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Saif Ali Khan gets candid

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The nawab of Bollywood wears the tag rather easy, as he talks about his film career, his father, managing his family, and more.

Saif Ali Khan is an anomaly. Even as his name is taken in the same breath as all the other Khans of the industry, he isn’t counted in the list of superstars, despite a decent run in showbiz. But that hasn’t deterred Saif. Currently promoting his upcoming release, Chef, the actor talks to us about his career, daughter Sara’s debut and more. Excerpts:

How do you handle the nawab tag?
I definitely had a privileged upbringing, but as far as money goes, my parents never gave me any pocket money… at least not more than the guy next door. I had a normal upbringing, and there are no nawabs; it’s a tag in movies. My father (Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi) was the last nawab. And even he didn’t think of himself as one. The image isn’t because I’m a nawab, but because I enjoy the lifestyle of a movie star. Sometimes you can’t beat your image, and it’s okay. It’s fine. If the image was true, it would be nothing to me.

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Saif Ali Khan: “Don’t Call me a Nawab, I Would Rather be Known By My Name”

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You know him as an actor, a husband and a father. But what was his own relationship with his great dad Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi? Saif Ali Khan reveals some intimate details

Saif Ali Khan is at an interesting crossroad in his life. As an actor, he is going from strength to strength, bringing variety and versatility to his repertoire. Forget the box office performance of Rangoon, it can’t be denied that the Vishal Bhardwaj film saw him at his complex best on screen. At the same time, he is balancing serious with the light and frothy fare like the forthcoming Race 3 and Chef. On the personal side, it’s his children who are in the limelight now – be it baby Taimur whose every move is documented or his daughter Sara Ali Khan who will be making her Bollywood debut soon and is already a social media sensation. His relationship with his children is somehow influenced by another big bond in his life – the one that he shared with his late dad Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. While the media is still obsessed with his marriage to Kareena Kapoor and his new fatherhood status, we get the Nawab to talk about his own father and how he was impacted by him. And by the way, Saif doesn’t like to be called Nawab – find out why.

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I wasn’t there so much for Saif Ali Khan as I was for Soha and Saba: Sharmila Tagore

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Sharmila Tagore is candid and forthright while expressing her thoughts. The actress does very few films now and is happy to spend her time surrounded by family and friends. She shuttles between Delhi and her ancestral home in Pataudi. While son Saif recently became dad for the third time, her daughter Soha is now expecting her first baby. Here the actress talks about being a nani for the first time and the advice she has for her beti.

You became a daadi last year and will become a nani this year. How is it going to be different?

I don’t think there’s any difference as such in the family, but yes, it is a bit, as it’s my daughter now, who is giving birth. Kareena’s mum was more anxious when she was expecting as I am today when Soha is. It’s the mother-daughter bond. I think it’s quite a big decision for women to have children. In our time, I don’t think we thought so much about it. We just went and had them and of course, life is not fun-filled and not complete if you don’t have them. It’s a wonderful thing when you think about it. I felt so much closer to my mother after I had babies. It bonds a mother and daughter more.

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Enemy Property Bill: Saif Ali Khan set to lose Bhopal ancestral properties?

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The enemy property law was brought in India in 1968 had vested interests of the British.

Lok Sabha has passed a long-pending Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Bill, 2016, which amends the Enemy Property Act (it prevents the successors of those who migrated to Pakistan and China during Partition from claiming properties left behind in India) and this has likely ensured the end of Saif Ali Khan (son of the famous cricketer Nawab of Pataudi Mansur Ali Khan) and the rest of his family’s claim over the ancestral property of Nawab Hamidullah Khan.

What is this bill about?

Hamidullah Khan was the last Nawab of Bhopal. He had two daughters – Abida Sultan and Sajida Sultan. According to the law that was followed by the Nawabs, the eldest child was the right heir of the property and so Abida Sultan became the rightful owner of the entire property of Hamidullah Khan. But, Abida Khan went to Pakistan in 1950 and setteled there. However, Nawab and the rest of his family remained in India. After Nawab’s death, since Abida had gone to Pakistan and Sajida was still in India, she became the owner of Nawab’s property, according to a report in naidunia.jagran

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“Being an actor is individuality” : Saif Ali Khan

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It has been almost 25 years since he started his career (with Parampara; 1992). And in all these years, Saif Ali Khan has witnessed a number of actors come and go. Probably, that’s why he has an interesting take on ‘competition’. “We are all different personalities, so rather than competing to be the same, we should compete with ourselves to be different from other people,” he says. Admitting that competition does exist, Saif feels one should be the “most interesting version of oneself, the fittest and best person that you can be on-screen.” “More than being competitors, others should remind you to work harder as they could be looking better or acting better than you, so it should push you [to do even better],” he says.

Push Yourself
Admitting that competition does exist, Saif feels one should be the “most interesting version of oneself, the fittest and best person that you can be on-screen.” More than being competitors, other should remind you to work harder as they could be looking better or acting better than you, so it should push you [to do even better],” he says.

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Saif Ali Khan reminisces daughter Sara Ali Khan’s graduation day

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My father never pressured me to play cricket: Saif Ali Khan on his father

In his 25-year career, post debuting with Parampara, Saif Ali Khan has a different take on competition. He recently told a tabloid, “More than being competitors, others should remind you to work harder as they could be looking better or acting better than you, so it should push you (to do even better).” Apart from talent, he feels an actor is made by the “choices he makes, the cinema he is promoting and all that he stands for.”

As his daughter Sara Ali Khan readies for her Bollywood debut, Saif reminisces, “I remember when I went for Sara’s graduation at Columbia University in New York, USA. There were so many parents who were proud, and you could see that they wanted this. They were like, ‘My daughter or son should do this and that.’ Parents can be pushy, and they can want to live their dreams — after their own failures — through their children. That’s dangerous; I don’t like it. My father never pressured me to play cricket,” he told the tabloid.

Saif said he felt the same was true for his son, Ibrahim. “As long as he is happy, he can do whatever he wants. It’s good to have a job and have something to talk about in your life. You can become a teacher also.”

Saif Ali Khan’s son follows in grandad Pataudi’s footsteps at memorial match in Delhi

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While Saif Ali Khan’s newest born is making headlines with his history-inspired name, the actor’s older son is quietly making his presence count on a different pitch. Ibrahim Ali Khan got on the field on his grandfather Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi’s birthday at the Tiger Memorial Cricket Match held in Modern School, Barakhamba Road. While Saif and Kareena were unable to make it to the match this year after the birth of Taimur, aunt Soha, her husband Kunal Kemmu and grandmom Sharmila Tagore turned up to cheer for the 15-year-old.

The match was between Oxbridge XI and Public Schools XI. Soha said, “We hope to have enough players to have a Pataudi XI instead of Oxbridge XI next year. It’s a memorial match we plan to host every year on Abba’s birthday (January 5). This year would have been his 76th birthday. We celebrate his birthday with a cricket match not only because he devoted so much of his life to the sport, but because his life reflected the lessons cricket teaches you – teamwork, sportsmanship and most of all, that no matter what obstacles and challenges life throws at you, you must bounce back like a cricket ball. This match was special because Ibrahim played.”