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Sonakshi Sinha roped in opposite Saif Ali Khan for Nikhil Advani’s Batla House?

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Earlier it was reported that Saif Ali Khan had been roped in to star in Nikkhil Advani’s next venture Batla House. The film which is based on the real life incident, the Batla House encounter, would see Saif Ali Khan essay the role of the cop Mohan Chand Sharma who lost his life in the encounter. Now we hear that joining Saif in the film will be none other than Sonakshi Sinha.

While the duo, Saif Ali Khan and Sonakshi Sinha were last seen sharing screen space in the film Bullett Raja, the makers of Batla House have now roped in Sonakshi to feature alongside the actor. Commenting on the same, a source close to the development stated that given the fact that the film’s premise is an incident that had shocked the nation, Sonakshi gave her nod to the project readily since she was bowled over by the script.

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The talented Saif Ali Khan’s career is far from over

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Saif Ali Khan is undoubtedly one of the finest actors of Bollywood.

Although his popularity might not be in the same league as the other three Khans, Aamir, SRK and Salman, he is in no way a lesser actor than any of them.

In fact, if one goes by his performances over the years, he can be said to be the most versatile ‘Khan’. Be it comedy or crime dramas or romance, Saif has done it all and walked away with aplomb all the time.

But, for an actor of his calibre, the unfortunate thing is that his recent string of flops has suddenly started raising questions about his capability in pulling the audiences to the theatre, especially when the much awaited Rangoon with the extraordinarily talented filmmaker, Vishal Bharadwaj tanked at the box office.

Released on 24th February, Rangoon till now has only managed to rake in 21.47 crores, according to sources, and has rather less chances of redeeming itself in the coming days.

Saif plays the quintessential British-like Parsi character of Rusi Bilmoria in the the gorgeously shot period love story, Rangoon and easily delivers his best performance of the recent times, but even then it wasn’t enough to save the film from becoming one of the biggest flops of his career.

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Unseen photo of Saif Ali Khan for Bullett Raja

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An unseen photo of Saif Ali Khan from shooting of Bullett Raja

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Saif Ali Khan loves his “normal” life and wants the kind of roles his mother played

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Saif Ali Khan does not need to dress up for interviews. He can just walk into his office wearing what he was at home—bright orange shorts and a tee—and look like a million dollars. Not to mention the chivalrous charm and aristocracy that he bowls over women with.

He, however, wants to give an explanation here. “When we say aristocratic, it means being polite and kind to people,” he says. “Because sometimes it does mean oppressing the poor and I don’t want to be known for that. But when you say aristocratic I can only think about my father. I am a mix of that and an artist. And my traits do oscillate from good to very good to good. I do get angry on a bad day. And then I feel ungrateful and unsatisfied, so I go to the gym and my chemical imbalance gets settled! Diet, sleep and exercise are important for a balanced life. Your brain should work properly. If you are not healthy in your lifestyle, then that affects your lifestyle.”

Though Khan hates to admit it, a lot depends on his new movie, Phantom, starring Katrina Kaif and directed by Kabir Khan. His last two releases, Happy Ending and Bullet Raja, were not big grossers at the box office. “The story, script and working with Katrina Kaif again were the factors that I was looking for,” he says.

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Saif Ali Khan: “Both Ibrahim and Sara are far better behaved than I ever was”

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As Saif Ali Khan steps into the room after a quick shower, you realise he’s looking different. Maybe it’s his unusual attire — a white kurta tucked into shorts — or maybe, it’s the ‘agent’ haircut. He insists, it’s the two-year-old beard. “I’m fed up of it and even shaved it off, but the Phantom makers insisted I grow it back for the promotions. I’ve also been exercising and dieting,” he admits.

There’s a mellow air about him which has nothing to do with becoming a nawab. He doesn’t take the title seriously and the responsibilities he’s undertaken are as a good citizen helping those less fortunate.

“I recall my father (Mansoor Ali Khan Patuadi) saying, after the privy purses were abolished, and it was a relief not to be a nawab anymore. You were expected to look after everyone and there wasn’t enough money to do so. Being a royal is interesting only if you are paid huge money, which we aren’t. I inherited a nice house and some great cricket photographs, but the money to renovate the house comes from my movies,” he asserts, adding that after his death, his children, Sara and Ibrahim, will get lots of money and land, houses and watches. “But it’s what I earned, not inherited.” There was a time when money was a concern, but today he’s settled, financially, and looking forward to moving into a new house, renting out property, investments paying off and living on a certain budget independent of movies. “Now I can work with good directors, build a reputation as a reliable, committed actor and produce something creatively special with an eye on the budget to ensure recovery for the investors. That’s something I overlooked with Bullet Raja and Happy Ending. I made money, but also made lots of mistakes which proved costly in the long run.You can’t be blamed for the ideas but it’s a grievous error to go over budget, somebody has to pay for it,” he rues. He’s being extra cautious today. Home productions are waiting for a viable idea and a good director and though several announcements have beeen made lately, including Sujoy Ghosh’s Devotion of Suspect X, Vipul Shah’s remake of the Colin Firth thriller Before I Go To Sleep, Vishal Bhardwaj’s Rangoon with Salman Khan’s Jugalbandi, Saif insists that they were premature. “Jugalbandi’s a nice story and Salman as a producer is a plus, but we’re still working things out. Sujoy and I have to decide what to do. Vipul has the rights to a film I really like, but apart from Rangoon, nothing else is signed or rolling. But news leaks out, people do things for various reasons,” he sighs.

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“Katrina Kaif is lovely”, says Saif Ali Khan

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The actor is full of praise for his ‘Phantom’ co-star, says she is one of the most beautiful and biggest stars in Bollywood

Saif Ali Khan, who will be seen onscreen with Katrina Kaif next, in Phantom, said he is very fond of his co-star and that any person would be lucky to have her in their life.

“I think Katrina is one of the most lovely girls I’ve worked with. And anybody would be lucky to have her as girlfriend, fiancee or in the future something more,” he told reporters at the trailer launch of their upcoming action film, directed by Kabir Khan.

Khan, who also collaborated with Kaif on Race called her: “One of the most beautiful and biggest stars in Bollywood.”

“I’ve known Katrina for a while. I’ve watched her from being a relatively new actor in Race to becoming one of the biggest stars in the country, working very hard and becoming an amazing personality on screen. It’s always nice to spend time with her. She is extremely relaxed and is someone who I’ve enjoyed talking to and working with. I think we had an easy equation, “ he said.

Khan is returning to action two years after Bullet Raja. “I love this kind of movie [Phantom]. To get a chance to work with Kabir and having Sajid [Nadiadwala] as producer has given me a dream situation.”

Khan was also full of praise for Kabir, saying he feels secure having the Bajrangi Bhaijaan filmmaker “at the helm of affairs”.

“I love this kind of film. I am happy this worked for me. I am happy working with Kabir. We both like this idea of a film,” he said.

“We did meet earlier when he [Kabir] was making Ek Tha Tiger and I was working on Agent Vinod to make sure we are not making same stuff,” the Dil Chahta Hai star added.

The film co-produced by UTV and Nadiadwala is based on Hussain Zaidi’s novel Mumbai Avengers and is set in the aftermath of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. It deals with global terrorism.

When asked what people in Pakistan think about anti-Pakistan films, Khan said, “I spoke to one of my relative[s] [there] and he says he doesn’t like films that are bashing Pakistan.

“I want to do a variety of roles. I wanted to do this film as it excited me it had a big director Kabir Khan and heroine like Katrina was a nice opportunity,” the 44-year-old actor said.