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After Taimur’s birth, another happiness awaits Saif Ali Khan’s family…

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Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan will yet again welcome a new member into his family. This time, his sister Soha Ali Khan will be the proud mother of a child, according to recent reports in Indian media.

Within a span of a few months, Saif Ali Khan has much to rejoice for. After the birth of his son Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi, Saif will now be the proud uncle as his sister Soha Ali Khan confirmed news that she was pregnant.

“Yes it’s true… Soha and I are very happy to announce a joint production coming later this year – our first child! 🙂 We feel blessed and thank you all for your good wishes,” said Kunal Kemmu, Soha’s husband.

Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu got married on January 25, 2015. On December 20, 2016, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan became the proud parents of a baby boy they went on to name Taimur.

The naming of the child incited fury and anger on Twitter, as Taimur is a name not popular in India since it was the name of a conqueror who sacked Delhi.

Enemy Property Bill: Saif Ali Khan set to lose Bhopal ancestral properties?

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The enemy property law was brought in India in 1968 had vested interests of the British.

Lok Sabha has passed a long-pending Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Bill, 2016, which amends the Enemy Property Act (it prevents the successors of those who migrated to Pakistan and China during Partition from claiming properties left behind in India) and this has likely ensured the end of Saif Ali Khan (son of the famous cricketer Nawab of Pataudi Mansur Ali Khan) and the rest of his family’s claim over the ancestral property of Nawab Hamidullah Khan.

What is this bill about?

Hamidullah Khan was the last Nawab of Bhopal. He had two daughters – Abida Sultan and Sajida Sultan. According to the law that was followed by the Nawabs, the eldest child was the right heir of the property and so Abida Sultan became the rightful owner of the entire property of Hamidullah Khan. But, Abida Khan went to Pakistan in 1950 and setteled there. However, Nawab and the rest of his family remained in India. After Nawab’s death, since Abida had gone to Pakistan and Sajida was still in India, she became the owner of Nawab’s property, according to a report in naidunia.jagran

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My Baby Taimur Looks Like Randhir Kapoor, Says Saif Ali Khan

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For all those who’ve making random guesses on who does Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan’s baby Taimur Ali Khan resemble, here is what the Kapoor and Khan families feel.

Nawab of Pataudi revealed, “My mother (Sharmila Tagore) feels that Taimur looks like Dabooji (as Randhir is fondly called).”

We asked Saif if the two families (Kapoor & Khan) have a different opinion, to which he replied, “No. We all feel that he looks like a Kapoor. But yeah, I think he has my eyes.”

You know how it is when a baby arrives in any family. The boy’s side feels that the child resembles the father and the girl’s side feels that the child resembles the mother.

Till date, the social media has been full of opinions which are on two sides of the fence. Some Twitteratis feel that Taimur looks like Kareena, while some feel that he looks like his Papa.

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Saif Ali Khan: My father was stylish, but my granddad was impeccably dressed

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Saif Ali Khan has been catching up with his grandfather this last one year. And that’s odd because he has never met him. Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi died in 1952 while playing a game of polo when Saif’s father Mansur Ali Khan (Tiger) Pataudi was just 11.

Flipping through an album of old but well preserved photographs from the 1940s, he tells us that the decade is a favourite with him for its fashion. “I am quite conversant in men’s fashion right from the Roman times. But the ’40s happen to be my absolute favourite. It was a truly elegant time,” says the actor, apologising for not being able to allow us to take the album out of the vanity van parked at Rajkamal Studio where he is shooting 9-to-9 for Chef. “Amma would kill me,” he says, imagining actress-mother Sharmila Tagore’s wrath.

The album holds memories of the 8th Nawab of Pataudi, the only Test cricketer to have played for both India and England. Saif calls him a “classic gentleman cricketer”. “He wore a suit with a cravat even as the opposition captain tossed the coin in a cable knit cricket jumper. My father was stylish, but my grandfather was always impeccably dressed, whether on the cricket field or on a polo ground.”

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The rise, fall and rise of Saif Ali Khan

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Saif Ali Khan’s acting career is something of a sine curve—hits after flops, followed by hits, and then some flops, and so on over the last 25 years. After an underwhelming debut in Parampara in 1992, Khan’s stock rose as the long-haired Vicky in Yeh Dillagi (1994), and as Deepak in Main Khiladi Tu Anari (1994). Critics had almost written him off in the mid-1990s, but he came back with Dil Chahta Hai, Kal Ho Naa Ho and Omkara. The pattern has continued into the 2010s, with an abysmal Humshakals nudging a Go Goa Gone.

At 46, Khan is focusing on scripts, film-makers and craft. Besides playing an egotistical film producer in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Rangoon, Khan has completed two other films—an indie by Akshat Verma, Kalagandi, which he describes as “romantic, funny and a little crazy”, and Chef, directed by Raja Menon. “These are good films with good directors and a good vibe. That’s enough to make one grateful,” he says. Edited excerpts from an interview:

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“Taimur is an ancient Persian name meaning iron” : Saif Ali Khan

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New dad Saif Ali Khan may not quite be cleaning up baby poop but he’s certainly dealing with the scatalogical side of having an infant in his arms. “He scowls a lot, passes wind and yells so Kareena thinks he’s a lot like me—a cranky, farty yeller!” he says about Taimur, arguably the most famous baby in the country at the moment. The actor, no stranger to controversy—he was accused by the loony fringe of waging Love Jihad when he married Kareena Kapoor in 2012—speaks out for the first time since the controversy over Taimur’s name broke out in late December. And in doing so he strikes a cautiously optimistic note, warning against needless handwringing over right-wing fascists taking over the country’s culture.

“Social media just makes it clear what everybody is thinking in a sense. There is a lot of anonymity from the side of the people who are doing the talking so they feel free to say whatever they like, and sometimes they get very nasty…And that’s fine. It doesn’t mean that twenty, thirty or forty years ago people weren’t thinking similar things but maybe they did not have an outlet then.’ “As far as I am concerned, stars are privileged and our country is actually still very balanced,” he adds expressing gratitude for the support that he and Kareena have received in recent weeks.

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“Being an actor is individuality” : Saif Ali Khan

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It has been almost 25 years since he started his career (with Parampara; 1992). And in all these years, Saif Ali Khan has witnessed a number of actors come and go. Probably, that’s why he has an interesting take on ‘competition’. “We are all different personalities, so rather than competing to be the same, we should compete with ourselves to be different from other people,” he says. Admitting that competition does exist, Saif feels one should be the “most interesting version of oneself, the fittest and best person that you can be on-screen.” “More than being competitors, others should remind you to work harder as they could be looking better or acting better than you, so it should push you [to do even better],” he says.

Push Yourself
Admitting that competition does exist, Saif feels one should be the “most interesting version of oneself, the fittest and best person that you can be on-screen.” More than being competitors, other should remind you to work harder as they could be looking better or acting better than you, so it should push you [to do even better],” he says.

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