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Saif Ali Khan hoping for a better 2018

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Saif Ali Khan’s promising crime thriller ‘Baazaar’ has been delayed from its planned release of December 2017. Buzz suggests that the Gauravv K Chawla project has a few changes to be incorporated due to which, the film may not meet the deadline of 2017 and has been pushed to 2018. Interestingly, this is not the only film of Saif Ali Khan that’s facing a delay. The much talked about ‘Kaalakaandi’ too has not seen the light of the day. The makers are now planning for a complete digital release of ‘Kaalakaandi’, which is directed by Akshat Verma.

Saif Ali Khan has had two big screen releases this year, ‘Rangoon’ and ‘Chef’. Both these films performed poorly at the box office. Moving away from Bollywood, Saif recently bowed out of mini-series based on Subhash Chandra Bose, directed by Kabir Khan. The actor will soon feature in a Netflix original ‘Sacred Games’, with Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane working on the project.


Saif Ali Khan does not regret Rangoon

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The actor asserts that given a chance, he’d work with Vishal again, especially because he thinks that the latter is an intelligent director.

Saif Ali Khan is an intelligent actor. He also unhesitatingly supports his directors, provided he likes their work and if the filmmaker knows his craft truly well. And one director who has won his affection has been Vishal Bharadwaj, despite the fact that their project together, Rangoon, failed miserably at the box office.

The actor asserts that given a chance, he’d work with Vishal again, especially because he thinks that the latter is an intelligent director. “We all work for a film to be successful. But sometimes the film flops, and we don’t always know the reason. But this doesn’t force us to take a decision of not working with a director,” he says. “In fact, we enjoyed working on Rangoon a lot. We were all so excited to work with Vishal, because his way of working is so intriguing and enjoyable. We all finished work off having fun. I have no regrets if you say the film flopped. In fact, I’m ready to work with Vishal in films like Rangoon over and over again. It’s not like the films won’t always do well.”

He goes on to heap praises on Vishal. “He has a great sense of his craft. He is a great director and carves his film very artistically. I think the reviews of the film were positive enough and the audiences like it when the film is portrayed artistically on the celluloid. I don’t think the film not doing well in the box office makes any difference in our status. We worked hard, and if the film has not been liked by the audience, it’s fine,” says Saif, who is currently promoting his latest release, Chef.

Would it have hurt under any circumstance? “Yes,” says Saif. “If I had done Rangoon for the money, I’d have definitely felt bad.”

Saif Ali Khan: My equation with Kangana is of warmth and friendliness

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Saif Ali Khan and Kangana Ranaut were last seen together in the movie Rangoon. Though the movie did not fare well at the BO, their performance and chemistry was much appreciated. Apparently, the two stars shared a good offscreen vibe as well, which holds good even today, as per Saif Khan.

Saif, during the promotions of his movie Chef, spoke about his equation with his controversial Rangoon co-star. He said, “My equation with Kangana is that of warmth and friendliness. I enjoyed working with her.”

Sometime back, Saif had joined Karan Johar and Varun Dhawan in throwing a dig at Kangana for her comments on Nepotism. However, all the three stars later apologized to Kangana for their comments, which they clarified, were said in jest.

There was also an open letter – exchange between Kangana and Saif on the same topic. However, both the stars were respectful towards each other during these conversations.

On the work front, Saif is excited about Chef. The movie is directed by Raja Krishna Menon and features Saif and Padmapriya Janakiraman in the lead roles. It is an official remake of American film Chef and is scheduled for a release on 6 October.

Who is excited about the world premiere of Saif Ali Khan’s Rangoon on Colors TV on Sunday?

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Don’t forget to watch Saif Ali Khan in Rangoon on Colors TV on Sunday at 1pm

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Saif Ali Khan to have 4 releases this year

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The actor will have four releases this year, a personal record after 18 years

With the announcement of Baazaar starring Saif Ali Khan setting a December date for its release, the Nawab of Pataudi now has four releases in 2017. This is the first time in 18 years that the actor will have four films arriving in a single calendar year. Rangoon has already released, Chef comes in June, Kalakaandi in September and, of course, there’s Baazaar at year-end.

One glance at his filmography and you’ll know that Saif has only been seen in 50-odd films since his debut in 1993. Notes an industry insider, “Compare that to Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn, who started out in Bollywood at around the same time and have done some 100 films each and you find that he has maintained a moderate pace. 2017 is going to be an exception.”

A trade source reasons, “In a way, he is compensating for a lean phase over the last few years. In 2016, he didn’t have a single release and in 2015, he just had Phantom to his name. He may have had a few misses of late (Rangoon, included), but his performances were always appreciated.”

Also, while Rangoon was a multi-starrer, his upcoming releases have Saif as the only leading man in each outing. And with each film’s genre being different, the actor is aiming for versatility. Akshay is the only actor who has four releases almost every year.

Saif Ali Khan Breaks His Silence On His Scenes Getting Chopped In Rangoon

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