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Unseen movie still of Saif Ali Khan from Agent Vinod

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4 Times When Saif Ali Khan Proved His Mettle As A Versatile Actor!

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Saif Ali Khan’s expertise in acting has not been limited to stereotypical roles of Bollywood.

The talented actor has time and again proved his caliber as a versatile actor. Saif Ali Khan has always given his best in his movies and has set new trends with his roles.

Saif Ali Khan can easily manage difficult roles and gets into the skin of his character, Saif has also worked in almost every genre of films.

Here is a sneak peak into Saif Ali Khan’s experiments with good content of films.

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Unseen photo of Saif Ali Khan from Agent Vinod

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A behind the scene photo of Saif Ali Khan from the set of Agent Vinod

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Bollywood bana minion – Saif Ali Khan

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We reimagine the film industry as googly-eyed yellow blobs. After all, who doesn’t love these banana-loving cuties inspired by their best-known roles?

Saif Ali Khan: He’s a royal, this minion. He’s been around forever. Zombie hunter, failed novelist, secret agent… he’s played em all!

Versatile Saif Ali Khan in different roles

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Saif Ali Khan has done so many chocolate boy roles that we’ve lost count of it. Though watching him fall for Rani Mukherji’s pranks in Hum Tum and as a playboy in Cocktail excited us, it is the other roles that got our attention.

Such as these, to name a few:

Ishwar “Langda” Tyagi in Omkara

This film was actually a page turner in Saif’s career. With intense eyes, stained teeth and buzz haircut, Saif looked just like the natives of the area depicted in the movie. With his brilliant performance, he bagged the Filmfare’s Best Villain Award for this film.

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Saif Ali Khan: ‘Agent Vinod was larger than life, Phantom is more real’

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While a lot of comparisons are being drawn between Saif Ali Khan’s 2012 release Agent Vinod and his upcoming film Phantom, the Nawab says that though both the films belong to the same genre, there is no similarity whatsoever between them.

When asked how different are the two films from each other, Khan said, “Agent Vinod was trying to be a little bit like Bond type entertaining, larger than life character, this is more of a drama, this is more real. I think today even in a Bond film you need to have a realistic plot. People want to know about Middle East, they want to know about ISIS, they want to know about these fanatical groups doing these things. Today’s villains kind of famously are terrorists but not just generic terrorists you want to be specific, you want to give facts about them, where they are from, how it’s done, what the whole thing is and in that background you try and make a fun story. This is also an action adventure but it is not like Agent Vinod.”

Directed by Kabir Khan, the film also stars Katrina Kaif and is slated to release on August 28.