoot Sara if she thinks of quitting college. But now, as Saif says, she is into movies and thereby, the young lady can be seen making her Bollywood debut soon.


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