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Saif Ali Khan: Dinesh Vijan wanted to do something of his own…

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It has been a month since the sequel to the zombie comedy, ‘Go Goa Gone’, was announced. Being written by Raj DK and Krishna Nidimoru, the premise of the second instalment is supposedly in sync with the first part that released in 2013 and had a sizeable box office collection. Saif Ali Khan will not only reprise his character, Boris who will be on different mission, but will also back it with his former producer partner Dinesh Vijan who parted ways with him a few years ago. The film is expected to go on floors sometime next year with Saif’s brother-in-law Kunal Kemmu and comedian Vir Das playing their respective characters. It was back in 2014 that Saif and Dinesh had decided to go their separate ways as filmmakers.

Returning to one of their last big successes must be a great feeling. When we posed this to Saif, he told us, “I think we wasted an opportunity to monetise our company Illuminati Films. We could have done so much with it. We could have sold it to someone. We were making some really good films together. Even in these years, we have not shut our company. I think we parted ways because Dinu wanted to do something of his own. When you set up a company like Illuminati, one can do so many businesses. We could have done it back then, maybe we still can – exploiting rights, etc. Who knows? Right now, I’m just happy doing ‘Go Goa Gone 2’ together with Dinu.”


Go Goa Gone 2: Saif Ali Khan to tussle with the aliens this time

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Go Goa Gone is one of the most interesting films Saif Ali Khan has done so far. You would like to agree with us here. We loved him as Boris and were waiting for him to come back! That is finally happening since a second edition is set to travel to the floors. But there’s a twist!

Producer Dinesh Vijan, while promoting his upcoming production venture Stree, was quizzed about the development of Go Goa Gone 2. He divulged some interesting details!

“They are just finishing the script. There’s Saif. He’s got an author-based role. Very strong. We all remember him as Boris. This time the film travels to Manali. So it’s called Go Goa Gone 2- Babaji Ki Booty. And it’s got aliens, not zombies,” he said.

Now that sounds interesting! After an adventurous encounter with the zombies, Boris and team are now set to face the aliens!
Not many a Hindi films deal with aliens. Hrithik Roshan’s Koi Mil Gaya, thanks to the presence of Jadoo, became immensely popular. Let’s see what Go Goa Gone 2 brings in for us!

Saif Ali Khan’s Go Goa Gone to be filmed in South Africa

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The sequel is expected to feature some new faces, for which casting is currently underway.

The zombie comedy Go Goa Gone was a game changer that prompted many filmmakers to try their hand at more experimental subjects. We hear that a sequel to the film will go on floors this September.

“The second film will be made on a much bigger scale, with a higher budget. A major portion of the sequel will be shot in South Africa, and shooting will begin in September,” a source reveals.

The first movie in the series, which starred Saif Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu and Vir Das, surprised everyone with its sizeable box office collection. Made by Raj and DK, who are known to think outside the box, the film became a trendsetter of sorts. The sequel is expected to feature some new faces, for which casting is currently underway.

Saif Ali Khan opens up on his film with daughter Sara Ali Khan, Sacred Games and Go Goa Gone 2

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After impressing the world with his digital debut in Sacred Games, actor Saif Ali Khan spoke about the complexities of his character, his upcoming films and much more.

From movies to the biggest platform in the digital space. Was there any transition?

I haven’t thought about it in terms of a transition. There hasn’t been any movement as such. It is just another platform on which I can act. But it is a very creative platform and they have invested heavily in it. It is a premium digital platform. It is an exciting and liberating space to perform in. It is great. I would love to do one of these every year.

My management agency, Exceed Entertainment, has great acumen and foresight in identifying opportunities and new outlets and Sacred Games was a definitive yes from them from the word go. The endeavour was that the quality of work should meet global expectations and we, collaboratively, hope we have accomplished that.

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Confirmed: Saif Ali Khan and co to return to Goa

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The sequel to Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK’s 2013 zombie comedy will take off in February 2019

Sai Ali Khan, Kunal Kemmu and Vir Das are all set to reunite for the sequel of director-duo Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK’s 2013 zombie comedy, Go Goa Gone. While the trio reprises their characters, the makers are working on some new additions to the cast.

Raj Nidimoru said, “Go Goa Gone was an innovative subject. We weren’t thinking of a sequel back then, even though we had kept it open-ended. Over the years, people have asked us to come up with a sequel, so we figured it’s about time. It’s been five years since the first film, so we will play with the timeline now. DK and I are brainstorming on how to explore the five-year gap between both films. We are bringing Saif back as Boris, the zombie slayer, but will be adding an extra element to the character. We are retaining the entire cast as they were the core of the film, be it humour, camaraderie or bromance.”

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‘I will return as Boris in Go Goa Gone 2’: Saif Ali Khan

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Saif Ali Khan is one of the few Bollywood actors who has managed to pull off zany characters with ease. Next year, he will reprise one such role — Boris, the zombie slayer, who was seen in Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK’s Go Goa Gone (2013). Saif says, “We are doing Go Go Gone 2. It’s an exciting idea and I’ve really liked it. I will return as Boris in the sequel. But this time, I’ll be on a different mission. Raj and DK have found an interesting premise for the second instalment, which is in sync with the first part. They are currently writing the script.”

Quiz him about what prompted him to choose this film and he quips, “Raj and DK have a unique sense of humour. Like the earlier movie, this one, too, will be equally quirky. That’s what drew me to it when they discussed the idea with me.”

The actor reveals that the principal cast remains unchanged. “The other characters played by Kunal Kemmu and Vir Das will also be a part of it. We start filming next January.” Go Goa Gone was one of the first horror comedy films in Bollywood, which fared well at the box office. Saif, who had also co-produced it, says, “People enjoyed it and I’m sure we will entertain them with the second movie, too. If this one also works well, we will have a good franchise.”


According to a source from the team, Raj and DK plan to make two surprise additions to the cast. “There will be another supporting actor as well as a heroine, who will aid Boris in his mission. The casting will be underway in a month’s time. Both the directors want an A-list actress for the role,” adds the source.

Saif Ali Khan’s Go Goa Gone sequel to be based on aliens instead of zombies?

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With Go Goa Gone, the Indian audiences got to see something they never experienced in Bollywood before. The film, directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK, referred to as a Zom-Com ( Zombie – Comedy) was based on three friends and how their trip to Goa turns into their biggest nightmare. The film starred Saif Ali Khan, Vir Das, Kunal Kemmu, Puja Gupta and Anand Tiwari in leading roles. Ever since the film released back in 2013, rumours were rife that we will soon see a sequel to the film and also the fact that the film ended in a cliff hanger made the audience more sure about it.

From what we hear the director duo are ready with the script for the sequel, in which will see a massive change from the first part. Instead of zombies, the sequel will have aliens in the film. In an interview with a leading daily, the makers were asked about the same. Krinsha DK replied saying, “We are debating (on that part), may be not. The humour is in discovery. Earlier they (characters) were trying to figure out what is a zombie. Now it might become too dramatic. We are just toying with the idea. The idea of the film was not about zombies but discovering something alien.” Raj Nidimoru also further confirmed that they are done with the script and now are just looking to lock in the dates with the star cast. He said, “We are now figuring out when to do it. It’s all about getting the dates.”

Kunal Kemmu confirmed that the star cast of the film will remain the same. He also suggested that the theme for part two may not revolve around zombies. However, the unit hasn’t entirely eliminated the concept.